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  1. Hi, Is there a way to turn off the barometric altimeter on the Garmin Etrex Vista GPS? I am getting faulty altitude readings because of the inside pressurised cabin. This will thro woff my true gps tracks by several miles if I can't get it updated. Anyone have a solution to this problem?
  2. Hi, I am interested in drawing tracks over the cities that I fly over in airliners. What I want to do is to be able to view the cities that I fly over on my computer screen since the screen on my Etrex Vista is so small. Also, I would like to be able to view on my computer which streets I ride my bike down in the city. Which Garmin software would work best for these functions? I'm currently in Colorado, but I do travel to Hawaii once a year to visit family. I'm not interested in finding where the nearest restaurants/ post offices are. Perhaps that is a nice feature to have, but I find it to be completely unneccessary. Thank you!
  3. So far GPS Utility from the UK is working out best for me. It by far is the most powerful tool that I have seen from the suggestions here. Plus I can save all of the altitude data in a spreadsheet format and it also has your current speed saved with the altitude trackpoints. If anyone can suggest others, lets see them!
  4. Thanks mtn-man and pdop! I am wanting to take the data and put it into an Excel spreadsheet. I would assume that since topo does it, then pretty much all of the Mapsource products do it. I emailed two different departments at Garmin to see what they say. I'm going to try that new software tonight.
  5. Now, does anyone know if any of the Mapsource products transfer altitude data?
  6. I flew on Continental from Denver to Houston to Honolulu then from Maui to Houston to Denver. The only flight that I could not get much of a signal on was from Houston to Honolulu. But I did get a signal from Maui to Houston about 80% of the way. I created a track and when I got home, put it on my computer. It was pretty neat! I could see almost the entire route. Speaking of which, Does any software transfer the altitude data that was created in a track to the computer? I'd like to take my gps skiing and then come home and see an elevation chart of what my altitude was every 5 seconds. If anyone knows of a Garmin software that will do this, pleeeeeeease let me know! And CC it to clock98 at juno.com. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi, I just purchased a Garmin Etrex Vista. I am specifically looking for software that will transfer the altitude data that one collects when making a track. I do not just want the altitude of each waypoint that I create, but for every point saved in order to create the track. Ex. I want to take the GPS with me skiing and then come home and create a graph of my altitude every 5 seconds throughout the day. can anyone help me with this?? Thanks a bunch!!
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