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  1. I have had EXCELLENT service from http://gpsnow.com/ When I got my Colorado a few months back, there was a rash of people scamming sales for these, so after I ordered, I actually got a phone call from them the next day to confirm that i did in fact order one, and to make sure my information wasn't scammed or anything. They could have just said "Hey, we got the money, who cares!" and sent one out, but taking the step to make sure I was really the one who ordered, tells a LOT about the service of the company. They will ALWAYS be my first stop for GPS equipment.
  2. YES. Mine has always done what I have asked of it and more. I have trusted it 30+ miles into the middle of the wilderness, and not had a worry. "I bought a brand new cutting edge unit and the BETA software has bugs" complaints do not phase me. You KNEW what you were getting when you bought it if you are on this forums, and you bought it after march or so when there were already people noting issues. If Garmin sucks so bad, why don't you send your unit back, and go get a nice Triton, there is a nice BIG long list of stuff to cry about there, and their service is 1000 times worse than Garmin. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, RETURN IT AND GET SOMETHING ELSE!!!! Can't return it??? Well you were dumb for spending $600.00 without a good return policy. Again, this is NOT Garmin's fault, but you own poor shopping skills. As far as the Oregon, I do NOT like the touch screen or INTERNAL antenna, so I don't care one lick about it. other than the touch screen and smaller SD card, the hardware is going to be the exact same stuff inside. Sorry for the rant, I can only handle so much complaining and forum trolling. Same whiners, different day.
  3. Well, I have found 65+ caches with my Colorado, 0 DNF's, it tracks along known route just as good as my buddies 60csx..... so I guess maybe I am the lucky one person who got a working one....
  4. What makes me laugh, is that all this talk about metric, NASA, Boeing, gallons, newtons, goes to such lengths... but you all use Wikipedia as a source?!?!?!?!?!?! I made a giant poster for my teacher friends for just such an occasion. It reads; "Wikipedia is no more credible than the scribbles on a bathroom wall. No matter how accurate it seems, the author may still be full of $#!%"
  5. I agree. I have been using mine in the car, on foot backlight on AND off, batteries and external power and I am seeing none of these errors. I DID cache all weekend with my friend who has a 60CSX and his ALWAYS read further away from the cache and as we got closer the gap shortened, but I was standing on top of the cache while his still said to go 12-20 feet further.... so take from that what you will.
  6. I got mine a few weeks ago. it fits perfectly. I even had it on upside down because the bottom and top of the screen have a SLIGHTLY different radius...but it fits perfectly.
  7. yep. I change from auto to geocaching mode quite often, and that shortcut does help. Now when the 2.6 software comes out and make the maps CHANGE when you change profiles..... I'll be in gravy boat heaven.
  8. Whichever unit you get, go with a RAM mount, they have custom mount options for just about every bike and unit out there. Some fit so seem-less, you think they come from the factory that way! especially on those equipment heavy goldwings...
  9. It's a quad helix antenna like the 60csx.
  10. The best in YOUR opinion. My Colorado functions just perfectly for me, and is on par if not better than my friends 60CSx. It all varies based on individual models and experiences. To the OP, You have to judge for yourself. try to find an REI or store that has one you can play with, or find an online site with a good return policy. (for example, Walmart.com has them, and you can return it to your local store if you don't like it!) Take everything here with a grain of salt. There are dozens of people here spouting hate on the Colorado, who have never even HELD one let alone own one, so just be aware that not EVERYONE knows what they are talking about and spit a bunch of junk they "read in the complaints page" Not to say that some folks don't have legitimate beefs, I am just saying not to listen to any one particular person or thread on the subject.
  11. Boy....if some one sees this thread and MISSES the 300 threads Bit$#%ing about the Colorado....they are blind as a dead bat! AND I have had nothing BUT butterflies and rainbows with mine.....and I don't mind telling people that!
  12. Couldn't agree more! The only thing I don't like about mine is that my bike mount hasn't gotten here yet, and my invisible shield screen protector is drying so I can't use it for a few more hours......
  13. cool, I was just ordering that exact same set-up!
  14. Free because you just bought 2008?? or free because you just registered your GPS with them>> I am still confused on that i guess.
  15. That appears to answer my question! Thanks guys.
  16. My other post appears to be messed up. So here is my question again. Have any of you that have gotten 2009 tried this yet? I waited to get City Nav until the 2009 version came out, but I want to know if it will still fit in the internal memory of the 400t like the 2008 version would?
  17. It is a quick release to move your mount to another vehicle or bike or whatever with this adapter. Anyone use one? they don't look very strong to me and I don't want to put my $600.00 GPS on a flimsy adapter without getting some more information about them.
  18. Never mind...answered my own quesiton by searching some more.
  19. w00h00! now I can finally order one!
  20. In my history, bulkier equals sturdier or functionier. (I know it's not a word but it sounded good:) I REALLY want to be able to have some freedom to adjust the angle of the device if there is a glare, or to get the "just right" eye line placement, and I don't want my $600.00 flying down the trial or into the dash if I have to stop suddenly or turn sharply. Redwoods, but will that bottom part swivel to be able to attach to the steering post? or does it have to go that way on the bars?
  21. whoops! I missed the 60csx part! But I will concur that from everything I have read, RAM mounts are far and away the best choice.
  22. I was looking into these but am kind of confused with all the options. What I would REALLY like, is a RAM mount for my Colorado and have the adjustable arm or swivel or whatever, but then have one pice that attached to my bike, and one piece that attaches in my car, that I can just swap the arm between to two. Have any of you used anything set-up like that?
  23. I HOPE it works well. My ONLY outdoor hobby for the past 7 years (after my knee surgery) was walking to my car, which is why I now have a strong resemblance to a weather balloon. I got my eTrex Legend 5 years ago in a raffle at my bank, and used it for fun in the cr just for giggles. Then last summer, I went geocaching! I had heard about it years before, but let it slip by. So long story short. I am ini love with the outdoors again. I also need to get my butt back in shape, so what better way to combine the whole thing is by biking! It is a heck of a lot more fun to pedal up to a cache rather than "how close can I park"! So the last few weeks, I have gotten a 400t, a new bike, and $200.00 in other gear you need but don't think about when you budget the first time. I guess this doesn't answer your question at all, btu I just got type happy:) I have heard good things about the bike mount for the 400t. I know one guy who had it on his motorcycle for a few hundred miles, and if can handle all that vibration, I think a mountain bike would be a cakewalk!
  24. I got the Lacrosse charger yesterday. check this post for some good info and a link to a GREAT comparison review of the Lacrosse and Maha chargers. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=191705 for $10.00 more than that set (shipped) I got the La Crosse that comes with 4 AA, 4 AAA, battery cases, an international wall plug, travel case, the C+D battery shells. And the charger is 40X better than the wall wart kind. it can condition batteries has lcd redouts and can charge 4 at a time compare to to two for the eneloop charger. I ahve had three different el-cheap-o chargers and they all work like crap. spend the extra $10 to get a GOOD charger that will pay off by prolonging your batteries lives, and shorting your frustration levels. I got it from this link. $35.97 plus shipping (which was $4.40 in my case) http://www.thomasdistributingstore.com/ser...-battery/Detail they also have a good price on the 2700maH Maha batteries, and take .50 off of shipping for each set you order.
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