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  1. I’m not planning on fooling anyone. I’ve reached out to the Port here to see about creating this hide. Now that you mention it, I haven’t heard back for a while. I should drive over there on Monday for an in person hello.
  2. Thanks for the input folks. I appreciate the community!
  3. @cerberus1 I totally could as the Port. I'll do that. I think it's a great spot, and I doubt they'll care. But I'll report back! Should be interesting. Did I ask permission for my other caches. Yes I did. Let's not run people out of the forums here! I appreciate the proactive guidance.
  4. That is a good point. There are other techniques I could use for this spot. I'll think a little more about it.
  5. @Viajero Perdido this is NOT my brickwall. It's a wall in a public parking lot that's falling down slowly. Several bricks are missing, and this one brick is mostly out of the wall already. it's loose. In my opinion. Perhaps that violates a policy somewhere... ? The wall already has fully missing bricks and no one seems to care one way or another. It'll probably get fixed one of these days, but until then, a great spot for a hide.
  6. Anyone use a hammer drill and or masonry bit to put a partial hole in a brick for a brick wall hide? This brick matched perfectly and I only have one shot at it. Don’t want to crack it. I was also thinking of sand blasting a hole…?? It would not be a perfect hole, but big enough to expand-foam the log container into. though cachers might crack it in the future, I can cross that bridge when I come to it.
  7. @L0ne.R Hahahah well that answers that!
  8. This is going to be a far away hide maintained by a fellow cacher. An island in Maine. Very wet, snowy, serious weather. I’ve settled on a jar with a painted metal lid. We’ll see how it goes. not a lot of traffic out there, as it’ll be a 5/5 boat required. I have an ammo box I’m also planning on hitting with marine paint I can swap out with later. I appreciate the feedback and community!
  9. I like this box, but I have a hunch it won’t last longer than a year outside. Any insights? Like a tin cookie box.
  10. I think it's a workflow thing. From the main page, which defaults to https://www.geocaching.com/play/search, I can search for Boise Idaho. As I'm typing, it pops up suggestion, and I'm presented with a sortable list of geocaches, along with specifications like a default 10mi radius for searching. When I'm at the main page, and hit Play > View Map, there is also a search bar on the left titled "Search for Geocaches" but it's not as responsive (?) as the initial search field. When I search for Boise Idaho in there, I get no pop-up suggestions. While it does take me to Boise Idaho, there are no options for filters or anything. I hit Map These Caches, and get a much more interactive map ("Search this Area," Filters button, sorting, selection boxes) that I really wanted from the other map I mentioned above. These seem like two ways to get to a map, that are very different views and functionality.
  11. The geocaching map could use some more features, like regular old filters. On the left, you can turn off types of caches (traditional, Earth, virtual, event) but you can't do something like "all caches with 5+ Favorites." I think those filtering options should be available right up front. I suspect that option might be available in Pocket Search, but I don't want to learn all about Pocket Searches.
  12. I appreciate all of the discussion here, and read it all. I will pay close attention to the rules set forth by HQ, and suggestions by other members. My takeaway here so far is: 1. if you need power, BYOB (bring your own battery) be it a 9V or AA 2. never give up (thanks @kunarion!) For me this is part of the fun! Design, discussion, brainstorming, and back around again. I bet there's some fancy name for that sort of development. Shout out to @WVTim and other gadget-cachers: you've really inspired me to get creative and involved. Geocaching has turned out to be such a fun intersection of interests. Huge extra bonus that I can enjoy it with my four year old. Thanks again to all for the support. I'm sure I'll revisit this idea in the future, and will update thread. -drew
  13. Excellent! I was really hoping for some good feedback, and I appreciate all of your time with this. If I can pull it off, should be pretty neat. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a little sketch. We have a couple gadget caches around here that require bringing batteries, so that would work. @barefootjeffI would include electronics to deal with backwards batteries. I recently taught my four year old how to put batteries in: flat part against the spring! @arisoftI could possibly do that, if I can think of a way for cachers to manually put it back together... I can include a pullied cou terweight that will make equal weights on both sides of the string, which would make it way easier on the battery and motor up/down. @cerberus1 a friggin game cam? Those are small, camoed, with essentially nothing that would key someone off to a thing in a tree like this plan of mine, where anyone could follow a wire. Hmmm
  14. I'm thinking a battery in marine case, with some 12v solar balance charger. It's going release a hatch, lower the log, then retract the log on the string. The brains will be an Arduino, there will be a switch that will turn off after some amount of time. The other option here is having folks bring their own 9V battery. Might be way easier... any thoughts? This waterproof solar 12v battery maintainer $30 solar charge controller walmart water proof battery box amazon
  15. They, Geocache.com, should just build this into the program. Should be straight forward.
  16. @somegeek you do t need to buy buttons to get codes to attach to your custom trackables. You can do that here (ha! Oops, this thread is 8 years old. Oh well, for posterity!) https://www.geocaching.com/account/orders/new
  17. I thought I might share a little info and an app with this community. OSMAND (OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions) maintains an excellent crowd sourced map. You can peruse it at openstreetmap.org. They have current apps for both android, and iphone that can use offline vector maps. Vector maps are stored in a database, and infinitely zoom-able vs a raster map which is a picture of a paper map. I frequently bounce back and forth between OSMAND and the geocaching app to double check where I am. Not positive, but I think the Trails version of the Geocaching app maps take data from this source. If you find a trail that isn't on the map, you can add it yourself! here
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