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  1. I'm using MM 6 to plan our circular walks, on the Laptop. I can see all the caches with names next to them just as in my old version of MM. I can then perform a cloud sync to get that info into cloud and then do the same to get them on my IPad or Phone. The route and all the selected caches/waypoints appear, but the name is not visible until I click on the icon, then disappears again. Is there a way of switching it on? Steve.
  2. Is that Safari on a PC? It's working fine on my iPad. Steve.
  3. I've got 40000 caches on my Via, and can navigate to coords or a specific cache. Put them in using the GSAK macro, then 'My Tomtom' S.
  4. Try talking to John&Jelene. They are from Florida, but are regular visitors to our canals. Steve.
  5. Hi Jeff. The weekly E mail used to be very helpful in planning attendance at events and checking that all the events close to me were in my diary. As some of the responses have said we now need to do it ourselves. I have set notifications for events, up to a sensible distance from me, I don't get notifications of any other caches - I'm past rushing out at midnight for FTF's. There aren't that many E mails and when they arrive I can decide whether I'm going or not and log a will attend if necessary. See you soon. Steve.
  6. Hi, I work in Swad, and live in atherstone, so if you want to go out or join us when we cache, drop me a note. Also go to events in the area, as you meet people, which helps. Regards Chris - BB's
  7. I didn't get more than 3 until June 2003 when my tally was 7 for the day. Up in the Peak District, 3 card trick and others. Great walks and scenery with no film pots or nanos anywhere!
  8. Whereabouts are you in Derbyshire? I'm in Derby and have found a lot of the nearby circulars and should be able to suggest some. Steve.
  9. Have a look at the geocaching.com Map, just above the logs on any cache page. Drag it to the area you want to cache in and you can see what circular routes there are. Poshrule and others have hidden lots in the area between Leicester, Peterborough and Kettering, mostly between 4 and 6 miles with upwards of 20 caches. I'm just looking at what we can do on Saturday and am considering 3 loops, 4.2 miles with 28 caches, 6.4 miles with 26 and 4.4 miles with 23. I think all 3 might be a step too far, but we will probably complete 2 of them. I use Memory Map to measure the distance, but the first cache of a series often gives you an idea how far it is. Steve.
  10. Good attempt Lilian, but only just in the top ten! I think I'm #1, unless anyone knows differently! Delta - is there a way of extracting this info? Steve.
  11. Working fine for me. Steve.
  12. Thanks to all for confirming it wasn't just me, and to GHP for fixing it. Normal service is resumed. Steve.
  13. Hi all. I've been away for a week - rained every day - so forgive me if I've missed something, but when I try to check cacherstats.com Bullguard says the site has been blocked due to it hosting viruses malware and exploits?? Has something changed? I don't have problems with any other of my usual sites, and it was working fine before I went away. Cheers. Steve.
  14. The CF card GPS I have used with my PDA has packed in - it worked well, used it with the PDA to find a few caches and several Wherigos. Thinking of buying a bluetooth receiver to use with the PDA and also with my non-GPS enabled iPad. There are several on eBay, but at least one of them says that it won't work with Apple devices. Can I get one that will work with a HP iPaq and the iPad (not necessarily at the same time)? Steve.
  15. Agree with solly, you've got lots of rings down your way to choose from. If you can travel a little then have a look at the poshrule loops south of Peterborough. They are smaller and if you stitch a few together you can easily get to 100. We got 114 in one day - would have been more but we spotted a nice Indian restaurant while it was still daylight! It was just over 20 miles walking. If you really want to do drive bys then there is the Skeg to Ness series, or at least part of it. We do the planning by putting the PQs in gsak then exporting to Excel with columns for all the relevant info - name, hint, size, D/T and last few logs. Good luck. Steve.
  16. The next emCache event is tomorrow night in Hathern. GC379H3. Starting at 7. A good chance to meet other cachers, drink, eat, talk about caching, swop trackables. We are a friendly bunch so don't be shy. Steve.
  17. Hadn't seen this before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. However even after registering I haven't managed to import any waypoints or tracks. Will keep trying and I'm sure some smart person will be along shortly to help. Steve.
  18. I've been using google maps for a long time to estimate travel times and look at possible parking spots. At the weekend I installed Windows 7 and I'm sure the maps still worked. Now the map page doesn't work in IE9 - nothing at all, or in Google Chrome - a map of the UK that won't move or enlarge. I've checked that my internet settings are as they should be, with no success. Everything else seems to be working fine, including Google Earth. Any suggestions please. Steve.
  19. If anyone in the Derby area needs any guidance/company I would be happy to help. I'm retired so have no work commitments although babysitting my 2 year old grandson does sometimes get in the way. Steve.
  20. I thought I was cured Phil, but then a caching team who shall remain nameless came along and invited me to go caching with them. This then expanded to - 'wouldn't you like to go and find 100 caches in a day?' Something I had resisted for several years. Today just to keep me off the streets they forced me to go to Yorkshire and find another 73 caches. Where can I go tomorrow?? Going for a hot bath now!
  21. We got TPS and the junk mail version a few years ago, now no junk mail and just the occasional call from the same man that rang drsolly about his computer. Have started seeing the occasional text, must have a look at that! Steve.
  22. I make it 70 Steve (assuming you mean just Harrogate,Weston, Perth and Swansea ) Edited to add: If you include Piratemanai IV in the Mega list that number drops to 18 Mark I'd got something like that, but how do you do it mechanically? Actually checking my numbers I can only see 16. You Me Madyokel Littleyokel [mf]Taz Moor we hunt *mouse* Mrs Y John NW Darapotter Mapleleaf Tizzie The West Viewers Dobunnis Mollyjak Horrid Henry - there but not logged yet. Who am I missing?
  23. I make it 70 Steve (assuming you mean just Harrogate,Weston, Perth and Swansea ) Edited to add: If you include Piratemanai IV in the Mega list that number drops to 18 Mark I'd got something like that, but how do you do it mechanically?
  24. Yup! Only 22 cachers/teams have been 'arrrrrrrrrrd enough to attend all four! Is there a mechanical way of finding how many teams have attended all the UK mega events?? I've done it manually, but may have missed someone. Steve.
  25. An event probably wouldn't get many DNF's either! If you can't find a pub you are in serious trouble! Steve.
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