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  1. I wonder if the PO will find any of the last posts useful...
  2. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo http://coord.info/GC9W4WJ Trilha Antiga da Fonte Grande Paraná http://coord.info/GC9VWN4 Garden Cache Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GC9W5CP Trem do Corcovado BOAS CACHADAS!
  3. Like already stated... they are not locals. Americans (north), europeans, you choose it, but not brazilian (at least those with 20 in a row). And usualy with a mix of countries in several continents too... even Ukraine.
  4. Tradicionais em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GC9ME4P Estátua do Juquinha - Serra do Cipó São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9VRFC De Bunda para a Lua BOAS CACHADAS!
  5. Tradicional no Espírito Santo https://coord.info/GC9VNQ7 Bike Vitória Kids Estação 102 BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo http://coord.info/GC9VFZ6 GeoPaneleiras Paraná http://coord.info/GC9VF9P Sente um pouco para descansar http://coord.info/GC9VF93 Jacaré Gordo BOAS CACHADAS!
  7. I'm OK using Chrome. Maybe try using different browsers... PS: Also check if you are logged in.
  8. Funny enough, none of them are locals... all "gringos" like they call here all foreigners (I'm also one). PS: Some german...
  9. I'm concerned with this new "trend" that a newbie needs to find at least 20 caches, forcing them to cheat... not the old story of simply fake Found It logs. Sorry if I was not clear on the matter.
  10. I'm concerned with this new "trend" that a newbie needs to find at least 20 caches, forcing them to cheat... not the old story of simply fake Found It logs.
  11. Living in a huge country with not that many caches, means that I can have them all in Watchlist. Considering that, is really easy to be alerted by sudden Found It logs all over Brazil... especially here in the Amazon basin, where it is almost impossible to travel between state capitals... in a single day. Sometimes even in different south American countries and in other continents. When some of those caches are mine, is even easier to verify that it is nothing but fake Founds. Usually I send a respectful message to these geocachers, stating my "admiration" to such feats. In the good old days, most of the times, they blamed on their little children getting hold of their smartphones, and simply apologize. Nevertheless, lately arised a new reason. They heard somehow and somewhere that it is needed to Found at least 20 caches to be able to Hide the first one. Suddenly they answer my messages like this: "Look I’m just a kid that wants to hide one so let me be." "Ok I just wanted to hide a cache but I’m still trying to find the location that I’m going to put it so I just wanted to hide one so I “found” 20 caches." "I do not care." I always reply saying that they don't need to find any specific amount of caches, but even if they feel that they do, at least don't cheat by claiming false Founds. The immediate consequence of this in a country with many faraway caches waiting (real) FTFs, is the idea that is useless to look for them, as soon another of these fake logs arrive. I think that something should be done to address this false claims. But what? I'm concerned with this new "trend" that a newbie needs to find at least 20 caches, forcing them to cheat... not the old story of simply fake Found It logs.
  12. Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GC9V7NQ Boa Viagem BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Usually this chart is very accurate. Ratings for difficulty and terrain (D/T) In our local communities we usually define like this: Difficulty 5, only when you need special equipment... but not necessarily.
  14. Be welcome, family! The best way (apart from this forum) would be to attend any nearby Event.
  15. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo https://coord.info/GC9TMT5 Cache Nikkei Paraná https://coord.info/GC9TYER Zaúna-Cross 02 BOAS CACHADAS!
  16. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo http://coord.info/GC9V5VF GeoForte São João http://coord.info/GC9V4WH GeoPraça Mata da Praia http://coord.info/GC9V4VQ Alameda Dom Emanuel http://coord.info/GC9V4HA Aristóbulo Inocêncio Ferreira Goiás http://coord.info/GC9V20Y Córrego Lageado BOAS CACHADAS!
  17. Tradicionais no Espírito Santo http://coord.info/GC9TYX4 GeoEstacionamento Paraná http://coord.info/GC9TK5W Zaúna http://coord.info/GC9TY50 Zaúna-Cross 01 http://coord.info/GC9TYF9 Zaúna-Cross 03 https://coord.info/GC9TYFH Zaúna-Cross 04 http://coord.info/GC9TYW4 Chafic Curi Boulevard BOAS CACHADAS!
  18. Make sure that you correctly submitted the cache listing. Also check your inbox (Spam folder included) for any Reviewer Notes... in case any doubt arise on the reviewing process.
  19. Evento, Mysteries e Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GC9TRCG Parque Náutico 01 http://coord.info/GC9TRCJ Parque Náutico 02 http://coord.info/GC9TRCQ Parque Náutico 03 http://coord.info/GC9TRG0 Parque Náutico 04 http://coord.info/GC9TRGX Parque Náutico 05 http://coord.info/GC9TRH2 Parque Náutico 06 http://coord.info/GC9TRH3 Parque Náutico 07 http://coord.info/GC9TRH8 Parque Náutico 08 http://coord.info/GC9TRHC Parque Náutico 09 http://coord.info/GC9TRHG Parque Náutico 10 http://coord.info/GC9TRHK Parque Náutico 11 http://coord.info/GC9TRHX Parque Náutico 12 http://coord.info/GC9TRJ0 Parque Náutico 13 http://coord.info/GC9TRJ4 Parque Náutico 14 http://coord.info/GC9TRJ6 Parque Náutico 15 http://coord.info/GC9TRJB Parque Náutico 16 http://coord.info/GC9TRJF Parque Náutico 17 http://coord.info/GC9TYTE A Gelateca São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9TYCG LXXVI Geomeeting Mensal Cachistico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  20. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but clicking over the GCcode on a cache listing page, you can then copy the link, and use it elsewhere.
  21. My answer was related to other thread, that later was merged with this one... only about not been able to run the website on an iPad.
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