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  1. i have to apologize to anyone who is still interested in the mount. i mailed it out early monday morning to the first person who responded to my post. don't know if there is a way for me to remove this thread now that the item has been spoken for.
  2. no problem. like i said, me and my few friends who are into caching can't use this mount because we have different gps's. i bought it a long time ago and doubt i'd be able to return it if i'd try since so much time has passed. if it looks like it's been opened, its because the friend i originally bought it for opened it up to see if his triton 1500 would fit in it (which it didn't). other than that though, it's never been used. besides, i'd rather it go to someone who could use it than throwing it out or have it just sit in my garage. i'll have it sent out by 2pm on monday, so you should hopefully get it by thursday!!! hope it helps you enjoy this nice weather that's starting to pop up!
  3. awhile back i purchased a bicycle mount for magellan triton 200/300/400/500 for a friend, only to find out that his gps isn't any of these models. anyways, i was cleaning my garage yesterday and found the mount (still in the package). i have no use for it (i don't even own a magellan), but figured that there's gotta be someone out there who could use this. according to amazon.com, the retail price for this item is $29.99. i'm just in the process of getting rid of a bunch of stuff i have around the house asap, so i'm willing to just give it away for free. it's brand new. the package is a little beat up since it spent a winter in my messy garage, but the mount itself has never been used, so it should be in perfect condition. anyways, to get a better idea about the mount, here's the amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Magellan-Triton-Bike...7452&sr=8-2 if you are interested, send me a message with an address and i'll get it in the mail asap and i'll send you notification that it's been sent. thank god for spring cleaning, huh?
  4. i stepped on a ground wasp nest one time while looking at my gps. they flew up my capri pants and stung my feet pretty bad. i ended up going to the er because i was having a recation due to getting stung 11 times (i'm actually not allergic)!
  5. i'm looking to see if there are any other people from western new york on here that geocache. i live in chautauqua county and am looking for some peopel to go with or if there's a local organization around here.
  6. LEO cacher from WNY. I think its cool to see so many cops geocaching. To my knowledge, I'm the only one in my area.
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