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  1. I am trying to figure out a way to automatically delete archived caches from GSAK. Has anyone done this or know of a way to to this? My first thought was to use a pocket query, but I do not see a way to search for archived caches. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I am trying to organize my Found and Not Found caches a little better on my Venture Cx. I am using GSAK to keep track on the caches on my computer. I have exported all my found caches using a macro to a csv file and then use the POI loader to load them on to the memory card in my GPS. Is there a way to have these POIs automatically show on the display map? Thanks!!! Dave
  3. 2 of my caches were found today, logged on the web site, however I did not get an email. The emails generated go to my own domain name so, it is not a spam issue, and I do not think this problem is on my side. Any one else seeing this problem? Thanks!!
  4. This thread got me thinking... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=171630 Do you have to spray DEET on every square inch to repel ticks? In other words, if I only sprayed myself with DEET but missed an arm or half an arm, could they still attach themselves to that untreated space. I know with mosquitoes you can just spray DEET on most of your body and it will repel them. Also, is OFF with 30% DEET good to repel them? A co-worker has Lyme, and I have seen what she as good though, and I do not wish that on anyone. Thanks, Dave
  5. I created a PQ for all my found caches. (I know there is a button to do this, but I created a PQ instead.) It was working great. I then placed my first cache, and wanted a PQ for this. Instead of creating a new PQ I modified my Found Cache PQ and added my placed caches to this (basically on the PQ page I checked both the "I have Found" and "I own" check boxes). This broke the PQ, and make it returned zero results. Anyone know why?? I unchecked the "I own" box and tested the PQ again....bingo, it returned my found caches. I am scratching my head at this one. Thanks!!
  6. Thanks everyone...I think I got my question answered, and now I have some new things to consider. Thanks again!!
  7. I have been using GSAK for month or so now, but I just started using Cachemate tonight, and I have one question. I exported all my caches( found and not found) from GASK to cachemate. When I tell cachemate that I want to view only the "not found" caches, I see my found and not found caches. Is this right? Do I need to change something in either GSAK or cachemate. Thanks!!! Update, I have done some more playing around. I think that GSAK, does not export the status of the cache, and it is up to me to update the category in cachemate to found, not found, etc. Is this correct? Lucky for me I only have 48 to update.
  8. I am using the latest version of Firefox and the name is not displayed when I hover. However if I use IE it does work. Anyone have any thoughts?? Thanks!! I do like the new and improved site!!
  9. I have a Venture Cx with a 512mb card. Is there any way to save the waypoints to the memory card, instead of the units internal memory that holds 500 waypoints? Thanks!!! Dave
  10. Hey thanks everyone!!! I figured it out with your help.
  11. I am fairly new to geocaching, so forgive the dumb quesiton. I am trying to figure out a way to automatically update caches I find in GSAK. Currently, I am updating the caches manually (by right clicking and marking it as found). Is there an easier way to update GSAK? What I am think is, I update geocaching.com and mark the cache as found there. Then when I generate a pocket query, of my found caches, and import that into GSAK, it will automatically update the caches I found that day. Is somethink like this possible? Thanks, Dave
  12. sorry if these questions have already been answered, I searched but did not find anything. A few weeks ago we bought a Venture Cx for geocaching. If I were to buy the Topo 2008 map, on my computer can I import the gpx files that the unit generates while we are hiking, and be able to map where we hiked? What is locked vs. unlocked garmin software? And what do I do with unlock codes? Last year we bought a StreetPilot and it came with an unlock code. What do I do with this code? It did not come with any mapping software so I am really not sure what I am suppose to do with this? Thanks!! Dave
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