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  1. rugh row. Did you git in trouble.. How close are they to k'ville I mean. Maybe we could help out..
  2. ....took sofa, left tractor. Took Tractor. Left Semi and lost Gps. Could you bring it back? LOL
  3. So has it been placed and approved as yet ? *scritches Patrick's head* just submitted it, should be approved in a few hours. Patrick jumps up and licks Ev's nose. AWWWW Thank you Partick. Ma's feelin left out. GREAT!!!!! Now we can come find it.!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for being so late. Welcome to the addiction TanTuv.!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BONUS!!!!!! Sounds like that would be fun.!!!!!!! Can't wait. Edited: becuase Ev is a little slow.
  5. That would be Precious ...... and/or "Little Dog" UMMMMMMM Your forgetting a few there ma.
  6. LOL. I get my insperation from my daddy. He has been known to be a wealth of useless information. So I thought that I would try to be just like him. Just tring to help *sniffles* Poor little dog gettin blamed for that. Just because she is nursin the kitten don't mean nothin Now Ma, You can't prove anything. I refuse to anwser anything that shall incriminate me. I have that right ya know I thought that everyone knew that I was an alien. I'm not all there. Read my Wonderful day in the world of Ev's... Y'all should've figured that one out :)
  7. Wow. That is great. I wonder if the papers in Kansas City are doing an article on it. that would be kinda cool if they did.
  8. WOW!!!!!! I hope that someone has a link to the story in the paper. I hope that if can be read or at least translated .
  9. Really???????????? I'd be happy to do that as well. As long as Ma is alright with this too. LOL @ Ma. That is funny PEARL OF ALLAH This gargantuan pearl of highly irregular (baroque) shape was discovered at the Palawan island in the Philippines in 1934. It was the perfect place to discover such a pearl as that part of the world is a habitat of a giant clam known in the scientific community as Tridacna gigas. These giant clams can grow up to five (5) feet in length, and can reach a weight of up to 400 lbs. Pearl's strange size and physical appearance apparently made a very profound impression on the diver that discovered it. He named it Pearl of Allah. Since he was a devout Muslim, he probably thought that the find was so incredible that it was not possible for the discovery of the pearl not to have something with god's will. Considering pearl's measurements, it is not too hard to figure out why he experienced pearl's discovery in such a highly religious manner. In fact, other people that saw the pearl in person made similar religious associations. The pearl is also known as Pearl of Lao-tze (the philosopher who founded the Taoist religion in China). Being almost 10 inches long and weighing in at an astounding 14 lbs, it is the largest pearl on record. Pearl's monetary value seems to be commensurate with its out-of-this-world dimensions. Experts estimate the value of the pearl to be around $40 million. The Allah Pearl In 1936 Wilbur Dowell Cobb was given the pearl as a gift by a chieftain of Palawan for having saved the life of his son. In 1980, Cobb's heirs sold it to a jeweler in Beverly Hills, California, for $200,000. It is now estimated to be worth upwards of $40,000,000! It has recently (1999) been sold or at least negotiated for. Is it the really biggest pearl? At 14 pounds (6.4 kg) there is little doubt. The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is the only mollusk that could have produced such a large pearl. Its shell is so large that it is often used as an oversized baptismal font in the South Seas, particularly in the Philippines, the only Catholic state in Asia (though with large Muslim, Chinese and tribal minorities)
  10. Must not be anything interesting going on in our area. (
  11. I'm not really into that whole 'macho' thing. With me it's more like 'too stupid for his own good'<g> Wulf Hehehe. I want to go. I wanna find these. I won't get hurt to badly I promise. Just because I can be a little on the dingy side I won't get hurt. Sham on Ma for nominating dad and the guys. *sniffels* I feel depresed. Oh well. Noclue would do it though. hehe. Loves ya.
  12. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I was hoping that you found them. I'm sure as soon as Star and I can we will be down there looking for them. You know they will probably turn into a wonderful day in the world of Ev until...... I am looking forward to finding these as soon as possible !!!!!!! Sixdogteam, Partick You all rockkkk.. I can't wait to get these. I have to try and get them the wrong way. It makes for much more fun stories for you and Patrick to poke fun at ;) ;)
  13. Yeah , I seen it and I know the cache owner . HE HAD PERMISSION. Tin Lizzy Sad that people are that gun ho to think that everything is a bomb , if only the person in charge of investigating would have talked to the owner of the establishment before blowing it all out of proportion. I am going to contact the cache owner and direct him to the Geocaching Topics forum . Star of Team Tigger International I just have one comment on that. Why would you want to shoot anything at something that is suppose to be a "bomb"? To me that doesn't make sence. Poor Kidkrazy and Poor Cookcrew. I feel bad. I hope they don't charge him with anything.
  14. Boms are typically 'shot' to disrupt the bomb. The goal is to blow the wiring away from the dentonator in an attempt to keep the bomb from exploding. That is why water cannons are typically used. Oh
  15. I just got a dumb question. Why did they shoot at the cache? If they thought that it was a bomb and shot at it that wouldn't be good right?
  16. Man You've gotta love these caches. I have found quite a few of them. You've gotta love em. You have to be or look like you might be lost . Sometimes that works. Most of the time if it is in a housing addition or in front of someones house those are the ones that get me kinda syched. *spelling. Adreniline rushing the thrill of getting cought. It's almost like your breaking some kind of law but your not. the key is to be as as possible. Right. Like that could happen. Walkin around with a GPS and sayin which way did he go which way did he go. DUHH!!!! Oh well that is just me.
  17. ROFLMBO I want Garfield. Any idea on how to get ahold of him. lol. Little dog you gotta love her and Min is just to darned adorable. Can't eat can't sleep frogs will eat me
  18. all of our dogs should get together and have a lovely time. Ma says that the little wiener dog is gettin fat. She just need some good exercise. lol. Me neither just got ya ta look. hehehehehe.
  19. Largest series around my area (NE Indiana) that I have started working on is the "Indiana Spirit Quest" by Sixdogteam. So far they are up to #65. Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher
  20. Patrick is always looking for new friends. Since I won't let him play with the big dogs, he pretty much has to hang out with the kitties. He likes to bounce up and down, jumping straight up, a vertical jump of about three feet like he's on a pogo stick, trying to bite my face. Does yours do that? It seems these Jack Russells are on every other comercial on the tube--I see alot of them bouncing...bouncing...bouncing! ugh oh star
  21. LOL that is cute. I'm still tring to get Patrick up this way. BTW Welcome J Dub. *scritches patrick* Yer so cute. B)
  22. I try to make people mad. It can be a great thing. But then again I also get what comes to me like it or not. I suppose as long as people know that you are trying to upset them would be great and I would do it just because you were trying to make me upset. I'm like that though. LOL
  23. I think part of the controversy is whether or not this cache does indeed violate the guidelines, Star... and as for Locationless-Yes, bring them back! and virtuals! Maybe not the railroads, tho, have to get back to you on that.... True.
  24. Dunno, Ev. Was Tennessee the original approver? nor not? Anyway, what side do you come down on Amish Geocacher? Well Six Dog. I'm trying to stay neutral. But I can lean either way. I understand that there a specific guidelines and rules of conduct that have to be made and followed. But I also think that people should have the choise to pick and choose what caches they go after. I don't like taking sides. Maybe that is just me I don't like to be in the middle of things. Ma and I have been talking about this and I want to stay neuteral. I also think that if this type of problem has occoured before why was it approved in the first place. I realize that people are only humand and make mistakes. I make mistakes on a daily basis and I realize that. I would like to think that I am being neuteral. Any thoughts? *gives patrick scratches*
  25. (You should be ashamed if you don't already know this one.) I just want to know. Is this the line in the cache page that people are having issues with. If I haden't grown up in a church or did not know nothing about this I would be offeneded by this line in the cache page. To me this makes me think that this sort of thing has been made a big controversary before. I know that there are the guidelines that have been dated. And realize that this cache was placed after the fact. My question is why if ( something related) this was a big controversary before why was the mistake made again? I do realize that people are only human and that people make mistakes and it is possible that the approver may have overlooked this. And I also realize tht the approvers do this because they appriciate the game. And I myself appriciate the approvers. I know that there are specific guidelines to be followed and can respect that. Just a question.
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