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  1. I used my new 60cs for the first time this weekend out geocaching. I used the same method five_user described. I have the routing preference set to "Prompted". When I first tell it to "FIND" a cache I pick "Follow Roads" and when I park the car and head out I do a "MENU", "Recalculate" and pick "Off Road" to get the compass screen. It's not too cumbersome a method, but it would have been nice if there were less steps.
  2. I got my 60cs from getfeetwet.com yesterday. Fast, prompt service. I've very please with them.
  3. Thanks for the replies Moun10Bike & Neo Geo. I ordered the MapSource Topo for my area today. I also ordered the serial cable with the built-in AC adapter. My 60cs should arrive tomorrow. Thanks again guys!
  4. I have the Topo maps for my Magellan GPSs and like them a lot. With the Magellans, you either can be using the Topo map or the Streets map, not both at the same time. Does the 60cs work the same way? Can both types be loaded into memory at the same time, but only one or the other active?
  5. Okay. My new 60cs is on its way and should be here in a couple of days. I've got the auto nav kit coming plus the suction cup mount and the bike mount. My question is, with the City Select that is included with the auto nav kit, would it still be worth my while to go out and get the MapSource US Topo for the Topo maps?
  6. I just ordered a GPSMAP-60CS bundled with the Auto Nav Kit from www.getfeetwet.com for $531. This bundles goes for $551 and includes the MapSource City Select mapping software, the 12V car adapter, the auto mounting bracket and the Non-Skid Portable Friction Mount . If you act before 3/16/04 you can use the word "PREORDER" in the "Enter Discount Code" box on the shopping cart and get $20 off your order. Item is here: http://www.getfeetwet.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=S10-00322-31 Details of PREORDER $20 discount are here: http://www.getfeetwet.com/M10-00322-20.asp Good luck!
  7. I ran across this issue last week. I have a SporTrak Pro and a Meridian Green. I like the Meridian because of the ability to have multiple detailed map files loaded on the SD card and then the ability to switch between them as needed. I generally run it with a small detailed map (11M or so) as I perceive it to update the screen a little quicker with smaller maps. (No, I'm not certain it is quicker -I've never scientifically measured it). Anyhow, I was driving last week to a cache further from home than usual and got very disappointed at how little detail that MapSend had for the area. I came to a fairly major intersection were the road I was on did a hard right, but another road continued straight. To my surprise, the Merdian didn't even show the other road going straight. I mentally chalked it up to the map being outdated. But as I continued on the road that turned to the right I notice how badly drawn it was on the GPSr, just long straight lines with none of the subtle curves or small bends represented at all. That's when it hit me, I'd driven outside of my detailed map. I choose a different larger detail map that I had previously loaded on the SD card and all the detail I'm used to seeing suddenly appeared, including the missing road and the intersection I'd already gone through. So, even though the cache I was headed to was outside the detailed map area I was using, I was able to enter it as a waypoint and have the GPSr show me how to get there. The GPSr continues to function just fine outside that area and still accurately computes the current location. Once I left the area of the detailed map I had active I only lost the extra detail that MapSend Topo gives you. [This message was edited by Team Trout on September 12, 2003 at 11:07 AM.]
  8. Essiar, I wrote to Magellan stating my case about the rebate much in the same way you did. I made it clearthat I purchased the two products from two different places at different times. This is the reply I got: "Thank you for your interest in our products. You do qualify for the $50.00 rebate. Please submit all of the information into our fulfillment center. Thank you & best regards, Thales Navigation/Magellan products" No mention was made of any exec's name, etc. They didn't even ask me to send a copy of the email. I guess they don't care too much about the issue now. Even so, I'll be sending a copy of the email along with my rebate just to be safe.
  9. TheNikeMan, I saw that they were in-stock for a short period yesterday morning. You've got to keep checking throughout the day and act fast when you see they are available. Good Luck!
  10. Thanks for the post Essiar! I'll email them with the same question myself. I received my SporTrak Pro yesterday. It is a brand new unit.
  11. Essiar, Would you please share the exec's name to mention so we can get the rebate for both also? Thanks!
  12. Magellan's Meridian line of GPSr's don't have any built in memory for uploading maps, etc. into, but they do have a slot for a SecureDigital (SD) memory card. I run mine with a 256MB SD card in it. While having to have an SD card this does represent an additional cost, I like the expandability and flexibility it offers. Having said all that, I recently ordered a new SporTrak Pro as a second unit. The deal mentioned here was too good to not jump on. Best of luck!
  13. Lee David Rimar, As Embra mentions above, someone in the Yahoo Group Magellan_Meridian posted this: "From: "vapaazmd" Date: Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:28 am Subject: Sportrak Pro Unit Received I responded to message 15387 (my thanks to the author) and ordered a sportrak pro from www.flyingjestore.com on Monday July 28. The price was irresistable. A flat $129.99 with no shipping and no sales tax. Amazingly it arrived yesterday from Ogden UT to Mesa AZ. Its' a new unit (not reconditioned) and apparently not opened by anyone but me." Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday, I'll let you know about it when I receive it.
  14. quote: I don't know if they do rainchecks, but they're out of stock according to their website. Check again today. They're back in stock. My neice just ordered one.
  15. quote:Now I just wonder if Magellan will honor the additional $30 rebate on a refurbished unit. jgreening, My UPS tracking shows mine should be here on Monday. I'm curious, why do you think these are refurbished units? I can't find any mention of that anywhere on the website. It does however mention that they come with a 1 year warranty, which is the warranty you get with a new one. [This message was edited by Team Trout on July 31, 2003 at 05:46 AM.]
  16. Depending on how tight you are, this might be of interest to you. As mentioned in this topic, right now you can get a Magellon SporTrak Map for $99 or a Sportrak Pro for $129 at this website. Plus you can get a $30 rebate from Magellan on either unit!
  17. As mentioned in this topic, right now you can get a Magellon SporTrak Map for $99 or a Sportrak Pro for $129 at this website. Plus you can get a $30 rebate from Magellan on either unit!
  18. For those of you who did get in on this great deal, don't forget that you can also get a $30 rebate from Magellan on the Sportrak Pro or Sportrak Map. Go to this link for the rebate form: https://www.magellangps.com/en/store/promotions/30_50_75.asp And if you buy a qualifying MapSend product you'll qualify for a $50 rebate instead of only $30. [This message was edited by Team Trout on July 29, 2003 at 07:33 AM.]
  19. quote: Part of my perception is that the difficulty on these was not listed very high. I know it is difficult to gauge what is hard or easy for different people If I do a cache that I feel the difficulty rating is very inaccurate, I'll usually run it through the online Geocache Rating System located at http://www.clayjar.com/gcrs/ and see what it rates it as. If the results agree with my opinion, I'll email the cache owner and express my feelings with them, refering to that webpage and inviting them to run thier own cache through it and see what they get for a rating. It's worked for me. Now I know that how you answer some of the questions on that page is subjective and that the webpage is by no means the definitive authority, but it does give some credence to your argument.
  20. Check it out the newly updated Great Battery Shootout! by Dave Etchells http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM And it's no surprise, Maha's has done it again. Their latest, the Powerex 2200mAh, has grabbed the top spot. I've got a few sets of these and they last forever in my Meridian.
  21. Garmin is proud to introduce it's newest model GPSr, THE EXCALIBUR!
  22. Basic Magellan Meridain GPS (Green) and MapSend Topo. I love it! The GPSr was cheap($99)and with the MapSend Topo($70) I got a $50 rebate. The SD memory card slot allows me to store tons of waypoints and maps. I keep a 256MB SD card in it. Works great everytime.
  23. So, basically the USGS is a completely different department of the government, whose work has pretty much gone unused due to budget cuts. And, if I read you correctly, there are some USGS bench marks in the NGS database, but most aren't and probably never will be. Does that sum it up correctly?
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