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  1. we are looking for something like cachemate or gsak to help have cache data with us while caching. we use garmin 60csx and legend hcx for caching
  2. what programs for geocaching are available to be used on a netbook specifically on a sylvania netbook (synet7wid) that uses the windows CE operating system.
  3. i have put together a Wherigo cartridge and have a question about items. i have it set where a player must enter 5 different zones and pick up 3 items in each zone i have set each item to a certain location in the zone. when running the emulator to test it, as soon as the player enter the zone they can see the items, this is find but instead of having to walk to with like 5 feet of the item the player can click on get item and they pick it up even if they are 150 feet from it. how do i set it up so they have to walk to within 5ft of an item before getting it. does this work this way in the emulator and not in the field. i have not gone to the field to try it yet. would like it to show up on the emulator or gps unit in way that when get so close to item it will show HERE in the view on unit. this is my first attempt at Wherigo and would sure apprectiate any help.
  4. here is the link to get the poi loader from garmin http://www8.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ we use it alot to download all geocaches we go looking for specially keeping track of earth caches. you can evern set it up to group caches.
  5. M&TCacheSeekers- based out of Cottonwood MN looking forward to the Minnesota State Parks Challenge coming up in May 2008
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