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  1. I feel the same as Smiling in Acworth. I sat through the whole film thinking it would get better, but it didn't. I, too, don't want to be associated with the film as a cacher who may talk like that.
  2. The Holy Family is safe...sorry it has taken me so long to get them back on the road. I took them to the Event Cache which included breakfast and a 5.7 mile round trip hike, and then on several caching hunts. I had wanted to take them to South Carolina to visit the rest of my family, but the trip got canceled at the last minute. So now they are on their way to Australia. Along with some little gifts, I also included some pictures...maybe the next hosts of the Holy Family can include pictures of their adventures also and send them along with the Holy Family. Take Care...enjoyed having them for a visit in the southern state of Georgia, USA!
  3. The Holy Family arrived in Georgia, USA from the cold climate of Maine. It's not quite as warm as all of you think in this area. We had a cold front come through and tomorrow morning it will be in the mid 20's. Along with the book of Joseph's story, I received from Opalsns (Patty) several nice items plus her personal coin. I will be taking everything with me to an event on Saturday, then on several cache hunts. I'll get some pictures to post and then send the Holy Family plus some other goodies on their way overseas to Australia. Thanks to Jan and the Percy Boys for this wonderful mission for peace throughout the world.
  4. Received my coins in the mail today....thanks...a very nice assortment.
  5. This sounds like a very nice mission...I'd like to be added to the list. Email sent.
  6. Wow! ALL of our mail for 2 weeks arrived today since we were visiting our daughter up in the COLD northeast for the holidays---New Hampshire. Several Christmas cards, junk mail, bills and a BLACK ENVELOPE! I knew what it meant since my other daughter (j2garnett) received one in the mail already. I am the happy recipient of a GeoBandit Mystery Coin!! Thank you. It will be added to my special collection of coins that have been given to me! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and have a safe caching 2009! #143
  7. Congrats to all the receivers of the mystery bandit coin!!
  8. I was able to grab a couple. Can't wait to see them!
  9. Wow! Could I have had better luck or what? I saw that a coin had been dropped by Geo Sasquatch himself right near my home, so I went to see if it was still there early this morning--in the dark! On the way, with flashlight in hand, and through the woods, I kept hearing sounds like someone was following me....was it Sasquatch himself? Running down the hill I tripped..the sound was getting closer....I looked around and there was something big looming over me! I thought I had better hurry! I got to the cache and low and behold there was the beautiful coin! Running back up the hill there were more sounds. I thought hopefully I can get in my car and home without anything (or anybody) grabbing me. I made it home dirty and wet--did I mention that it was also raining?---but with a coin I will treasure for a long time! Wow! What an adventure! But in my haste I didn't sign the log! Oh well, I have been here several times anyway. Thanks, Geo Sasquatch!!
  10. Sarah, The rest of the feathers arrived today. The whole set is just beautiful....thanks again for the puzzles.
  11. Sarah, I arrived home today from Australia and my beautiful copper feather was waiting for me. Thanks. I'll be anxiously awaiting the other ones. thanks again for all the fun puzzles!!
  12. Lion - they are pokemon. Look online for a list of pokemon with pictures.
  13. Thanks, Sarah, for the wonderful puzzles. They all have been great...some I got, others I just had no clue. The final one took a lot of work, but finally it paid off. I'm heading home to Georgia from Australia, so I hope my feathers will be there. Again, thanks so much.....it's been fun!! Congrats to the other winners as well!!!
  14. I decided to take another guess....email sent. Maybe it wasn't so easy the first time I looked.
  15. Thanks, Sarah, for all the puzzles. Having won one of your feathers already I can't reply anymore, but it's fun to try and solve the others. I see that several of you have received your feathers. I am hoping when I return to the states in another week my feather will be waiting for me. I have been caching in Australia while visiting my daughter who lives in Alice Springs. Finding caches in the "outback" is so much different than finding caches in the forests and brush of Georgia! I don't particularly like ones out in the "open" where there are a lot of muggles. Congrats to all of you who have won one of Sarah's feathers.
  16. Thanks Crowesfeat30 so much!!! The puzzles have been great. This is my first cointest win. I am visiting my daughter in Alice Springs, Australia, and we have awakened early for a trip to Ayers Rock---yes, we will do the Earthcache there today--it will actually be my 50th cache. So you see I am really still a newbie. Congrats to the other winners as well!!
  17. Got mine...2 of each...now I have the whole set with the previous ones!! They look sooooo nice!!
  18. Happy belated birthday Gatoulis! Keeping with the March birthdays, I'll guess 312 for my daughter! Good night all! Gotta get up early (5:30am) for work
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