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  1. This summer fastpacking on the AT Through Stokes and High Point I saw a 2 bears cross about 50 feet in front of me. Neither even knew I was there as I am usually very quiet and stealthy when I hike. Besides the fact they were more interseted in chasing each other or maybe some food. I never have had any animal problems but you never know. I think they say if the bear does scent you or sees you and locks on to your presence and a stand down begins, that you should make yourself appear larger (i.e raise walking sticks and arms over head, widen stance) and yell with your best "war cry" so the bear fears that you are "bigger and more powerful" and will not challenge you and want to fight. Don't turn around and run because they are very fast and you will lose. Most animals love the chase or the "hunt" if you will. Some more than eating itself. Can't say if this method described above works for sure but have seen it on videos and the bear or other animal just turns around in all cases and walks away fearing losing to the "bigger animal". Just like humans fear bigger humans. This is only natural and part of survival. This is nature and you can't change that. I have seen many bears and other animals in my years of hiking and in most cases if you don't bother them they won't bother you. Know your surrounding's and listen to nature it will tell you most everything you need to know. Awareness is the key to survival in any situation.
  2. U.S.M.C. 1993-2001 13 weeks on Parris Island and the rest is a blur. Proud to have served, but our government is fu@*ed up.
  3. For just geocahing I carry my bushnell onix 200 gpsr, cache papers (soon to be paperless, Z22 palm), a fisher space pen, gerber applegate-fairbairn fighting knife, cell phone, cache items, ziplock bags (different sizes), extra write in the rain paper, lighter, mini-mag flashlight, extra bateries (aa's). I am not to worried about muggers here in jersey. I was suprised to see how many people carry handguns. Just out of curiosity how fast can you draw, take safety off, and take aim?? I would think that most times it would be too late unless you have some serious training (military or police). Not to mention unless you practice this over and over you will get slow and sloppy. I am pro-gun being I was in the marine corps, and can see the need to have a weapon for back country defense (eventhough most times you can scare the animal away as most are more scared of you then you are of them) but some of you are definately packing for bear literally. Also i like the bear spray for emergency situations, eventhough in my many years of hiking and backpacking all over the world i have never had to use it. Just a couple of weeks ago I was 25 to 30 feet from a female black bear chasing some small game up a tree. She saw me stopped and looked and i stared back standing very still, heart racing. She turned after a few seconds and ran off into the woods, probably more afaid of me then i was of her, i hope. Not to say the situation could have been different, but from past experiences animals are mostly afraid of humans. I guess knowing I can defend myself with my bare hands and having an excellent awareness of my surroundings is what stops me from worrying about people mugging me so take your own precautions if you must. I just here stories all too often that someone was mugged then shot or stabbed or maced by their own weapon. So with that, to all you who carry, be safe, and remember "Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People."
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