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  1. If everyone has to write the code to do it themselves (I have no problem doing this, but...) then you will end up with 500 different utilities. It should either be incorporated on the web or a project should be started to have a set of client tools thats sanctioned by geocaching.com. Mike Stammer
  2. I hope the title makes sense. What I mean by this is that it would be very nice to be able to search and have the results shown in configurable groups that indicate cache density in a zip code. For instance say I choose a cache grouping of 5 miles and a minimum cluster size of 10. When i search a zip code, it would only show me areas that have at least 10 caches within 5 miles of each other. The search results could be displayed as lat/lon coordinates of the center of the cluster, colored circles drawn on a map, or some other representation (intersection of streets or something). Does this make sense? Anyone else see value in this? Mike Stammer
  3. If the rebate expired in June (or is it July), I wonder if the new version will be released right after that? What better way to sell a bunch of the older versions than to offer a rebate? What do you think? Conspiracy theory or deep insight?
  4. The reader would be nice in that you could read and write the card from windows/USB interface rather than the serial connection. You can also use the reader for any other devices that use the storage cards. You can get a great deal on a 6 in 1 reader from Crucial at www.crucial.com. Its like 38.00 delivered and Crucial is a great company to deal with.
  5. I just got a Meridian Color and it shipped with 4.02. I only saw 4.01 on their site for download at www.meridiangps.com. Is there another place to look for updates?
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