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  1. As my information, it does have backlight, but the 30 hours battery life is under the conditions of battery saving mode and without turning on the backlight!
  2. 1. Etrex Vista, Rino 120 2. iQue 3600 3. GPS60CS
  3. I have two Rino 120 and one Vista, they have no problem so far. And we know Garmin offer good service. If your GPS has problem, just send them back! Good luck and have fun!!
  4. quote:Originally posted by GeoVet:What's the best unit for kids to use? I got a grant so $ is no big deal. We're talking middle schoolers here. Any experiences / advice to share? Thanks The Garmin Geko 101 or 201, inexpensive and small, easy to use.
  5. BRUSH

    Rino 120

    test [This message was edited by BRUSH on March 28, 2003 at 05:18 AM.]
  6. BRUSH

    Rino 120

    I have 2 rino 120.... They are great receiver!! I love them! Guys, have fun!!
  7. BRUSH

    rino 120 and maps

    quote:Originally posted by kevin917z:bought a 120 a few days ago and now that i uploaded a map from metroguide, i now want to load a new map, but first how do i delete the old map? also is there a way to look on the unit to see how much memory is being used up? unfortunately i have the older metroguide with large regions about 7.4 mb in size i hope garmin makes a future update for the rino so that you can select the radio to off so at startup it doesnt always come back on, its a pain to always have to turn it off! About your second question, I thought that's a tradeoff, for someone wants to use radio but forget to turn it on in next time when use rino . Have fun!
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