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  1. Hi there NW geocachers! I'm going to be in the Boise area, Nampa to be more exact, for a couple of days and was hoping I could get some help finding a scout related cache. Could be by a scout building, project or a cache placed by scouts, just something scout related. And I suppose if you all have any recommendations for must do caches whil;e I there too, they would be more than appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Besides my delay in signing up, I seem to have an issue with my user name LargeFry-CT. Is it the - thats causing the problem? Is thee a way to fix it with out a sockpuppet account?
  3. Wow I have a Geospatial Extension Specialist right in my backyard. That caught me by surprise!! We sent out an email and we're crossing our fingers as well.
  4. Larry said it best! I don't know how many times I out my 60csx in my jacket pocket while doing all of the above. Except mine has also found caches while in my pocket!!! By the time I notice I missed'em, I'm already home.... If anyone at Garmin reads this A keypad lock would be exceptional!!!!
  5. I am getting horrible at the technical stuff, but I've got to start somewhere. I'll probally ask many more questions a they are answered, but I'll start with the simple ones! So can we use a pda or a smartphone for Wherigo? If so any recommendations for a sprint customer?
  6. If I had to guess it might be the "new" Jeep Liberty, its the newest in their line up and probally the one they're looking to promote the most this year. If I had to guess even further... they seem to like it in the "red rock crystal pearl" I wouldn't cancel out hopes of a wrangler edition. It would be nice to see the new two door wrangler , and a rubicon edition would be even better! Who knows they could even throw a curve ball and make an old CJ, or even better go back far enough to do one of the Willys Jeeps!
  7. Wow! We won one of these at a caching holiday party, the silver one, it is absolutely breath taking! It's our first coin... well at least until Christmas... Shhhhh!
  8. Got mine today, very nice!! The SmallFry is gonna love it, but I think were gonna hang on to it and give it to him Christmas!!!
  9. Sweet coins! I may have to get in on one, or two, or three, Ahh the more the merrier!
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