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  1. Just discovered that I can scroll the map by clicking on the blue route lines and dragging it to the center of the screen. Much better!
  2. Moved my first travel bug in quite a while today. As I was viewing the trackable's page, I checked the map to see where it had been. I was able to zoom in on the map, but could not scroll over to a new location to view the area I wanted to see. Am I missing something, or do the maps not let you do this anymore?
  3. Issue has been resolved. Opened Internet Options and reset the Internet Explorer settings (under the Advanced tab).
  4. Well that's your problem right there. Google Maps work on my desktop, which is running Internet Explorer.
  5. Lately on my laptop I have been unable to preview Pocket Queries in Google Maps. This error is returned: We were unable to return you to geocaching.com. Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem. What you can do: Go to your home page Try to return to geocaching.com More information When a website causes a failure or crash, Internet Explorer attempts to restore the site. It stops after two tries to avoid an endless loop. I am able to preview the Pocket Queries in Google Maps on my desktop computer. Both are running Windows XP with IE 8.
  6. I also experienced this problem today on my Venture HC. Error indicated was that I didn't have the latest update to the Garmin Communicator. Once I downloaded and installed the update, everything worked fine.
  7. I use the Garmin Venture HC and have the Garmin Topographical Maps 2008 on it. Well worth the cost, in my opinion. The limited memory still allows for about a 50 to 60 mile radius from my home coordinates, which I keep on the GPSr most of the time. When traveling, I mark the location where I'm staying, and select the maps around that area, then download them into the GPSr's memory. Takes a little bit of time, but it's much better than trying to search for geocaches with just the base map. Most of the time when you're looking at the base map, all you see is a blank yellow screen.
  8. I have to ask. If your bookmark is for caches you plan to complete why does it have caches you have already found? I do like the idea for an icon that indicates you have a DNF on a cache. I always have a special bit of motivation to go find caches I have DNFd. I usually remove the cache from the list after it has been found again. Mainly do this to see if a travel bug I've dropped in the cache is moved.
  9. Thanks for the information, Blue Deuce. I wasn't aware that you could post a note without the tracking number (when you log a note, there is a space to insert the tracking number, and I assumed that you had to have it to write a note). I'll start using this option instead of emailing the bug owner.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you could only post a note on a bug page if you had the tracking number. If I notice a bug that is not in a cache, and looks like it was dropped a while ago, I usually note it in my log for the cache, then email the owner, since he doesn't get a notification on the logs of the cache listing.
  11. I bookmark caches that I plan on completing. I have a Pocket Query set up to show these "To Do" list caches. When I click on the map preview of the Pocket Query, Smiley Faces are shown for the ones I've completed, and the type of cache is shown for the ones I haven't. I'd like to see a Didn't Find It icon on the caches I've searched for but haven't found.
  12. Just activated a new Travel Bug this morning. Never paid much attention to the Print Info button before, but I clicked on it. I'd seen these sheets before when I'd retrieved bugs from a cache. I noticed this line on the sheet: If you are willing to log your part of the journey of this item and place it in another geocache as soon as possible (after you log your find), grab it from this geocache. Shouldn't the instructions be telling the cacher to retrieve it from this geocache, instead of grab? I think that this may be causing some confusion when they are logging the bug.
  13. I have had this problem with printing also. I found that I could work around it by clicking on the Print Simple button, then after the new page opens, selecting the page from the header to the map. Then I click on the Print Selection option, and it works fine. Next, if needed, I select the map, and print it out. I believe the problem is caused when the map would print on the first page. Would it be possible to program each cache page with a page break before the map?
  14. As an genealogist, my original reason for purchasing a GPS was for locating cemeteries. Using a yellow eTrex, I would obtain the coordinates for the cemetery from the Graphical Names Information System website and manually load them into my GPS. While driving unmarked country roads, this made it much easier to find cemeteries that were off the beaten path. It was great for locating cemeteries that were no longer maintained, and sometimes buried in the woods. On one occasion, I was less than 20 feet away from the cemetery, but could not see it because it had become overgrown. It wasn't until about 10 years later that I was introduced to Geocaching by a fellow worker. Incidentally, when I purchased my new high sensitivity Garmin, I sold my old eTrex. He uses it to mark locations of spots where he has found mushrooms (the mushroom hunters are very secretive about where they find them).
  15. This happens to me when I use the Print Simple option on the page. I've found that I can work around it by clicking the Print Simple button, and then when the page changes to the Print Simple format, I select the part of the page I want to print, then use the Print Selection button. I believe this happens when the map would print on the first page.
  16. Even though the Venture will not auto route, you can follow your progress on the map as you are driving. I do a lot of caching in areas where there aren't many road signs, but by watching the map I know when the road I need to take is coming up.
  17. I have the Venture HC with Topo Maps installed on the unit. Map segments are downloaded to the unit from the MapSource software that comes with the Topo Maps. The 24 MB limit gives me an approximate 100 mile radius around my home (Northern panhandle of West Virginia). If I go out of that range, I have to download other mapsets to cover the area. Not really that hard once you've done it a few times. In my opinion, the addition of the Garmin Topo Maps is well worth it for a hiker. It will show you obstacles in your path (streams, lakes, etc) and give you an idea of how tough the hike will be (elevation changes). It also is useful for guiding you while driving, although it does not auto route. You can still see the road you're driving on and follow your progress to your destination. I purchased the Garmin Topo Maps from ANTOnline last year for about $70. If I remember correctly, the DVD arrived 2 days after I placed the order.
  18. I had seen this post last year, and wanted to try it out but never had a chance to do so. After slipping and sliding on my last caching trip, I decided to give it a shot. Bought a pack of 100 #8 x ½ inch sheet metal screws at the local hardware store for under $3. Inserted the screws in my old hiking boots with my power drill (approximately 20 in each shoe) and tried them out today. The hike was about 3 miles over snow covered ground. Although the terrain wasn’t very steep, I thought the shoes performed admirably, as I didn’t slip one time. Anyone looking for a low cost way to avoid slips and falls on winter hikes should try this out.
  19. I was having a problem similar to this the last time I was out caching. The battery indicator was still showing two bars, but when I tried to adjust the backlight so I could see the screen better, the unit would shut off. Finally figured out that the extra voltage needed to power the backlight must have been too much for the weak batteries. Replaced them with fresh ones and solved the problem. Just noticed the original post said after you had hooked it up - if it's connected to your computer, batteries should not be an issue.
  20. I upgraded from the yellow eTrex to a Venture HC just a little over a year ago, and would recommend this unit to anyone. It has never lost the signal, whether in heavy tree cover, or in deep canyons and gorges. Also, you will need to purchase maps from Garmin. Adding Topo 2008 to the cost of the Venture HC will put the price right around $200. If you are planning to use the GPSr for autorouting (the Venture HC is not capable of this), you will need to purchase a more expensive model, and different maps.
  21. Try a "reset to factory defaults": Pressing "joystick"+"page" keys while powering up the eTrex will reset the eTrex to factory defaults. So, all pressets and data will be lost.Oh you do get the nice question if you really want this :-)" If you reset to factory defaults, do you lose the software updates? I recently upgraded to 2.80 on my Venture HC and have experienced the problem of the unit shutting down. Could be caused by cold weather, but I am unsure of this.
  22. You'll love your Venture HC. I updated from the old eTrex, which constantly lost the signal in tree cover and deep valleys. I've never had this happen with the Venture HC.
  23. Used my Venture HC today for the first time in cold weather since updating with the latest software. I thouht that this issue had been addressed previously (had this problem last year, and I thought that Garmin had fixed it with one of their updates), but it shut down twice today. Wasn't sure if weak batteries were causing the problem, so I changed them (still had 2 bars showing) and did not experience the problem again. The unit was on continuously for about 2 and a half hours. Both shutdowns occurred in the first 30 minutes of use. Anyone else having this problem?
  24. It is likely you clicked on another link inside the thread. In which case, the back button behaved correctly. It took you to the previously clicked link, which was inside the same thread you were in. No, that's not it. It's doing it again, and only happens when I click on the Go to last unread button. If I click on the topic title, the back button works correctly.
  25. Back button is working correctly today.
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