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  1. Tradicionais no Ceará

    http://coord.info/GC9Y123 Caminho da Barraginha
    http://coord.info/GC9Y119 Trilha das Juremas Estrada Nova
    http://coord.info/GC9Y0VZ Cajueiro Brabo
    http://coord.info/GC9Y0KG Aldeia da Pedra
    http://coord.info/GC9YFQ2 Carnaúba Riacho Seco 1/2


    Rio Grande do Sul

    http://coord.info/GC9YJ4J Bairro Bom Fim


    Santa Catarina

    http://coord.info/GC9YJ38 Aqui caiu um avião



  2. Adding a little disclaimer (sort of)...

    My prior comment relates to a different meaning of "signing a log for others".

    My (our) player profile belongs since the begining in 2007, to a family of three... me, my ex-wife and my youngest son.

    Currently we live in three separated countries (Brazil, Portugal and Sweden), so if each one of us go and log a cache with our family profile, it may wrongly look that we are signing for others... just because we don't use individual player profiles.


    Now, going back to the meaning I commented.

    In Brazil and especially here on the Amazon, I keep on seeing logs that say like this "My daughter went to a cruise with their grandparents and logged this cache on my behalf", or "My neighbor wrote my name on this cache, when visiting the Opera House".

    On both cases, the person writing the log was not the geocacher which profile is claiming the log, nor even a geocacher at all.


    I'm not certain if I can keep call them muggles, though. :)

  3. Tradicionais no Ceará

    http://coord.info/GC9Y651 O Portão
    http://coord.info/GC9Y5WH Caatingueirinha (Caixa d´Água)
    http://coord.info/GC9Y5VY Konoha / Caatingueirinha
    http://coord.info/GC9Y545 Onde Cresce
    http://coord.info/GC9Y213 Barragem Grande Riacho Seco
    http://coord.info/GC9Y12V Caminho Riacho Seco aos Barros
    http://coord.info/GC9Y0KV Macambira Aldeia da Areia
    http://coord.info/GC9Y0JK Chafariz Aldeia da Areia
    http://coord.info/GC9XYQV Pedra Cartão Postal da Fazenda



  4. Tradicionais no Ceará

    https://coord.info/GC9XYRG Entrada da Fazenda Dantas
    https://coord.info/GC9XYR7 Caminho da Fazenda Dantas
    https://coord.info/GC9XYR0 Caminho da Fazenda
    https://coord.info/GC9XY7C Baixinha aos Barros
    https://coord.info/GC9XY6Q Caminhadas Baixinha
    https://coord.info/GC9XY5Z Corredor de Caminhada
    https://coord.info/GC9XXYX Caminhadas Caatingueirinha
    https://coord.info/GC9XX3B Caatinga Grande
    https://coord.info/GC9XX1G Portão da Trilha



  5. 3 hours ago, brekkcaching123 said:

    I want to make a puzzle on certitude, but I don't know how.


    You don't "make" puzzles on Certitude... simply validate the final coordinates of a puzzle (Mystery by instance) cache.

    You do the puzzle cache  here instead.

    Then you use the GCCode of your new cache and take it to Certitude.

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  6. Mystery e Tradicionais no Ceará

    http://coord.info/GC9XA97 Konoha

    Trilha de Caminhada Carnaúba


    Distrito Federal

    http://coord.info/GC9XABK Brincando no Parque
    http://coord.info/GC9XAB5 Exercitar e Procurar


    Espírito Santo

    http://coord.info/GC9XJEN Fonte Seca


    São Paulo

    http://coord.info/GC9X9BN F16
    http://coord.info/GC9X6Z6 Mirante do Cristo
    http://coord.info/GC9NK2F Vamos a la Playa



  7. 3 minutes ago, rockymtn8iv said:


    I guess I should have been more specific.

    I will be flying into New York (JFK), then Frankfurt, Germany (FRA).  On the way back I will be flying out of Budapest, Hungary (BUD) with a layover in Paris, France (CDG)


    If you save the List (for offline use by instance)... only the nearby caches will show in the map on a given airport location.


    PS: Pop up anytime you like ;) Aeroporto Internacional de Manaus

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  8. Their are your proprerty... more or less. In a case of a geocoin, with his own design, using the respective tracking number on a totally different thing wouldn't make any sense.

    But, with a Travel Bug, no problem... and you even get a pair of tabs when you buy a TB, so you can change from a plush to a keyring, or you can make a sticker for a car... or a tattoo, by instance. ;)

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