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  1. I think every one should know "Boy she's a wacko" and I play with her because no one else will . Star of Team Tigger International No no She's got it all backwards. I only play with her because noone else will. I am Awsome Ev I will not be defeated by a Tigger. I have a frog and a camel pullin my buggy. HA!
  2. Awsome Ev here. I hold down the north east corner with Team Tigger International. Except I Rule and Star is just my pimpness. Although she is right. [Topeka , now you all can go "Where the Heck is Topeka, IN?" ] lol. I am Goddess of the universe and Star needs to remember that. hehe love ya ma:) The frogs rule me. They're adorable
  3. The only thing that I leave at the moment is my sig card I also have a stamp to. that is all I have at the moment.
  4. Lol @ Patrick. That thought had crossed my mind too. But don't think that I will be rushing out to do it again. hehe lol
  5. I personally have alot of them. I love them and my best ones always start out "It was a wonderful day in the world of Ev until...." It is great. here are a couple Patricks Miniature Waterfall Patricks miniature waterfall Patricks miniature waterfall (team tigger reply to me) PMW (ev reply) PMW (log for patrick reply to ev and tigger) then there is my first "wonderful day in the world of Ev" On Team Tigger Internationals Hop, Skip, and Jump hop, skip, jump ( DNF) hop skip jump found!! Here are my adventures. lol
  6. ask sixdogteam they have alot of cemetary caches. maybe they can help:)
  7. I prefer country caches. You get to see more wildlife and moe of a chance for "A wonderful day in the world of Ev...". hehe. but some of it has to do with how i feel too. If I just want to get a few finds I do urban caches, and that also has to do with how much time I have like if I get a late start. I do love thecountry caches more. I'm a country kinda girl anyways.
  8. Well six dog and Patrick, I love your caches!!!!!!!!!! I have a few of them under my belt. I was wondering if you were gonna make it an effort to place a cache in every cemetary in the state I was gonna ask you if you needed help to cover the northern counties. But I am in love with the waterfall cache theams. I also think Star of Team Tigger is in love with them too. anyways We Love Patrick!!!!!!!! He's so adorable. *gives scritches and belly rubs* to Patrick for me Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher
  9. I've only been at this alittle over a year and I think that all tupperware or any container would make a good container. I've resulted to keychains too. Even the little kids toys of the alphabe and numbers. I think out loud there is a cache waiting to happen. or driving down the road. "yellow jeep". or I look up there is a cell ohone tower but it looks like one. or I see a civial defence siren out in the middle of nowhere. or i'm walkin throught the woods. hmmmm. there would be a great place for a cache.
  10. Well I don't have children but the children I babysit for I take with me they just turned 4 and 5. They love it. I do alot of caches with them, and take them on all of them that I have planned for the day. I usually try not to do anything with a terrain rating of a 3 3.5 star or higher though. They even like a little minor bushwhacking. I just remind them that they shouldn't touch any leaves or anything with thorns. I don't take them by myself though. Usually they come with me when I am caching with my "ma" or with their mother and father. They also enjoy the longer walks. Sometimes the youngest is a bit slower but that is ok. Everything works out fine. they like looking and trying to find it before we do. and sometimes thery come in handy. One of the caches that we did recently "ma" and myself couldn't reach it. so we hoisted te oldest up asked her if she seen in and she reached and got it for us. They like taking pennies from the caches we always place something in for them. They say if there are any pennies in there we should grab them and save them for the girls. This fall when we are caching they will be in hunter orange. They are always protected with us and never leave our sight. Just be sure that you have plenty of bug spray and hunter orange if needed and a first aide kit bringing with you. we also give them a whistle just incase they wonder off and we don't see it and they cant find us. they blow their whistle. That has never happened and I pray that it doesn't it is just a precaution. I don't have any experience in caching with anyone younger than 3 though so ... I hope that some if this might help you Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher
  11. I have noticed on several cache page that there are icons and 'backdrops' ,if you will, on thier pages. I was wondering where can I find these icons and backdrops? And do they cost?
  12. hehe. My nearest 20 I've found them all. yeah me. anyways. I've placed 5 of them, and the team that I cache with placed 5 of them. So there are 10 already wiped out. I have found all the one that the team that I cache with b/c I didn't go with them to place it so I clamed it after I found it. And the other 10 I've found. they are 12 traditionals 6 multis and 2 mysters. Now the nearest 20 caches I haven't found are 3 are in a state park and I havent' wanted to pay yet to get in. 3 are disabled 2 DNF's 5 attempted but haven gotten to. ' 1 haven't taken the time to figure out. 6- they are over 70 miles away. just havent got out there. will someday. Awsome Ev the amish geocacher
  13. Yes I am listining. Thank you to everyone who has replied. Everything has helped alot. I was just confused about the stamp thing. now that everyone has cleared that up my thanks goes out to you. Again Many thanks.
  14. I understand how to do a letter box, sort of. I don't unerstand what kind of "stamp" to use. Do I make my own or buy one ? What kind of "stamp" should I use? Letters, numbers or just something that is funny or what? How would I start out.. Find a spot and place the cache and then work backwards with N<S<E<W? Could someone help me please?
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