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  1. Hello, We're travelling Route 66 next year and would like to use our current system; Moving Map via OziExplorer (which shows all the caches we load to it) then GPS wghen we get within a few hundred metres of the cache. It works brilliantly for us and we like the system - but now we need to find some maps that will be compatible. Can anyone help? I used to buy them in the correct format from a compay online but blowed if I can find them again now. Grr.
  2. Are you still looking for help with this one? We've already helped three teams, and are willing to rise to the challenge again if needs be...........
  3. Are you still looking for help with this one? We've already helped three teams, and are willing to rise to the challenge again if needs be...........
  4. Are you still looking for help with this one? We've already helped three teams, and are willing to rise to the challenge again if needs be...........
  5. Are you still looking for help with this one? We've already helped three teams, and are willing to rise to the challenge again if needs be...........
  6. Thank you to everybody for your help - I'll continue as I am for now but if it becomes a real nuisance I'll have to revert to the other suggestions. Thanks again - I appreciate your time.
  7. Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. Works really well for me, especially as I ask it to first take me from one spot to another before then viewing caches close to that route. Is it possible to switch off my finds somehow when using Google Earth in that way?
  8. When planning a caching trip to somewhere new, I like to use the geocaching facility on Google Earth. I much prefer setting a route, then zooming in on the nearby caches, than running a PQ. It might not be the quickest, or the easiest, way for other people but it works extremely well for me. So, my question is - is it possible to filter out caches I have already found using Google Earth? I know it can be done with a PQ but that's not the way I want to go. I want to be able to turn on Google Earth and see nothing but caches I haven't found. Anyone know of a way to achieve this? Many thanks
  9. If it can hide the ones you have found I assume it can hide the ones you have downloaded? or maybe not thats why I am asking. Thanks Excellent - I was wondering if it had this function> Would anyone be kind enough to tell me how to enable it? Many thanks
  10. Well, I posted that too soon! I've just found the Motorway Mayhem link: http://www.bpss.demon.co.uk/motorway%20mayhem%20main.html I'd still be grateful if anyone has any links they can share for other series in the UK, and especially the airport caches page.
  11. I once had a link to a page that someone had constructed which detailed all the Motorway Mayhem (or Motorway Madness? You get the idea!) caches. It proved extremely useful whenever I was planning a journey but in the great computer crash of 2009 I seem to have lost it somewhere in the ether. Does anyone have the link? Please? Also, there was another link that dealt with caches near airports in the UK. I'd be grateful for that one too if at all possible. Thank you
  12. Thank you so very much - did as you suggested, ran the macro and bingo - all is back to normal. I would never in a million years have worked that one out by myself and have spent the last couple of weeks tweaking and getting more and more frustrated so again, thank you.
  13. Hello, I'm having trouble viewing my stats due to all of the bars on the graphics being replaced by hollow boxes containing a red cross. The cache type symbols are displaying correctly. It's happening on both my PC and my laptop so suspect it might be something to do with the site? Or maybe it's just me being dim? Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello, Would anyone be interested in a house swap for upwards of a week? We live in Cyprus and would love to cache elsewhere on a fairly regular basis; one way of finding good spots would be by swapping homes with a fellow geocacher. Absolutely anywhere in the world considered on our part, and in return we can offer a four bedroom home with pool and some great geocaching on the island. We are retired so can swap any time of the year, and we've been properly house trained! The Platonas Two
  15. I had the same problem with my Garmin eTrex Legend. I used strips of double-sided, fabric-mesh carpet tape. Cut it to size so you don't have excess tape sticking out from underneath. It seems to hold well. Mine started to fall apart within the guarantee period - so back to Garmin it went. Am now on my fourth new unit in 2 years - everytime it starts to come unstuck, they replace it. Can't fault the customer service, and it's always back with me within 7 days.
  16. Wonderful, thank you - I hadn't spotted the "upload images" link in the upper right corner. Must get some specs!
  17. I'm sure this is really peasy but I'm blowed if I can work it out! How can I upload photographs of trackables to their logs? I want to include photographs as requested by the TB owners of trackables I have moved along but can't seem to be able to find out how this works. I know how to add photographs to normal logs on caches, but for some reason am a complete numpty when trying to sort out how to do it to a trackables log. Would someone please take pity on me and help me out? Thank you!
  18. Just wondering if you've had time to write your tutorial yet? I am not sure if the following works on an ipod touch. Its what I am doing on my iphone and it doesn't require jailbraking. First, you need to install FileMagnet onto the touch (note: you will need a Mac as well) Then I export my caches as html files in GSAK (name of the html files is something like GCXXXX.html) I then batch convert the html files into pdf files. Finally I upload the pdf files onto my iphone from a Mac. In the Filemagnet software on my iphone I have now a folder, which contains in alphabetical order all the pdf files. So far I have uploaded 500 pdf files onto my iphone in one go and it seems to work fine Again, I don't know if this works on the touch. Best wishes Robert Thanks for this - but no Mac here so will have to keep hoping that someone has come up with a way for it to work for me. I'm sure your post will be of good use to lots of users.
  19. Just wondering if you've had time to write your tutorial yet?
  20. Hope someone can help me with this! I stumbled across a link a while ago to a spreadsheet that allowed you to view recent logs ofr all caches in all countries around the world - but it's been dead since 2 October. The link is here: http://stat.1538moss.com/recentlogs.php?c=Cyprus and I wondered if anyone knew a new link to something similar, or a new link to the same thing that worked? Thanks for any help
  21. These spreadsheets don't seem to be updating anymore - shame as I find them really handy to use. Any idea if they'll be available again in an updated version? Thanks
  22. Oh my goodness......I'm learning whole new skills I didn't know existed. Thanks you very much indeed to Isonzo Karst and Briansnat for their valuable help; I have spent the past hour merrily writing code (and doesn't that sound clever?!) in order to convert my text into something that looks acceptable as a cache listing. It's a slow job but I'm getting there, and I would never have been able to do it without everyone's help so thanks again - just hope the cache when it's finally published is worth it!
  23. Again, thank you very much for replying so quickly - it really is appreciated. This looks much more complicated than I thought - I've never written anything in code of any description before and naively assumed that just typing my text in Word, and then transferring to the submissions page would work - obviously not! I've read the thread you very kindly provided the link for, and will have to try and cobble something together - or just give up............ Thank you for all the help, I'll gladly accept any more!
  24. Thanks for the very prompt response, wonderful service! I've just tried as you suggested with the same outcome - no boxes, colours or bold font. The spacing also squashed itself up, but that's easily resolved. I'be be grateful for any more suggestions.......................
  25. I wonder if anyone will be kind enough to help me? I have placed and tested my first cache and am ready to publish it on the site but am having problems with the formatting. I prepared the main text as a Word document, so that I could just cut and paste the information into the appropriate box on the "setting a cache" page. So far, so good, but I have two main problems: I have used some coloured text, and also some bold text - neither show up in the box. The text only comes out as plain black with no colours or bolding I have also prepared some boxes; these are to be used to enter co-ordinates as geocachers follow the puzzle trail and work out the answers to the clues, but the boxes won't cut or paste. Can anyone help with this problem? I'm sure there is a simple solution as so many people have pictures, diagrams, colours etc within their texts, but it's obviously too simple for me to work out! Thanks in advance, and please reply in very simple terms!
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