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  1. on this never haveing a pda befor i take it you get the pda download and install cachemate then what do you have to do, like how do you get the caches off the web site, i take it you have to be a premier member to get them. if you can help i would be most gratfull. i just use the old method, print sheet off take it with me and using the basic e trex cheers
  2. Hi is it possible to take over the running of a cache or adopt one, due to the fact there is one near me that has gone to rack and ruin cheers
  3. I thought it would be ok but unsure thanx for the feed back all the same
  4. Hi In july i was out walking with my scouts and we found a cache, so since then i have been doing the caching thing. So recently i have opened an account for my scout group and released some tb's. som my ques is can i log that find we found in july, even thou i have only just opened an account. cheers nipperoon
  5. Unsure if this has been asked befor but I know on the main gc site it give the amount of caches in the world but how many are there in the uk
  6. I dont always trade my swaps anyway, for me its the finding of the cache. Saying that thou this thread has made me think, because i am trying to work out what to put in my first cache i am sorting out for my scout group
  7. i was thinking it wolud be better to send more than 1... i coud just send a small tent with them
  8. shame i live: NW 3926.5mi from your home coordinates from it cos it looks well good. im gna try to think of a theme to link them up such as common hiing places but then it might get easy towards the end? also the bonus. should it be like a large type? im stuggling to think of a good place to hide one
  9. Hi all I am a scout leader (for my sins) and was wondering it could be a good idea to get and set free a travel bug and keep track of it with my scouts to see how far and where it has gone. So where do i get them from and how do i leg them go. I suppose the first place would be to look at the geo web site. but i have not had the time yet and it is only an idea. i would also hope to set up a cache for the scouts as well. Any help would be most gratfully received
  10. Hi has anyone else been at a location thinking, this would be a good loc to place a cache but didnt have anything with you, also knowing you wouldnt be here again for about 2 years. well this happened to me the other week whilst walking in the lake district Cheers
  11. Hi newbi ques when u put in the long/lat coord but you put 1 in wrong. lets say the third from the right how far out could you be
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