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  1. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAFJ4M After a Week of APE-ing BCs!
  2. "To qualify for a CCE (to be held in 2025), geocachers: Must have at least one cache published between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. (Events and Adventures do not qualify.) Must host at least one Event (including CITOs) between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. Must have created a Geocaching account before the announcement date of February 20, 2024."
  3. Evento no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAKRZ7 Goodbye Rio BCs!
  4. Tradicionais em Goiás http://coord.info/GCAKHYX Ponte Fantasma Santa Catarina http://coord.info/GCAKHEE Mirante Morro do Raimundo São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAKJG0 Esmeraldas BCs!
  5. CITO em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAKP1C Leave it Cleaner than we Found it! BCs!
  6. Earthcache, Letterbox e Mystery no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAKC7G A Testemunha do Triássico - Madeira Petrificada São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAKC7R Dados http://coord.info/GCAKBV8 Doguineo BCs!
  7. Virtual Reward no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAJH41 Hoje o Artista é Você BCs!
  8. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAKBTE Avenida Sumaré BCs!
  9. I suggest that you try to Find some before trying to have your own... like that you can collect some ideas. Make also an online search for TB Hotels images, by instance.
  10. Eventos e Virtual Reward4 no Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GCAJHYA Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAKC6G Landsharkz APE Fest Celebration http://coord.info/GCAKBBW 366 http://coord.info/GCAKCPV O Próximo só daqui a 4 Anos BCs!
  11. Earthcache em Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCAK9M9 Pedra do Forno: Testemunha do Passado Geológico BCs!
  12. Eventos no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAK7Z0 Churrasco Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAKADX Leap Day 2024 em Porto Alegre São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAK9M7 Meet and Greet in São Paulo BCs!
  13. Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAK4ZN Another Brick In The Wall Part II BCs!
  14. Letterbox e Tradicionais no Maranhão http://coord.info/GCAJR88 Praça Bom Pastor http://coord.info/GCAJT1Z Amo Bacabal http://coord.info/GCAJT2B Um Buraco na Parede http://coord.info/GCAJTKR Parque Ambiental Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GCAJTGD Planetário de Porto Alegre São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAEYRG Torre de Observação BCs!
  15. Would be amazing (and respectful) if you could correct "Sãu Paulo" into "São Paulo".
  16. Tradicional no Maranhão http://coord.info/GCAJP68 Piloto BCs!
  17. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAJPZT Caixa d'Água Desativada BCs!
  18. Tradicionais no Ceará http://coord.info/GCAJKXQ Trilha da Lagoa http://coord.info/GCAJKY2 O Quinze Paraná http://coord.info/GCAJM85 FFMR BCs!
  19. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAJV7J Meet and Breaky BCs!
  20. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCAGMMW Fracalanza BCs!
  21. Evento no Paraná http://coord.info/GCAJPHM Foz do Iguaçu 2024 BCs!
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