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  1. The 500 mile distance was one of our challenges to overcome with the PQs. Like I said earlier, more information being available (or at least findable!?) makes this in some ways easier to accomplish now when compared to a few years ago. I hate to think how many PQs I ran to find an August 2000 cache. I think it took 4 days to get the one closest to us due to the limits on the number or PQs you could run in a day. One of our next goals is to do a double. We have 16 more to go, but will need to go to Georgia or Michigan for another August 2000!
  2. I think a GSAK macro would probably help. It makes no difference to us; we actually completed the challenge back in July of 2010. We just think it's a cool thing to grab the oldies.
  3. Dude. I'm pretty sure that drug testing doesn't mean that you get to test some drugs. I'm just hoping they don't make me hold the cup.
  4. Named after jasmerb, creator of the challenge and owner of the first such one. Oldeset Jasmer still left
  5. Power trails are not our thing, but common sense does come in useful. Like others have said, food, water and gas. Always bring a First Aid kid, especially for desert caching. Bring a flashlight if you plan to be out at night. Bring extra batteries, and then bring some more. Quit when you are tired. Don't risk an accident just for a few more numbers. Those same containers will still be there tomorrow. If you got them all today, then what would you have to look forward to? Leave a route plan with someone not in your party. Some PTs are in remote regions. Having someone not with you whom you can check in with can save you a lot of trouble in case something unfortunate happens and you don't have cell service. BTW, this same advice also pertains to most family trips and trips out of town. Much of it is just common sense. Have fun. If numbers are your thing, make sure you enjoy the company you are with.
  6. I personally can't wait to see the drug testing that would go on for it myself.
  7. Looks like the practice isn't limited to Ohio, but traditionals in Iowa today as well. My link
  8. This is our favorite of the mini-Jasmers. It requires one from each year all in the SAME DAY. Not too many places out there for this to happen, but it's fun to try. Jazzy Junior Challenge
  9. That type of logging is awesome. They got over 1000 logs for a CITO! The state of Ohio should have been spotless!
  10. Yeah, but if you look at August 2000, there were only 10 total placed worldwide in that month. One had never been found before it went missing. When the current oldest Jasmer out there was published in December, 2008, there were only 3 of the 10 active. Match Stash (GC4D) was specifically revived in Finland to meet the European Cachers wanting to complete this challenge. I view that being added as a 33% increase in the availability for that month! Some of the older caches are much easier to find now due to waypoints being shared and more information being available. That's all I meant. Getting caches in 156 months now is harder than it was when the number was only 103 months, but those early days are better now than they were in December 2008.
  11. In our opinion, the Jasmer Challenge has actually gotten easier over the years. It used to be difficult to determine where some of the old ones actually existed, much less how to get to them. Now there are several bookmarks out there to model after and lots of people have given advice on how to complete this. Some of the older caches have actually become easier to get to as roads improved and old cache owners have worked hard to make sure their caches are well maintained and available instead of just archiving them. Several have been adopted out to others, and then some have actually been resurrected again to open spots. In many ways it's like the Delorme or County challenges: the first people to complete them actually had a harder time due to the newness of the challenge, and as time passed they became easier to accomplish.
  12. Beverly has had multiple containers and logs over the years. Only the location remains (and memories) from the original.
  13. Miss Jenn, are the caches going to be listed here on GC.com??
  14. There are a few seasonal caches in our area. The owners work hard with the reviewers on when to activate and temporarily disable them. Communication is the key!
  15. We have found a couple up in the woods in Idaho. GC27 - Eggcellent has the same container and log since June, 2000 Moun10Bike would have to confirm, but we think GC25, Camel's Prairie is still the original container(s); an ammo can in bucket.
  16. It's an interesting idea. If they were posted in a timely manner, I would probably work to chase a few down.
  17. We have someone in our area that loves FTFs. If it's late out, or bad weather, he quickly logs as an FTF online to discourage other chasers, then goes out at his own pace knowing no one is out there and the chance of him getting called out on it is low. It really ruins the fun for some people in the area.
  18. Our teenage daughter and her friends are known as Fairy Ballerina Penguins of DOOM!! Their profile
  19. We ate a travel bug once. It was delicious! Yum!
  20. Part of it might be that you are still learning the game as well. We've got over 2500 finds and still learn things on a daily basis about this game. Elevation always presents a unique set of challenges for us, and working the GPS on hillsides have plagued us since day one. Keep trying! It's out there!
  21. This isn't much help, but I know how I would end the trip up in Nashville. Get a group picture at Vandycam. It's a webcam and we did it for out #1000. The group photo would be a very geeky memory. My link
  22. We would recommend Utah as well, but for different reasons. Flying into Salt Lake City, rent a car and drive north a couple of hours up into Idaho. Visit Southern Idaho's First!, one of the oldest caches left in the world. Want to drive more? Go another two hours and hit up Montana (West Yellowstone), and then cross over into Wyoming and spend as many days as you like exploring Yellowstone National Park. The quality of Earth and Virtual caches won't disappoint. Coming back to SLC, drive down through Grand Tetons National Park and spend a night in Jackson, Wyoming. Have extra time? Explore SLC or take a day trip to grab Potter's Pond, one of only 4 caches left from August 2000 in the world. Admittedly, we are biased. We think this area is some of the most beautiful in the world. You won't get the most caches ever in a week, but you will have your breath taken away more times by the beauty of everything and you will have a memorable trip.
  23. Some people just need to keep reminding themselves how awesome they are. It doesn't affect my caching fun at all.
  24. I think we would explore heading over to Washington, DC. Eight hours from Toledo, lots of states to add, and tons of favorited caches in DC and along the way.
  25. Fun every day we were caching. Mission accomplished!
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