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  1. I have an Etrex Vista HCX and it automatically goes to the follow road option without a prompt to select between off-road or road when I select a waypoint to "go to". How do I get the prompt to reappear when I select a waypoint to go to so that I can select whether I want to follow the road or not. Thanks for any help.
  2. I believe caches are supposed to be placed 528 feet from the nearest cache. I have found caches where there is a virtual, earthcache, and traditional within like 30 or 40 feet of each other. What is the rule or guideline on this? I have a cache I'd like to hide and it is less than .1 mile from a virtual. Will it be published or turned down?
  3. After searching the forums I found cacheberry available for caching with the Blackberry Pearl. I do not plan to use my Blackberry for maps, GPS, or internet. I would just like to replace my Dell Axim with it. Is this cacheberry the best or only thing available? Right now I use EasyGPS and GPXSonar. Just trying to figure out my options. Thanks Scott
  4. One of my anxieties in hiding caches has been making sure that the coordinates are good. I have been taking 10 to 15 readings by coming into the location form different directions and taking a series of reading at the cache site. What's the best way for averaging a series of readings on a location? Can my Vista HCx average a series of points somehow? Do I just do the math? I have tried putting the points into EasyGPS and then somehow figuring and average point from looking at them on there. So how do professional Geocachers figure their cache waypoints?
  5. Utah has caches in a lot (maybe all of) it's State Parks. I just read about a group that found 17 on a trip. I've found them in 2 Parks here. At Willard Bay State Park I just found a 7 stage multi where the Parks had posted sign at various locations around the park on the trails along with other informational signs. The coords at each stage were on a metal printed sign. Each set of coords had a missing number so you had to read through the other posted info to fill in the missing number. ie. You had to read through the sign to find that on average an eagle lays 3 eggs or whatever and plug it into this missing spot for the coords.
  6. We haven't seen the ground here in a couple of months. It seems that we've been picking up more micros and magnetics in town. We went to check on one of our own caches near our house and couldn't find it. When I dug down to the dirt the snow was above my waist. Finally told my son we'd have to come back later to look for our own cache (shoud have logged a DNF). I'm thinking that trip to Tucson sounds pretty good about now.
  7. So what angle do you take to show the land manager that a cache would be a good idea? Or is it more of why it's not a bad idea? I agree that having some connection to the land owner would make it much easier. I don't really have a specific situation, just wondering how others have handled getting permission for placement.
  8. I'm just curious how others have gone about getting permission for placing a cache. How much detail about geocaching do you get into with the land owner? I'm guessing that if you go to the manager of a department store and ask if you can hide a film canister under their lampskirt you'll get a "What?" response and maybe even get smacked. So how do you open the dialogue with property owners, whether it be a commercial area or a private owned hillside or a park manager or whatever?
  9. As stated above you can check the cache page and check the mission of the TB before hand. I seldom do this because I'm not that organized and don't necessarily know what caches I'll be looking for ahead of time. Occasionally a TB will have it's mission and goals attached to it or in a Ziplock with it, but not usually. IMO it is difficult to screw up the mission of most TB's too badly, especially if you are moving them around your local area. That being said I do not usually pick up TB's if I'm on vacation unless there's info with the TB on where it's going. I've never been reprimanded by an owner for moving one the wrong direction, only for holding on to them too long...keep 'em moving.
  10. I found one where the hider used a piece of 2" ABS pipe with a screw on type cap on each end. It was about a foot long. Inside the fence post he placed something (I'm assuming another piece of pipe) that the cache could rest on inside the fence post. When I pulled the cap off...no apparent cache, even after running my finger around the inside of the post. He placed the cache about 5" below the top of the fence post. It took a bit longer to find than the average fence post, plus it had room for swag and coins and stuff. No glue required:)
  11. Thanks. All of the links that I have found seem to redirect to the gpx sonar home page which is "dead". We'll check out beelineGPS.
  12. A friend is setting up his Pocket PC for paperless caching. He's using Easy GPS and we are trying to download GPX Sonar (if there's something different let me know). Anyhow we can't seem to find the site to download from. Does anyone know where to get GPX Sonar from?
  13. I was with two of my kids up on a big rock slide area where there is no trail and we really never even thought about anyone coming by. We were just replacing the ammo can in the boulders when The Wizard pops out of the sagebrush. Neither one of us were expecting to come across another soul out there. We dropped the ammo can and he held his GPS up in the air and yelped "Geocaching!" We talked for a few minutes about caches higher up the mountain that he had just come down from. We still laugh about it cuz we (me and my kids) acted like kids that had just been caught with our hand in the cookie jar. Now we just try to find each others caches mostly:)
  14. I'd say for me it depends what I am doing with the GPS while I'm driving. If I've got a route set it's no more of an issue than checking the speedometer. On the other hand if I am geocaching while driving and trying to pick my next cache and then trying to decide if I should go over this way and cross the railroad tracks to grab that other cache before I head downtown, well then I'd say it's quite a distraction and my wife hates it when I do that. If I just pick my next cache and follow the GPS to it it's no problem IMO.
  15. Thanks for the tips. I knew there were plenty of people, a lot smarter than me who had to think of this before. Great ideas.
  16. We've hidden three caches so far and I've had this idea for a while and was just wondering if anyone has hidden or found one like this and if any one has any pointers to make it great. I've thought of hiding a cache up a tree, attached to a piece of rope long enough that it could be lowered to the ground and then pulled back up and then have the rope secured again. So I'm thinking basically a rope over a branch with the excess rope hidden in the tree, perhaps a hollow tree. Any ideas to avoid problems with something like this?
  17. I have a Garmin Vista HCX and have been downloading waypoints via pocket queries. My GPS has reached it's limit. How do I delete the waypoints on the GPS besides deleting one waypoint at a time? Can I delete a group without deleting all of the waypoints? I am using EasyGPS. Thanks
  18. If you become a premium member you can use the caches along a route function which is way easier than trying to look up a bunch of caches before you leave. Also if you have a PDA you can download all of the cache page info before you go. I'm still kind of new with the paperless cache stuff but love it.
  19. I own a cache that had a coin in it. The cache got stolen along with the coin. I've replaced the cache in a new spot. I've notified the coin owner and haven't heard anything back yet. How do I remove the coin from the cache listing page so it doesn't show that it's still there? I don't have the coin tracking number so I can't just retrieve it. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Has anybody seen a good deal for City Navigator online? I found it for $102 on Provantage.com. Also, how do I know if it's v.8 or version 2008, is there a way to identify it without emailing and asking?
  21. If you go paperless you could put all the cache descriptions on your PDA, then you check the description of the cache before pulling off the highway. Just a thought if you don't have time to go through all the caches before you leave. If you do have time to read the descriptions before hand that can allow you to plan ahead a bit if there's one that sounds particularly appealing. We've cached on a couple of trips and for us it usually goes something like this...WOW this is fantastic I love this spot, I wonder if there's any caches around here then we check the GPS and go grab any nearby caches.
  22. I think I'm going to get a compass today. Never really used one much, but thanks to a couple posts here I think it may be handy one day.
  23. I voted We also have a 10, 7, and 4 year old that cache with us.
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