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  1. Search for Existing Routes, you allow us to Search Location. A thought, to add a search by creator. Thanks.
  2. What is the GC for the cache you mention above? GC13FMV My best time of the day to avoid MUGGLES - Sunday morning - 6:30a - 11a Dont think the Police would have bothered me then!
  3. The other day, 8:45pm, pulled into a parking lot, just got out of the truck, walking to the front towards the payphone where the cache clues took me to, a police car flyes over to me, flashers blazing away. Officer asked me for ID, ran my plates, I asked the officers - within 2 min, another car showed up, "is there a problem?" They said that there had been reports of cars stopping and people looking around the area. I'm a 45 year old white male driving a 2007 suv? Anyway, being a new cacher (217) and not sure what to do in this case, I explained in detail to the 2 officers, showed them the cache, signed in, and as I was leaving, they asked me to explain to them how they could get started. Still didnt like it!
  4. For three months, I have had great sucess with using my wifes Motorolla car carger. The plug has the same connector as the usb cable that comes with th 60. I get about 2 weeks on batteries, But, always carry additional in glove box.
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