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  1. John, how can we get a couple of those coins shipped into the Midwest? We used to love your Coeur d'Alene Christmas Caches when we lived in Coeur d'Alene, and miss the area quite a bit.
  2. We love the Cache to Eagle series around the nation. We have logged caches from 4 different councils in the past year.
  3. Would it be wrong to want to go and make a smiley face in the middle of the "O"??
  4. Speaking for the midwest, I personally know several caches from SD, Iowa and Nebraska that will weather the flooding from this year from the Missouri River just fine. Once they get found in Louisiana..... Pull the cache and deactivate it for a few days. If you don't pull it, deactivate until you can check it after the storm. Why ask someone else to check out your cache and list a DNF or needs maintenance if you know it is already in danger.
  5. There is a guy in KC who frequently does the drop cache trick when he can't find it. We generally refer to those caches as having been 739'd, since those numbers are part of his name. The fact that he logs a smiley on his drop and has been wrong more often then right is both sad and funny at the same time.
  6. Very excited for this. We went to VIII but missed IX. Might have to start making plans for this one.
  7. There is a similar one near Coeur d'Alene, ID that has caused a ton of issues for some people. http://coord.info/GCNEA0 It's funny to read about, however it's not one I plan to do.
  8. No, not the icon alone; it's the total sum of everything. The trip, the location, the experience, the expectations, the effort, and the icon. Breaking the entirety down to "just the icon" downplays how everyone feels about it.
  9. Looking forward to hearing someone going out and bringing 1500 containers all glued shut to swap out with the shuffled ones. Yeah, power trails are not something we are into. Enjoy them everyone!
  10. We don't have any on our list, but probably should. There is a guy in our area that insists on putting micros on hangers and climbing in trees to place them. Some of the trees are easy; he only puts those in Blue Spruce trees and you get scratched all to heck. Others he has put in trees that stand on creek banks, and hang over the edge and are fairly risky. We have done those we feel comfortable with, however if has come up in discussions with our local caching community to make some of those caches disappear. To date he has place over 50 caches of both types, and all are within 10 miles of my home. Very frustrating.
  11. We came up with an idea for a local camp, but then we moved and the plan got dropped. We still hope to implement it at our new area camp. There are 12 points in the Scout Law. Each point can be represented by a place in camp if you think hard enough. At each of those 12 locations, hide a letterbox type cache with a stamp in it. Have the HQ or trading post provide a book (we called it a cache-passport or cache-port for short) with each location provided in GPS coordinates. This is a patrol activity! Each patrol member must write their name in the cache-port for confirmation of who participated. With an entire week at camp, the patrol must work together to find and stamp all 12 caches with the corresponding stamp. Once the cache-port is full, it cam be redeemed for a special patch back at the trading post. It provides the camp with one more attraction for scouts, something else to help fill downtime, and an introduction to one of the newest merit badges, Geocaching. The cool thing about this plan is you can use a variety of containers. For Obedient, we planned to place one at the Shotgun range, where following the rules is a must. Guess what you can hide in plain site at a rifle range? An ammo can! Getting sponsorship for the program runs about $700 to start up (containers, 1st year patches, passports and materials), and depending on how busy the camp is, about $400 a year thereafter for patches. The camp can charge for the patches if they want. The biggest problem is once it has been done at the camp, repeating the activity for Scouts who want to do it again is difficult. As far as an Eagle project goes, I don't think caching alone provides enough of a basis for one. The isn't enough impact in my mind, and while I have sat through dozens of Eagle boards, I would be hard pressed to think of a project that would qualify involving caching.
  12. There was a vote? We would have liked to know about that. When was it and where did it occur?
  13. We enjoy challenge caches. We heard of a couple (dozen) that sparked our interest and opened up our eyes to some really cool things. We did the Idaho Delorme. Probably never would have traveled to part of the state were it not for that. Nebraska was where we heard of our first county challenge (93 in the state - we still have 68 to work on), and it inspired us to see more of our new state. The introduction of the Jasmer challenges stoked our interests in the oldest caches in America, and we can happily say we have completed both the Utah and Colorado challenges. There are some others we are working on, such as the oldest caches in 10 different states and 250 county challenges that we would have never imagined if someone hadn't created them for us. Some of the finals have been disappointing (film container just off the freeway, anyone?), and some of the bragging with/from others gets kind of old, but really the tales of adventure and dreaming we have found for some of them have been mostly inspiring, and often quite moving. So, don't like them? Don't do them. It makes them just like people who don't like micros, power trails, earth caches, and so many other things here. Find your niche, have some fun, but mostly, just get out there and see the world.
  14. Vitreous, GC11E, was placed 12/31/00. It still has the original log book. We visited in June of this year. Arikaree, GC31, placed 5/31/00 still has it's original log too. We found both on the way to Geowoodstock VIII this year, and heck yeah, both were special for us.
  15. This is one of the armchair guys that annoys me: Fury65 Can someone tell me how he did December 27th, 2009?
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