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  1. I use a T|X and I have been using TomTom 6.030 and GeoNiche 1.43 my self works great for me oh and I'm also using a Holux GPSime240 receiver
  2. After buying my Palm T|X I wanted to use it for GPS my self so I bought a Holux GPSslim240 Bluetooth GPS Receiver since it was small and fits in your pocket really easy and If i remember correctly has an 8 hour charge on its batt before needing to be charged (course in your car you can charge it and just run off the batt) I use TomTom 6.030 for City driving and I've found that GeoNiche is good software to use for finding caches which might be of interest for you. Well I don't know if any of that helps but hehe at least its something to look into.
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