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  1. Have you installed your usb driver from the cd-rom. Log off your computer; put the GPs on with the usb cable attached! log your computer on again and "New Hardware" will ask you to put the cd-rom in for the new USB device.
  2. Did have the latest version of img2gps? second when you have uploaded to much maps they will not appear in the gps Yes ....mb says it is possible But Img2 gps "shows" more MB's then the gps can handle Try a little bit first and find out much it can have. Tip also try making topo's transparant (yahoo mapdecode)
  3. Metroguide will find an address or poi on a map were the position is in the Csx versions New location? try this. but going somewere I look for addresses in Mapsource and make waypoints and upload them to the gps. i first want to have the bigger picture Metroguide using Mapsource also won't autoroute but when using IMG2gps (freeware use Google) and you load metrguide with it you can autoroute with the only small handicap that on Highway's you are directed to the left instead making a right turn first. Your other navigationdirections are like City Select and Navigator Knowing that, metroguide is a very cheap alternitive. off topic ; also very handy is making your topo transparant (see yahoogroup Mapdecode) and load that also with your metroguide with Img2gps; Your topo is visible on your metroguide and you still can autoroute. This topo transparant tric can also be done with city select and navigator; This can be uploaded with mapsource.
  4. find / waypoint/ enter/ options (stick left?) project waypoint i don't have one anymore, but this is what i remember.
  5. i did with my 20 mnd old 60cs us basemap to Garmin Europe at first they wanted to charge 90 pound, after a copy of this thread 29 pond, under protest send to Garmin Europe. They send it back with no charge. Garmin is super top although it is not the same everyware.
  6. your analyses are correct on paper but it is a bit strange to use a gps at home were you now every inch. And what do you want to prove? The sirf III application is ment for finding your way in extreme difficult conditions. Drift and reception don't mean a thing; does it point in the right direction when you need it. There is also a comparison with the Explorist 600 which looks better on paper but people complain about the right direction when they need it. The x-serie can have that problem if the setup is not good.
  7. main menu/ setup/ system /menu button/software version
  8. I understand your question. I bought one of the first 60cs because of the quad helix for reception after having the Etrex Vista who lost reception easely with heavy treecover. Not happy when the going gets though with heavy treecover and doing two or tree times over that kind of caches i also bought the meridian color. What you discribe about having reception with the explorist is my experience too. Plus that with Direct Route who uses the memory in a way that it becomes slow with 35m difference. You are having reception but there is much doubt about the direction. It's good to have some reservation about a new product like the 60csx. If you don't know how to setup you can have little of the same problems. But when you do..... it is better. -Leave WAAS off, more stable - compass on setup Heading; degrees, true, switch to compass heading when below 3km for more then 90 sec. calibrate the compass at the beginning of your trip. accuracy on the meter!!! direction good The big plus with the compass (60cs and 60csx) Use datafields ; Heading, Bearing, Dist to next, accuracy on the compass page When there is a point in between like a tunnel with more directions were you loose reception you can use "sign and go" before you go into the tunnel were you have good reception. (outside) Read the bearing of the waypoint you go to and , end navigation, use sign and go and point in that direction activate "sign and go" In the tunnel you have "heading" AND the bearing pointer having no reception. Conclusion; yes the 60csx is much better when you have the setup right. i sold the merdidian having no added value what so ever.
  9. Dear Willyum You can't change the language in Word. Just copy what you see in the word on your GPS pages and data fields, setup in NEDERLANDS see Main page/ setup/ system / language After that you put the language in your gps back to English; then you understand what the data mean; Let me give you a few tips; Main menu/ setup/ ; - welcome mesage; put your name and address in it and lat/lon -page seq + datafields satellite map; time to dest and distance to dest ;setup map;orientation track up. compass; heading, course, dist to next, accuracy; compass on altimeter; ambient pres., elavation;plot barometer Setup altimeter; allways on (weather) now you can drive by car, walk and see the weather. Heading is importent if you see your accuracy is worse and you saw your last course when the satellite lost reception; your last course is to maintain in heading with the compass on. Last distance; you know how far to go. Most of the time reception will come back before you are at destination. When this is not to be expected (heavy tree cover or mountains) ; use sign and go with your last course. Sign and Go can only be started with reception; now you walk on Heading with a bearing pointer when reception is lost. setup Heading; degrees, true, switch to compass 3km, 90 sec. Now your GPS is well setup; try the rest this way with chancing the language. To translate this doc will cost me to much time. For you a good practice to dug into it. Thats how i did it. I was not born with it, just played around and put in a word doc. lots of fun. greatz.
  10. world famous in Belgium and the Netherlands over a 1000 copies downloaded over the various editions. It is very practical in using options; all with print screens. on the road, on water, in the air in varoius applications the good data fields and pages. the only thing you have to do if you are interested in a subject is change your language to NEDERLANDS to get the data on the gps you see on the page and change the language back to english to see what it means for you in english. i get mails dailly ..... for the download url. it took some time to make it and that is the reason why i stopped making the same in English... http://rapidshare.de/files/14771279/60_cs_...in_one.doc.html double click / scroll down / take the FREE button / wait 30 seconds / then you get a number to download cheers D
  11. the part about City Select appearing to have the Topo characteristics Yes this posible, but not through mapsource;[/b When having City Select and a Topo installed you find them under C:\Garmin\ City Select ...\Topo (Belgium?) What you do is copy the map Topo Belgium and call it Topo Belgium Transparant. In the Yahoogroup Mapdecode there is a program Trans.2exe in FILES; Please read again. FILES (?) With one click you make you copy Topo transparant. This program only works when you have Mapdecode installed. With img2gps (a freeware program that uploads garmin maps to your GPS) you upload your City Select maps from the map City Select and after that you upload from your Topo copythat you made transparant. When they are both in IMG2GPS you upload them together to you gps. For some; can i upload not unlocked Garmin maps with IMG2GPS; NO YOU CAN'T mapdekode; http://paginas.terra.com.br/informatica/do...de_download.htm ALL THREE 5.2.1.,2,3 !!! Transp.2exe http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mapdekode Img2GPS http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mdipol/img2gps First download and install all program's. It is really simple................. FAQ problems and the answers Last remarks; first try a little amout of maps City Select and your transparant topo IMG2gps gives the impression you have more space in MB then you do. When you have uploaded your maps to your gps and you see ONLY your basic map YOU HAVE UPLOADED TO much maps PLEASE READ again. Please upload LESS maps When it works; In your gps you see "info maps" uploaded with sendmap When you try to load these maps into mapsource from the gps; mapsource tells you there are no maps. Lots of fun........
  12. when deleting waypoints also delete the recent found list........... YES YES YES
  13. Hi for Japan is Msas The following PRNs have been allocated to the MSAS system: MTSAT-1 129 42 MTSAT-2 137 50 I live in the Netherlans and we have Egnos instead of WAAS. The option WAAS is MSAS for Japan; does this make a difference? I can't tell what it does over there, you must find that out. With the 60cs i was also not happy with the accuracy; leaving WAAS off gave a more stabile result. After buying de 60csx with sirf III i was more happy and leave WAAS also off and instead the compass on and switch to compass heading when below 3km. Don't forget to calibrate. Accuracy is not the mean issue but pointing in the right direction. If i may give you a tip; sell the gpsmap60 and buy a gpsmapcsx in the US with sirf III that really takes away your disappointment.
  14. Thanks for your answer after separate installation the problem was brought back to one map. No visable mistakes, after switching from a very inzoomed much detailed map to the trouble maker twice? the problem no longer exists? No........ it's on a view zoom levels 50km -5km 3km -20m is ok Can this be helped?
  15. Hi, i have under C:\Garmin the following maps; City Select, Trip&Waypoint, family 500 and topo Austria at first i added family 562 until 571 in a correct manner. mapsource starts the right way up but after zooming in i get a fault in all my maps contact Garmin with not an understandable message; nothing your tdb or something Removed 564 until 571 and i can zoom in until the max and with the highest detail using only 562 and 563 extra no problem at all I checked the registry no mistakes in the other maps Problem appeared also in City Select; its a mapsourceproblem Does anyone know this problem? Is there a maximum to the number of maps under c:\Garmin Has it something to do with my videocard
  16. stupid question? Did you install the garmin usb drivers?
  17. In the Netherlands at geocaching.nl they put their heads into the sand and you get banned opening this discussion. Garmins will is law? But To my opinion this is a garmin problem. Not a consumer problem. To the wholeseller i mentioned this a couple of times. My opinion is that forcing you to buy two unlocks to keep the price high, is not allowed by European law. Some say you buy one and get one for free. (How dom are we?) They do the same when you buy your gps in the US, you have to buy your mappingsoftware in Europe. And what do they do; you can only buy it as a package; also forbidden by european economic law. What happens; people buy together copie the cd's; and sell the trash that comes with it. Next step they took was selling a us version of the 60csx serie with only 4 languages to force people to buy the much to expensive european models. What happens; bright software students somewhere make a patch. Now Garmin has a technical support problem; we do not service........bla bla (sorry this is very much beginning to look like Magell.... What was that brand cold?) Dear Garmin this goes as far as the market accepts it. It is more smart to sell software for one gps and a lot cheaper; this stops all the not wanted activities. Let the consumer make their choice. You can only win by being the best and not by cheating and that is what it is. Cheating leads to cheating. What a loss of time. Why don't you outsmarten Tomtom instead of hurting your truest fan's YOUR CUSTOMERS Only one good compettitor has to understand this and it is game over. Who drives a japanese car?
  18. yes, there is frustration everywhere having said this, reading about it being a potential customer..... it is not said for just a brand but for the use of geocaching. When a other brand add's a button to solve geopuzzles by itself i would, could......... must buy something else. but for the moment i am very happy with the 60csx
  19. As i may comment on this Robert. What you do and can do with programming a gps deserves a lot of respect. For me you are mr Magellan. changing sides is a bad thing for Magellan having such a true fan and promotor This is what i tell people in Holland when they ask me what to do. Garmin or Magellan i say when Robert lipe mr Magellan himself changes sites this means you buy a dead duck, that won't fly any longer. Will problems be solved in the future...... Most people buy first and stay looking afterwards if they made the right choice or are confronted with problems they could have known after some research on the internet. But this is all a bridge to far for 99,9999% of the users. Yes it gives you satisfaction having it done; but in the end it had to be standard on the gps to give you the best satisfaction. Yes a lot of people like to have new things to play with, but the good thing about Garmin is; this is what you get and if you have ideas we will listen. For the 60cs series they mis-used us and came with the other improvements on the x-series. So we bought twice. On the other hand the service can be so good that you forgive them. That all together makes customer satisfaction. And last but not least one of the founders mr Min Kao is still in charge. I mailed him after having a difference with one the brandrepresentitives and the next day was a different ball game. May be you should start a new brand or take Magellan in a buy out.???
  20. All this i recognize for a long time also in Europe. the Internet makes us one family I have a 60cs and i also had a meridian color which i sold and bought a 60csx. The meridian color having the sd card and longer reception then the 60cs could not give more added value in geocaching; you had reception were the cs lost it but most of the time 35m out of poisition and slower. and very bad sight with sun. And the routering only shortest way in direct route. searching the internet for what people do for nice things Garmin you get added value things and magellan is for solving problems One of the reasons, it may look strange, could be that you won't get a print screen from a Magellan only a photo. When starting with GPS you can come in a new world and for writing manuals is not an Oscar yet. Never will be, i think. So when there is something to be told about magellan it always looks rather amateuristic were Garmin had g7towin and Ximage. I wrote a 180 page story about the 60cs etc series and tried it for the Meridian color. Try taking a picture. People learn most things with their eyes. An other very stupid thing is putiing your name in the gps? Why would people want that dear mr Magellan? In Garmin you do this and for a Magellan this is a operation desert storm. Loosing the basemap is not something for people wihout gpsbrains; it happened to me as well uplading new firmware; i touched a wrong button were "erase" came round the corner. Not knowing the consequenses. With a simple "yes" the job was done. Sending it to magellan it was fixed and later on after my degree in Magellan i could do it myself. My comment on this is that the wrong doors are closed and the wrong ones are open to enjoy the gps and preventing from not wanted things. The solution removing the basemap in new magellans comes from somebody who does not belong in the company. What they need is a good customer service who can comminicate inside the company. What we see is a manager with a brand tied to a chair. Garmin learned quick from their customers wanting things a Magellan could. But the guys from Magellan are no marketeers. Point could be that Garmin has a ceo and Thales is a mother with a ceo. Thales also does some things in the defence industry in France. Big point is if Magellan gets out of the competition who jumps in the hole? Tom Tom makes everything for the road. You see Garmin fight them on that issue but outdoor? Maybe the cellphone gets so good that the type of outdoor gps we have now will disapear? Who nose. But i hope Magellan stays a good competitor. We need both.
  21. when uploading a new map it replaces the old map....... through maosource or img2gps or you remove through explorer when the micro sd is in a cardreader; that is the only way to remove and having a empty micro sd card
  22. Download IMG2gps (freeware) http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mdipol/img2gps in Img2gps you upload the maps from c:garmin\metroguide canada (or program files) mark about 40 maps and upload them to the gps When you can't see them you uploaded too much. Then take 35 maps or less. Do not watch the memomy (like 60mb) you can upload much less. Metroguide Europe v4 does autoroute this way, so why not metroguide Canada.
  23. Thanks tried that one; no Cebu Even wrote Luis.....
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