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  1. Fix is to log in to https://staging.geocaching.com/pocket/ and process the request.
  2. Still available, but parties are interested.
  3. I'm selling my used Oregon 300 since I've upgraded to the 450. The unit's casing has only a few scratches and dings. It still works as great as it did when I got it. The unit will come with City Navigator NT North America 2009. It will also come with BirdsEye service active on it (due to expire April 14, 2011). https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=167&pID=14903
  4. Doug, if you don't receive the GPSr from this guy AND you get your money back AND you're still interesting in purchasing this unit, let me know as I have one for sale for the same price AND I will guarantee it's delivery.
  5. Wow, that seems a bit extreme. Can't they just clean up the mess and then stand in the corner for half an hour? I guess we'll see.
  6. Big thumbs down on this! Did anyone test it first. Someone needs to lose their job.
  7. I have uploaded a Google Earth file and am trying to create caches along a route. However, when I click on "Create Pocket Query", I get an error message that says: "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site XXX. Operation aborted." I have tried the process with a previously uploaded Google Earth file that I know I have (in the past) created a PQ from. I get the same result. Is this something that can be looked at (quickly) as we have to leave for a trip in a few hours and I need the route info. Thank you, -TwoCs-
  8. Actually Tahosa is talking about the fact that we got together in the snow and wind and had a great time. I have actually rescheduled the real event for October 28th from 10:30 - 3:00. You can RSVP here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...33-2fd69b88b46c
  9. -TwoCs- Caches and Sandwiches Sunday, October 21th 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Roger's Grove 220 Hover Road - Longmont, Colorado N 40° 09.835 W 105° 07.776 Please bring a sandwich or two (home-made or store bought, we were thinking the submarine size). All sandwiches will be sliced up into "manageable" slices and will be shared with all other attendees. We will provide chips and dips as well as plates and napkins for everyone. Attendees should also bring their own beverage of choice. We will also provide a fun Geocaching race in which we will place several temporary caches within walking distance of the park and provide their locations to you at the event. The object of the race will be to go and visit each cache. Prizes will be awarded to those who earn the most points (based on visiting the most caches or by finding more difficult caches). There will also be other surprise ways to earn points. We will also have a raffle in which we will give away unactivated coins, pre-fabricated cache containers and other great prizes. Tentative Schedule: 11:00 - 11:15 Meet and Greet 11:15 - 11:30 More Meet and Greet and Some Eats 11:30 - 1:30 Caching Contest 1:30 - 2:00 Raffle and Caching Contest Prizes 2:00 - ? Post Event Chit Chat If you think you "might" attend, please post a "Will Attend" log, you can always come back and delete it later if you decide that you can't make it. If you are coming for sure, please post how many adults/kids will be on your team, we will be calculating the amount of prizes on how many teams RSVP. More teams, more prizes! Sneak peek of "Revenge Of The Bullets" if you RSVP now! Limited time offer. Preview will be emailed to you after you submit your RSVP log. Here's some info on Roger's Grove: Roger's Grove - 220 Hover Road Situated on land owned by Boulder County and by the City of Longmont, Roger's Grove covers 14 acres adjacent to the St. Vrain Greenway. The park is primarily funded by the Roger and Roberta Jones Foundation. Roger Jones (1915-1995), enjoyed walking along the river with his wife Roberta, nee Watkins (1913-1992). Both educators in the St.Vrain Valley School system, the Joneses wanted to contribute an environment for children and adults to visit, learn and enjoy. Roger's Grove is being developed as a district park, arboretum and outdoor learning center. An interpretive center / picnic shelter and outdoor amphitheater have been constructed. In 1995- 1996, Louisville artist Robert Tulley installed several works of art in Roger's Grove as part of the City's Art in Public Places program. In 1996, the City expanded the arboretum and added trails and a Restroom to the park. The north side of the park features a prairie with native and hardy introduced plants suitable for this region. The City's major annual "signature" event, "Rhythm on the River", is held in Roger's Grove every July. Dogs allowed on leash, please pick up after your pet. Amenities: Picnic area with BBQ Restroom Shelter Parking Spaces - 49 Congratulations to: JeepDC for being FTRSVP on 10/5/07 JeepDC will receive an extra raffle ticket for every 5 purchased - that makes 7 tickets for every $5.00 (instead of the usual 6 for $5.00) Many thanks to Oakcoins and Atwell Family for their generous donation of raffle prizes!
  10. Ok, that's a soluton... but... why did they write the software (on the GPSr) to be this way. They didn't think that someone would want to track to 100 feet? I mean jesh! This is the most basic of things, yet it's this "hard" to fix with the technology that we have?
  11. This happens on my Garmen Legend Cx also. Except, I'm doing miles and only want to enter 100 feet. I can only enter 10ths of a mile (528 feet). So if you only want to enter 100 feet you're bumming.
  12. -TwoCs-

    Bug Report:

    Does anyone actually read these reports?
  13. -TwoCs-

    Bug Report:

    I can hear crickets!
  14. -TwoCs-

    Bug Report:

    Create a Pocket Query. Go to My Pocket Queries. Click the Preview in Google Maps icon. In the upper right hand corner instead of saying "you are logged in as -TwoCs- [log out]" it says "you are logged in as [log out]". Is there a reason that the user name does not appear?
  15. I have waypoints in MS Streets and Trips 2007 that I'd like to put onto my Garmin Legend Cx. I would like to put them in as POI so that I don't take up waypoint spots. How can I export from S&T and then import POIs into Garmin? Or, if I can't do that... how can I export from S&T and then import waypoints into Garmin? or...
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