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  1. I just received an email from a vendor introducing the new 65 and 66sr models. I've been waiting for these for a couple of years so I'm pretty excited. The only problem now is, should I wait for a Montana-style model with multi-band, or go for the 66sr? I need reading glasses, so the bigger screen is a big plus. I had a 60CSx before, and one thing I remember about it was that entering text was a pain. And the screen felt tiny. Is it fact that the helix antenna is better than the antenna in, e.g. the Montana (mine is the 650)? I've suspected that my old 60CSx was more accurate than the Montana 650 but I don't have proof. It would be cool if we could organize a geocaching "group buy" of these new models. ...oh hey, I hadn't heard of the Montana 700 series until right now. That, with multi-band, is probably what I want. I guess I have to wait...
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