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  1. If we are allowed to talk about our own "children", I would vote for Victoria Amazonica and Jaguar.
  2. Geocacheland... look for some of mine.
  3. Thank you! You summarize it perfectly. PS: Although I keep on pressing on the difference between a DNF on the searcher's "fault" and a DNF because of a missing cache.
  4. Many Events abroad are held on the Owner's hotel or any nearby bar... why the owner should be elegible to a Souvenir in an Event of his own, while if he went to search for any other cache, thus experiencing the location, even if that search fail, wouldn't? Maybe the Souvenir could be granted under a rule such... "Place a photo of the hideout surroundings, proving you were there", by instance. There are a lot of nuances on this, of course. I just want to thank you all for your comments and for provide "food for thought" on this little social experiment. You are the BEST!
  5. A simple suggestion that may stir some controversy, but for me makes sense... Even if it is common to see some fake Founds, would anyone ever faked a DNF? After I saw a recent log of Found It, where the user wrote: "DNF the actual cache. Looks like it is missing. But I did touch the information board."; I started to think about the main reason for this... maybe this cache would be the only one in a foreigner country for him, so the user just want to acchieve the Souvenir?! Certainly most of the fake Founds and Throwdowns I saw were related to this, especially here in Brazil. Maybe if HQ started to grant the Souvenirs for DNFs also, we would see less fake Founds?! After all, not all of the DNFs are "fault" of whon searched for the cache, in the location. Some (many) are fault of owners with poor maintenance plans. I would be for a change like this. Let me dress my kevlar jacket now...
  6. I only noticed this right now, so bear with me, please. When a cache is Disabled, the listing name will appear marked in the search. When a cache gets a Need Maintenance log, will receive a wrench icon. In my personal view, a Need Archive log is even stronger... but the cache will not show any sign of alert after the log. Why? I would suggest a wrench in a darker colour, by instance.
  7. Joining from the heart of the Amazon (no, not Seattle)... Manaus in Brazil!
  8. I just recall another one... so make that two, maybe three.
  9. I know at least one example... even if the reasons to maintain the cache were well different than the above suggested.
  10. I stumbled upon this "mystery". Maybe the Write Note was a Found It before, maybe not... but it's strange to see a cache without any Founds, having Favorites. Bug, or not so?
  11. As a owner, if a big group (like during a Mega Event) visits my caches, I prefer to have a general log, instead of hundreds that will fill the logbooks.
  12. Professional geocacher = Lackey... that also plays geocaching. Like they say "I play where I work!"
  13. Correct! Your move... the ball is in your side, but I do surely hope that WE will be in the final.
  14. Kelux Spring Geocoin
  15. #‎KeluxSpringGeocoin Tomorrow on sale!
  16. Finally, samples that I can approve. Soon available.
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