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  1. Thanks both, what you have said makes sense, I had thought the coords needed to be as accurate as with a usual cache. I will use the site suggested by Calypso. Cheers
  2. Hi, Was thinking of creating an event when on holiday to meet some other cachers. How do I go about getting accurate coordinates for somewhere I have not been yet? Many thanks
  3. You also can't identify how many of the caches in each circle you have already found without expanding it. Really wish I had not updated the app.
  4. Between steps 5 and 6 I often click the map this link and will print out the mapped set f caches to identify my route before leaving home.
  5. If you like caches that are a little different in the Inverness area have a look at caches by Ah! The mysteries can ba bit tricky but he has some novel containers for his traditionals.
  6. That's great, thanks pocket query created, map studied and route now planned. Thanks for your help.
  7. Many thanks for your speedy reply. I knew there must be a way- I just couldn't think it through. Happy new year.
  8. Hi, I am feeling a bit daft asking this. I am sure there must be a simple way of doing what I need to. I have solved a series of mystery caches whose symbols. On the mapmake up a question mark. However as the caches are not at the original coordinates I can't figure out how to plan a route round them. I have put the amended coords on via the webpage and downloaded the caches to my etrex 10. I also have access to them through my iPhone. When I cache I usually plan my route in advance so I don't need to double back etc. Is this possibles? Many thanks
  9. When you open the cache on your phone app there should be 3 options at the top: about, activity and waypoints. Click on waypoints. Then click on the plus sign at the right and enter your coords. Remember to click on add in top right corner once they are entered or they won't be remembered. Then select the waypoint to navigate to.
  10. What works for me is opening Wherigo on safari and downloading the cartridges there. It asks you if you want to open them in Wherigo and cluck that option. Then close safari and open Wherigo and it is there ready to use.
  11. Thanks for that, common sense when I think about it. I will try it out when back home later in the week.
  12. Sorry if it appears to the original poster that I am hijacking there thread, but the advice I need is similar. On project gc.com I got to the bit where it says create dynamic image HTML code and clicked on it. I copied the code but can't work out where to post it. When I followed the link there did not seem to be an obvious box. I tried putting it in the signature box but that did not seem to work. Thanks for any help available.
  13. Think it's a Scandinavian kind of name but an American. Also think it was called something else before zipper but other than that don't know.
  14. Thanks- on the subject of ferrets what is the name for a spayed female ferret?
  15. Not sure myself why my previous pist appeared twice. Sorry about that. I think it's a business of ferrets.
  16. Yes, that is the ding- they all died on Christmas Day- as did Eartha Kitt
  17. Yes, that is the ding- they all died on Christmas Day- as did Eartha Kitt
  18. Thanks for that. A question from a quiz I was at a few weeks back. What is the link between Charlie Chaplin, James Brown and Dean Martin?
  19. Sounds about the right time for the Suez Crisis and fuel rationing.
  20. I think you may have logged it as "write note" rather than found it. Check the log entries for the cache to see.
  21. Logged an eart cache today and then couldn't find it in my list of logged caches online. I knew it was there as my total number had increased by one. Turns out the default date was 18th July! No idea shy. Had to change manually.
  22. Since any finder of a TB would need to go to the webpage to find out the mission of said bug I am not sure if a button on the intro app would help. It would need to encourage the catcher go access the webpage.
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