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  1. For each email notification I receive, I send another to the geocacher that found one of our caches, thanking him for the visit.


    It never occurred me not to receive those emails... keep them coming!


    PS: Some more days and I will receive an email notification of the 4000th found in one of our caches... I intend to give a prize to the lucky geocacher :)

  2. I don't look at logging what you did at the event as "credit." Credit for what? If you go to a party do you get "credit?"



    Normaly, instead of credit we have a pile of troubles organizing it, days, weeks or months before.

  3. I did and will log my own events, because an event is about "being there, meeting people, talk and socialize"



    An event is logged as "attended", and the owner attended it. It's so to speak not a found it log in the original sense.



    Nicely put! :)

  4. A puritan may point out that you can't find something you hid but you can attend an event you have organized. I have been to many events where the cache owner did not attend because of last minute family obligation that came up. Since you can clearly not attend your events, it seems that you should log attended if you do manage to attend your event. I also see lots of events organized by a group of cachers. Often the owner is an account created just for the event. Should the cachers who actually planned and hosted the event not log attended on there account?


    A non-puritan would wonder why you care whether or not someone logs their own cache or their own event. :)


    I'm not deffending either thing... not judging what is wrong or right (puritan or non-puritan)... just asking for opinions.


    Thanks for yours... hummmm, which was? B)

  5. The flaw in your question is the assertion that "most of us dont log Found on our own caches, but log Attended on our own events"


    Without statistics but based on my experience with cachers "most" of us don't log Attended on our own events.


    Thank you... I have made a correction.


    (Even so, here it's common to log own events)

  6. Hello Forum,


    This user has been stealing caches in and around OWL / Germany. Additionally, they're making fun of cacheowners in the logs afterwards. Does anybody have any sort of experience dealing with such douchebags? Can geocaching.com step in and hand out their IPs?


    I dont think so.

    Maybe you can place a new cache with a webcam near to catch that son of a b**** on picture... maybe someone recognizes him.

  7. what the heck unanimism?? :)


    Unanimism or unanism


    "...Unanism is a group theory wherein the collective emotions of two people, of two small rural communities, of cities, of countries, and of the whole world transcend and are superior to individual ones..."


    Like in Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"

  8. Asalaam 'Alaykum

    Jai Bhim

    Shana Tova Umetukah

    Go in peace

    Etc, etc.


    I would like to remember that the OP (back in Nov 19th, 2008) never had any religious intentions.

    Only the help to children in need... that we accomplished in both years ;)

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