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  1. The basic idea is neat to think about, but there is a way to do this as it is. It does require some work, but you can create a BM for al the caches that one person ownes and then create a PQ off that and view it in google earth or google maps. I created one of my own caches and created a map. I may use it on my profile after shrinking it down a little, but I don't see this as a feature that likely every going to happen in the suggested form. As I said, neat idea... MYater I'd like to do that for just caches I've found--and they are scattered across the US. It'd be a sea of yellow smilies where I live, and then more sparse as the radius increased. There may be a way to do that and/or what Tahoe_Loren described using macro's in GSAK.
  2. I agree with wkendfun--folks should look at ALL the geocaching apps available in iTunes. The iGeoCacher native app is well supported, and works in 'no bars' remote locations.
  3. I searched these forums for the same kind of information about a month ago and did nlocate a web app that allows cache info to be exported to either an iphone or a itouch without jailbreaking. However because it is considered commercial, posting about it in the forums was considered unacceptable. You may find it by looking for it specifically in the web apps/games directory of the company that markets the iphone and itouch. HTH--SpinningCompass
  4. I've established a Yahoo group dedicated to hints, tricks, and suggestions for the igeocacher software for iphone and itouch paperless geocaching. Hopefully it will allow folks to discuss "how to's" and "couldn't this feature be provided". Anyone is welcome at [Link removed by moderator] Cheers--Steve
  5. Jailbreaking the iphone or itouch is described in a number of sites. But so far this app is the only one I've found which can do it via an email and does not require invalidating your warranty.
  6. Hi--I traded email about this with Don some time ago. Unfortunately it appears that Apple will only support WiFi interfaces for applications, and bluetooth is reserved solely for the earphone/mike of a headset. SpinningCompass
  7. Hi again Don--a couple of other user questions--it seems that whenever I try to upload gpx files to a different data set than the default #1, I have to reselect the alternate data set location as I send each file. Could the application be configured to leave where the data is to be uploaded as the 'last selected'? Also, is there some way to select and upload all files in a directory instead of having to do each one individually? Thanks-- Steve
  8. Howdy--Don posted a note last night indicating that logs now work on the App. I tried them this morning, and can view the first 5. Of course the 'answer' is always 10 or 15 logs further down! But 5 is still really heppful! Happy caching! Steve (SpinningCompass)
  9. Hi Don--I gave the application trial runs last night, and again today geocaching at lunch. It worked perfectly 'right out of the box'. I love the features, and won't be printing out paper lists any more. On a whim I dropped in 2 geocaches just before leaving the office tonight, and then chased them down using just my phone and the gps on the way home. 2 for 2! I like your application a lot. Thanks--Steve You are most welcome, Steve. By all means do so. Be sure and check out the You Tube walk-through. This app isn't quite two weeks old yet and already I've doubled if not tripled the feature function set based upon user feedback. I can't wait to get out again this weekend. It rained here in NC last weekend which was bad for caching but good for programming (g). -dB http://www.ayefon.com
  10. Thanks for opening this Forum topic Don. I'll give your application a test drive tonight, and be pleased to report back with observations and (more likely) questions on use. Cheers--Steve
  11. I just acquired an iPhone, and am trying to make use of it. I downloaded gpsbabel, and tried to use it on my first PQ to convert the result to VCF's. It did convert the PQ to a VCF, but since all of this is new to me I have lots of questions. I'd love to discuss "how to's" off line with someone who has been down this route, and would be happy to post a complete "how to" once its working. Help? Thanks--Steve (SpinningCompass)
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