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  1. You can Hide caches that you consider good... leading the way by giving good examples.
  2. Tradicionais em Goiás http://coord.info/GCAV4KM Rampa de Voo Livre Paraná http://coord.info/GCAKB2W Caixa Preta BCs!
  3. Eventos no Mato Grosso do Sul http://coord.info/GCAV7JM Celebrating International Geocaching Day @Pantanal http://coord.info/GCAV7JT M&G on our way from Pantanal to Iguazu @Dourados Paraná http://coord.info/GCAV7K8 M&G @Parque Nacional do Iguaçu (Iguazu Falls) Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAV7KJ M&G @Garota de Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro BCs!
  4. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCATV6B Campinas 250 Anos BCs!
  5. Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GCATQHC Ogrobol BCs!
  6. The process changed a lttle bit in the last 100 years ;). Log on any cache or Event and you will find your Trackable Inventory on the bottom of the page, under the Log Preview, then click over Drop in each of those two... naturally you will need to go to a given cache location, or Attend an Event. If you choose to hand them to other geocacher, they will do the Grab.
  7. Tradicionais em Goiás http://coord.info/GCATDPV Mercado Central Paraíba http://coord.info/GCATCXA Distrito de São Gonçalo - Sousa, PB São Paulo http://coord.info/GCARPY6 Bosque São José BCs!
  8. You asked about a "cache"... and although you may continue to use those kind of clues with the Mysteries or Letterbox Hybrid, you also need to use coords, which are much less vague.
  9. You should not forget the concept of coords, that will reduce a lot the searching area in your picture, by instance... and also the guideline against buried containers. So, I would say... "under some rocks". PS: In my country, old walls are a no-no, to avoid destruction of valuable cultural heritage.
  10. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCATEVE CII Geomeeting Mensal Paulistano BCs!
  11. Tradicional no Maranhão http://coord.info/GCAJR9Q Praça da Bíblia BCs!
  12. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAT7WF CI Geomeeting Mensal Paulistano BCs!
  13. Puedes siempre tener puntos virtuales de Multis y Mysteries, mas cerca que 161m.
  14. So, you think that shouldn't be allowed? For any family or prior user?... Go and check the regulations related to "right to be forgotten", by instance.
  15. Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAT0FZ UK #1 - Watford BCs!
  16. Including here? PS: Try also to logout and login again with your profile.
  17. Tradicional em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCARX39 Atrás de Serra tem Serra BCs!
  18. Earthcache na Bahia http://coord.info/GCARCH2 Rochas Ígneas da Praia de Itapoã BCs!
  19. Evento no Amazonas http://coord.info/GCARNHK Manaus Express BCs!
  20. No contact required Per guidelines "Caches cannot require geocachers to contact the cache owner or anyone else".
  21. If a player replaces a logbook or some swag it's just fine... relating to the container, the etiquette suggests that the owner were asked before. When that is not the case, we call it a "throwdown"... but in the end the rest of the community gains with it and if the owner doesn't agrees, he may act accordingly, of course. Translated with Google Si un jugador reemplaza un libro de registro o algún botín, está bien... en relación con el contenedor, la etiqueta sugiere que se le preguntó al propietario antes. Cuando no es así, lo llamamos "derribo"... pero al final el resto de la comunidad sale ganando y si el propietario no está de acuerdo puede actuar en consecuencia, claro.
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