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  1. OK Gang! Years ago I used a "cache page generator" to publish my caches on gc.com. It would allow different fonts, photos, links and graphics to be included. I can't remember the name of this program. Does anyone know of a good one that I can try. Thanks in advance! Mr L
  2. Paypal invoices have one out. If you didn't receive one please e-mail me and let me make sure you're on the list. Thanks
  3. Thanks to all that have reserved coins! About 25% have been reserved in the 1st 12 hours. The coins look and feel great! I think everyone will be satisfied. Thanks Mr Loggerhead
  4. Curse of the Pirates Treasure Geocoin has been ordered and should arrive in a few weeks. The samples look great as the photos don't do them justice. Coins are 2" in diameter and features 3-d on on side. It was out on hold late last year but now it's a reality. Go to our website to check them out and reserve yours now. No money due until coins are here! Combine orders with fellow geocachers to save on shipping. Mr & Mrs Loggerhead
  5. I usually try to figure $1.00 per ounce to be safe when going international and always use a custom form. Never used a form for HI or AK. If shipping a large amount I go with USPS Global Priority! Mr L
  6. Just a quick note to let everyone know that the holiday coins have arrived and look great. I started shipping yesterday but then we had a tragic death in the family and it will delay me shipping more coins for a few days. I just wanted to tell everyone so you would know what's going on when you start seeing post of coins being received by others why you have not received your yet. We hope you understand but please be patient as all coins should be shipped on Friday! Thanks in advance and we think you willl be happy with the quality of these coins. Thank you Oak Coins for doing a great job! Mr L
  7. 50 sets remain! Thanks to all that have ordered. Mr L
  8. They did my Alien Geocoin and are minting our Loggerhead Holiday Geocoins as well. Great to work with! Mr L
  9. We're pre-selling our 2006 Loggerhead Holiday Geocoin Set with an estimated ship date of December 1st, 2006. There are only 250 total sets minted and the first 150 sets sold will receive a free gift. The Thanksgiving Coin will be minted with an antique gold finish and the Christmas coin is minted in polished gold. Both coins come in a acrylic coin box , has it's own custom icon and are trackable at www.geocaching.com. Go to Mr & Mrs Loggerhead website to reserve yours now. This will mark the retirement of the Loggerhead design as well! Thanks to all that have purchased and traded for our coins this year.
  10. Shoot me your address and I'll send some Aliens and Loggerhead Micros. Also we are pre-selling our Loggerhead Holiday Set and will include one set of those for the raffle when they come in. Mr & Mrs Loggerhead
  11. I sent you an e-mail requesting your address again! Computer crashed and we lost alot of info and files. Thanks Scott PS Guess I'll have to do a coin about a computer!!!!
  12. As far as going down the tubes does it mean if you sell on ebay things are going badly? We have 103 left on the ebay auctions and they were done that way so as the price didn't go over the initial price. If you put one coin on at a time it will 99 times out of 100 it will go over the initial price. This way they all sell for the same price. I have a total of 160 left out of 500 so that's not to bad including some LE and ELE. Trades are always excepted as long as we have coins. We had 10 Gold minted but they are sold only in charity auctions on ebay. The main reason I got one here was to tell all buyers and traders that all coins have been shipped. They arrived Monday morning after being held up in US Customs and all were shipped by Tuesday morning. Please let me know as you receive them. Thanks Mr & Mrs Loggerhead Oh yeah we do have a Thanksgiving and Christmas Loggerhead coming out but it will be offered by e-mail only to previous customers.
  13. Got news Saturday that the coins have been shipped from the manufacturer and to expect them this week. There was a slight delay waiting on the tracking #'s from Groundspeak. With any luck they should go out the 1st of next week. Thanks to all that have purchased! We still have some available as well. Mr L Alien Site
  14. Thanks to all that have responded in this forum, both good and bad. 250 coins have been ordered to date! Thanks to all that have purchased as well. For those who haven't figured this out this is a side business for us. If you think we're getting rich SWEET, but we're not. When I invest $2,000 - $4,000 on a coin we are going to make some money on it and I'm sorry if that offends some. We're taking a chance that they will sell. How many are willing to do that? This has been our lowest priced coin to date except for the micros which people said were to much as well at $8.00 so where do we go? I have no problem with your comment at all but can't remember any problems about the signal coin which are $10.00 plus shipping of $1.38. And I think I have seen them in most of the "owned trackables" from the members here. We do limit our coins as well which makes them more collectible. To date all of our coins except the Loggerhead Micro in Polished Nickel and Copper and a few Baby Loggerhead in Nickel have sold out so someone wants them and is buying them To date we have traded over 300 of our coins as well including the 65 of the original Loggerhead's and put close to 50 in caches in which they quickly become someone elses property. Also the Baby Loggerhead's we donated to a local school that was studying geocaching. So please when you are doing all the figuring please add those into the equation as no profit. We are working on additional coins, hopefully one day we'll make one that will please everybody, RIGHT!!! Just my 2-cents!!! I hope everyone has a wondeful Sunday, Go Dale Jr.!!!
  15. Las Vegas is always a great spot and any of the hotels would help with the event and even for Las Vegas a single group of 500-1000 people will get the attention of the hotels. I have rooms comped at all the Harrah's owned hotels , (Ceasar's, Bally's, Paris, Rio, Horseshoe, of course Harrah's) so that's where I would I would stay. I'm pretty sure that they would help with other events in addition to the geo event such as poker or slot tournaments as well as a meal more than likely. They know once you're there you will spend money. I hope it works out!
  16. Alien Geocoin Pre-sale! Thanks
  17. I knew the same ones would be complaining but who cares. These coins cost $8.91 cents each to be made. That doesn't include shipping to buyers. All we're doing is covering our cost as the LE's are not being sold but given away and 50 golds are going into the caches. This does not include trades. We figure we'll clear about $700.00 after all is said and done. I appreciate and undertand your opions but if you don't know what you're talking about, you need to keep it to yourself. The same thing was said when the Loggerhead coins came out and the entire 600 have been sold / traded or given away and only 60 Baby Loggerheads remain as well out of 650. If you want a $6.00 coin there are plenty out around if that's what you desire. We try to put a little more in our coins and this one has almost every option you can get, and no, the prices aren't same no matter how you design it. To date we have also donated over 100 of our coins to schools and charity auctions. I don't pre-sale until the coin has been paid for and being minted also so as far as pre-saling not costing anything I'll have to disagree. My check for over $4,000.00 has been mailed. I want add my 2 cents to the cost. Coins can be ordered below. Mr & Mrs Loggerhead
  18. We are now pre-selling our geocoin "Curse of the Pirates Treasure". Trackable with unique icon. Ship date mid July. This coin represents our cache series "Curse of the Pirates Treasure" including all the clues to complete the final mystery cache "The Booty". Curse of the Pirates Treasure Geocoin Mr Loggerhead <Link removed by moderator - when you can link directly to that coin, please feel free to do so>
  19. 2 GCC May Coins 5 Yellow Mailer Pirates of Harriman Light Bulb Wales 5 Lewis & Clark 5 So this is a Geocoin 3 Handmade Square D Geocoins (Sweet) 6 Blue Lamb A good day! Mr & Mrs Loggerhead Loggerhead Geocoins
  20. Fortunately out of over 1,100 Loggerhead / Baby Loggerhead geocoins we have only lost two. One international and one US. We did cover the loss and ship a replacement coin! No problem yet on trades! Over 125! Maybe we have been lucky so far! The welchers, frenchers or whatever you call them are the same ones that will steal or destroy your caches. Mr & Mrs Loggerhead Loggerhead Geocoins
  21. I just wanted to let everyone know that when you activate the generic icon comes up on your trackable page. I have contacted Groundspeak and they are behind entering the icons. It will be corrected in the near future. Thanks
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