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  1. Took this on the way back to the car from GC2JNKC this morning.
  2. Discovering brilliant places just down the road that you never knew existed Accidental exercise Meeting 'awesome' people both local and further afield The satisfaction of solving a puzzle Events Muggle dodging
  3. You are right that replacing his own micros is not an amnesty. However, inviting people to do the same where they can is. Oh please!!!!!!!! Let's not start throwing words like fascist around. All he's trying to do is encourage people to place larger caches where they can so that things, especially trackables, can be swapped. He even says that nanos and micros have their place. So calm down, if you don't agree with someone feel free to express that opinion but there are better ways to do it.
  4. I'm sure keehotee would dispose of them....hehe
  5. It means anything already out there is allowed to stay as is but anything new has to go through the new procedure. e.g. When new GC stopped listing new Virtuals and Webcams, the old ones could remain.
  6. Does anyone know who's won this??? According to the Ts&Cs it was supposed to have been drawn a week ago and the winner's name displayed. So far there is nothing.
  7. While I'm not a great fan of micros, they do have their place. That place is historic or interesting places/monuments in urban areas where a small (or above) sized cache cannot be placed for logistical reasons.
  8. I take it that you have experience of appearing before the cameras on a quiz programme. If not perhaps you should put your money where your mouse is before sla**ing them off. A bit of an overreaction there. Looks to me like light hearted banter. Anyway, back to the topic. It probably is time for this one to die as the programme was a few weeks ago, the identities of the cachers are now known and unfortunately they lost. Let's leave it at that.
  9. I wouldn't worry about getting an FTF. It's just an extension of the game that isn't even recognised by Groundspeak. I'll admit that if a cache is published close enough to home while I'm there I will rush out to get it and get the thrill of racing the real FTF hounds. The first one I got was 300ft away so there was no excuse not to.
  10. I'm pretty sure you can't view or even edit field notes until you plug it in. You can only keep adding them. Maybe you should suggest it to Garmin. It shouldn't be too much trouble for them to insert a field notes program.
  11. Looks like there may be a choice of Mega Events in 2012. There's one in the North West and if Piratemania keeps growing the way it does it might achieve retroactive mega status
  12. I was with smurf in a pub when 2 of our mates walked in and plonked a GPS on the table. Smurf perked up and said 'i've got one of those. what are you doing with one?' At which point they produced a printout of a local multi. We forgot it for a month or so but saw it crop up on a couple of those American police dramas. One Google later and we both registered. We picked a multi for our first cache and promptly DNF'd it.
  13. Unfortunately, whatever anyone prefers we are at the mercy of the reviewers and the fact that they are volunteers with their own lives and quite a large queue of caches each to review. From what I've been told by the 2 that I know personally, they pretty much work down the queue as best they can. The only way I can see to solve the problem is, if it's the same person setting the caches, that they put a reviewer note saying that there's more than one cache in that area to be reviewed and can they please review them at the same time.
  14. Ok. Having read the last post I have to point out a few things that just don't add up. So serial theft is trivial???? Not according to the police. Errrm no. Tax cannot be classed as theft otherwise it would be illegal. So the police are asking us to waste their time???? I'm pretty sure the suggestion about reporting it to the police is one suggestion. Since it comes from the police via the UK reviewers it seems pretty much acceptable. Really???? I'm pretty sure it's been going for approx 10 years (maybe 9 ish) in this country. About the same length of time that the hobby has existed. In any case it can by no means be described as in it's infancy. I'm sorry if you take offence to me picking apart your post but the fact that I'm a colossal pedant means I couldn't just let it lie.
  15. Firstly I wouldn't call it robbery. That implies intent. Secondly, you don't say whether you have taken this up with Groundspeak. Instead it looks like you've just posted in the forum to have a go. (This may be a case of a piece of text not showing the true intent of the poster. If it is then I apologise) Bring your concerns to the right people. Posting in the forum, while it highlights issues to the community, doesn't necessarily do this.
  16. Don't get me started on irresponsible dog owners. Smurf and I live on a caravan park on the moors that is accessed by a bridle path across said moors. I've lost count of the number of times I've nearly run dogs over because these 'people' have let them off the lead to run riot. It's especially annoying because there are sheep on the moors as well.
  17. Interesting. I've just done an update for my 300 and it told me the software it just downloaded was older than the software I had so I didn't install it.
  18. I've had a quick look at the Magic map that the reviewers use and part of Epping Forest is an SSSI Magic Map I can see 2 caches in that area on Google Earth and can only assume that they have permission. SSSI doesn't mean that no caches can be placed there. It's just a matter of gaining appropriate permission and showing this to the reviewer.
  19. Looking at their log it appears they did find it. If you suspect they didn't find it then check the logbook. If someone logged a find on one of my caches but I know they hadn't signed the log (I don't check unless I have to bring the logbook home) I'd delete the log as an illegitimate find. If you are that bothered then check the logbook but like I said it appears the last part of the log suggests they did find it ***Think i looked at the wrong log....if they didn't sign the log it aint a find***
  20. Woo hoo....we've got through to one. Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of geocaching. I hope you get as hooked as the rest of us.
  21. It sounds like when you paste the HTML from GSAK you are overwriting the HTML for the flag counter. I don't use flag counter but I tried adding it to the end of the HTML from GSAK and it worked. This is how I had it. The red is the bottom of the GSAK code and the blue is the Flag Counter Code. ... <a rel='license' href='http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/'> <img src='http://creativecommons.org/images/public/somerights20.png' style='border:none;' alt='Some rights reserved' height='31' width='88' /> </a> </p> </div> <a href="http://s07.flagcounter.com/more/9H"><img src="http://s07.flagcounter.com/count/9H/bg=FFFFFF/txt=000000/border=CCCCCC/columns=2/maxflags=12/viewers=0/labels=0/" alt="free counters" border="0"></a>
  22. Sticking with islands. Name the island and the cache. Clue 1: This island is far
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