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  1. I am glad that at least my caching app has a "translate" button built right in to change a listing in say Spanish into "google translate" style English. Its usually close enough.
  2. When I visit https://labs.geocaching.com/ the list of "upcoming" locations for lab caches ends in June of 2017. Have we stopped Lab caches or do I need to learn where to find the updated list of lab cache event locations?
  3. Why does it seem that the https://labs.geocaching.com/ page has not been updated in awhile? I would love to know when / where lab caches are being awarded next! Any ideas on where to find a more up to date list?
  4. How absolutely DUMB. If they aren't going to allow us to sort our souvenirs, couldn't they at least name them in a way so that they "hang together" in our list?? Absurd.
  5. WHEN and WHERE do I see the week 1 Mary Hyde souvenir? I logged on time, and I even logged my kids accounts on time (grr on the time but anyway)...but I don't see any souvenir on any of our lists. Yes I received an email to confirm that we had achieved the goal.
  6. WHEN and WHERE do I see the week 1 Mary Hyde souvenir? I logged on time, and I even logged my kids accounts on time (grr on the time but anyway)...but I don't see any souvenir on any of our lists. Yes I received an email to confirm that we had achieved the goal.
  7. there are not any geocoins left. They were very kind when telling me (nearly a year ago) that they were out of geocoins. Wonder if it would be worthwhile contacting a CO to find out for sure. B.
  8. I keeps track of geotrails (and GeoTours) with GSAK. I have a number of caches that are of special interest to me, including GeoTours and geotrails. I alter the cache name and add special codes before loading up my GPS. That way I have a way of selecting these special interest caches while on the road. However, with some geotrails, I ran into a problem. In a few cases, the geotrail included finding a set of random nearby caches. For example, one geotrail listed around 10 specific caches. But you had to find 15 caches total. The remaining 5 caches were any five caches within 5 miles of the sponsoring town. The other thing is that Groundspeak has no explicit knowledge of geotrails. They are not involved in the process like they are with GeoTours. It's only through the good graces of Rock Chalk (as a person, and not as a Groundspeak employee) that there is even a list of geotrails in a single location. As for me, I am against the idea of treating geotrails similar to GeoTours for two reasons. The first reason is because of the problem illustrated above. Geotrails don't necessarily have a specific list of caches. And second, my own experience is that GeoTours are better maintained than geotrails. Now, that is just my experience, I know of others that have the exact opposite opinion. I don't think they need to be treated the exact same, just i do think they both should be more organized (geotours basically already are). have their own categories to better filter them.....simply put geotrails will now have some actual rules and easy filtering. It's become a part of the game, and they continue to accept them....but I don't see a good reason to not go the extra mile to officially support them. You mentioned geotrails aren't well maintained....well i think any cache is at risk to muggles and poor owner maintenance...however geotrails don't have a guideline for how to set up their cache page either. if Groundspeak made it a sub type of cache or something to officially recognize them, it would also come with some great guidelines to help make them run smoothly. They don't even need any special icons on the map.....just perhaps a filterable header in the title is required that other caches aren't allowed to have. perhaps something along the lines "GCGT" for geocache geotrail. if every geotrail cache name had to start with this, then it would be easy to filter them regardless of what software you like to use. or even easier.....make it an attribute....and make attributes filterable on the app (and anywhere else still attribute filtering limited.....geotours is an attribute right? why not geotrails? I mean we got attributes for picnic tables....I don't see how anyone can argue that attribute is more important then a geotrail attribute, I see no harm in adding it) I like the attribute idea, but only if it is searchable/filterable from the app(s).
  9. I have noticed that some geotours are aging dramatically. 1. Some no longer have coins/prizes available 2. Some have A LOT of archived caches that are still in the download/bookmark lists 3. Some seem to have a MIA "owner" Is there a way that GC.com could make it easier on themselves (and us as their community) to keep up with JUST the active geotours and listings? Thanks!
  10. I have noticed that in MD, where I live, there are several "geotours" (even titled that) but they don't show up on the Geotour part of the Geocaching website. Is there special paperwork that organizers have to fill out to get that special designation?
  11. I wish there was a field that the Geotour owner could MAKE A NOTICE that was "searchable" that indicated if there WAS a geocoin/treasure/collectible AND if it was still available.
  12. It works for "real" GPS devices, but much harder on the iphone, UNLESS using an app other the official branded app.
  13. I believe both are factors...not to mention certain very common types (historically) of earthcaches are not approved (artesian wells, erratics to name just a few). I am fine with the lower number personally.
  14. And Oxsling is a really nice gentleman too He has completed quite a number of my ECs. I haven't heard of anyone anywhere close to his finds numbers. Maybe in Germany? ECs sprout out of every park and peak there it seems.
  15. My guess is those "Techy" Earthcaches don't have many logged finds. That is pretty intense, and that's from a guy who has written and had published 100+ earthcaches. I don't think ANY require that level of techy. I guess one of the reasons is that many people now use the app and that doesn't have those features, though other small and usually free apps do. I too agree that often leans towards techy and forgets geology in the process.
  16. I lurk because it is not a nice place to post. Unless one is a geonazi or a "purist" (whatever that means??!). It seems that only those with a particular and VERY NARROW view of what denotes "true caching" are allowed the latitude to splatter their view across the forums....all others do not seem welcome. Since I consider geocaching to be a GAME (imagine that!) and one that can be played in a wide variety of ways (hey, I think true virtuals should come back, that the archiving of the new challengings for no good reason, the stringent and obsene list of rules to create a "legitimate" earthcache, etc. are all not terribly healthy for the game). But alas, only others views are truly allowed...so I'll go back to lurking...and actually spend my time CACHING rather than screwing up other people's fun. Adios!
  17. Thanks TerryDad2 for asking the question -- I've sometimes mused about that question for myself and others who also love Earthcaching (all aspects). Here are my stats: Logged (184); Developed (82); States (26) / Countries (2) So hmmmm..... 5x Platinum I guess. I love earthcaching...TerryDad2 is my inspiration. Have done QUITE a few of his, and adopted 3 of his too. I get about 25 email/logs per week...it is at time overwhelming, but try to respond to each one. I would love to own an Earthcache in each US state, 22 so far. I'm looking forward to the Earthcache MegaEvent next year!
  18. Does anyone know when the Delaware Comission will actually release this new Powertrail? I did the C&O trail in July ALONG WITH about 10 Virtuals and Earthcaches. Nice day! BTW - Delaware does a great historic caching trail called the DGT series. I've done about 10 of those, takes you to historic locations that in the old days would have been virtuals -- but don't need to be here since the "powers that be" have insitituted the series. In Maryland there was a great township/historic series calle the MML (Maryland Municipal League) series archived this summer . Also in Maryland/VA is the SSB (Star Spangled Banner) and CJS (Captain John Smith) themed historic trails...definitely personal and family favorites....IMHO there are MANY ways to do geocaching...now if only we had more TIME!
  19. At Geowoodstock, one of the developers/lackeys was talking about this subject, and unfortunately it sounded like she was talking about something akin to Waymarking rather than "geocaching." It made me wonder whether they would even count as "finds" in our GC.com stats! I would love a Virtual category that had STRICT and well-enunciated expectations, but yet one that allowed us to experience the WOW mentioned above. I have found over 200 virtuals, and while several have been "What the ..." the majority have enhanced by understanding of history, cultural, and the area around me. Don't get me started on what I think of the Archiving of the "Four Corners" Virtual in NM/AZ/CO/UT! That was just WRONG!
  20. I talked to someone at GW9 and they told me the heartbreaking news that Mission 9: Tunnel of Light has been archived. The container was COMPLETELY stolen. I checked online and sure enough, the listing GC1169 was archived on June 13. That is such a bummer. I was planning my next vacation around finding that iconic cache.
  21. Agreed, the write-ups are not high quality...yet in the normal caching world, neither are some of those hides....I hope the write ups are improved, but if Geoaware team is okay with 11 earthcaches in 1/2 mile, then I choose to be okay with it too. (Even though Harry Dolphin's posts caste serious question on the "geological experience AND the CO's earthcache writing abilities).
  22. I love earthcaches and earthcaching. I figure, if I learn SOMETHING (even if not a lot) it was worth the walk/hike/drive/ etc. So there are 11 earthcaches in a narea...does it REALLY matter? I guess I trust Geoaware team a lot more than i do armchair commentators...So far I see only one on this thread who has actually visited the powertrail...and his opinions Geoaware team seems to be listening to! I really DO HOPE that this series is here in 2012 for the Mega? Earthcache event in Maine. If it is, I will visit it. RVET series in Northern California (GC2418J, GC2417X, GC24182, GC24184, GC2418C, GC2418F, GC2418R, GC2418T, and GC24195) is a HIGH QUALITY series that examines several unique aspects of the Northern California Bay area. From Basalt "gas bubbles" to a mercury mine and a fault line, and an ephemeral pool" this is a quality set. I walked through the 2.8 mile "powertrail" with MartinRabbit and the park Rangers. The Rangers loved being able to "publish" the unique geology of the area, and hoped it would bring more visitors. So, if you don't like the NY version, go to the Bay!
  23. Once had a micro near a hardware store...muggle replaced log with a slip of paper labeled: "Ransom note... I will return the log if you replace this slip of paper with $100, otherwise the container will disappear by <date>" I chose to move the container!
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