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  1. Most pool stores also carry o-ring grease - used in pump housings.
  2. kenk

    Waterproof 60Csx

    A few questions: 1. Did you save one large 12-day track, or did you save the track a section at a time? 2. How did you save the GPS locations for the photos? Do you use a camera with that capability? If so, which one? 3. It looks like you were using Alps Mountaineering Meramac tents - guessing they were provided by the outfitter ... how did you like them? (I'm a Boy Scout leader and am interested in that model right now) 4. What was the thing people were posing next to that looks like a remnant from an airplane? Ken
  3. Doug got the help he needed. Thanks everyone!!
  4. Doug Ritter of equipped.org is doing some personal locater beacon (PLB) testing and both his primary and backup eTrex's have stopped working. In order to keep the tests consistent he needs to borrow an early model eTrex (not the H or HC models) from someone. He will pay for FedEx shipping and all that. If anyone has one they can lend, please email Doug at: dritter@equipped.org This is on the up-and-up. Read more about Doug Ritter and the non-profit Equipped to Survive Foundation at http://www.equipped.org. Ken K.
  5. You'll want to make sure to capture a waypoint near the stairs so you don't get lost in your basement. That can be very scarey ... at least until rescue crews arrive. ;-)
  6. kenk

    60 CSX or 76 CSX

    Here is a GREAT visual comparison between the 60 & 70 series: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=comparison I've had a 60CSx for a few years and really like it. My brother has a 76CSx and I was kind of suprised by how large it looks/feels in person. Both are great units though.
  7. I tended to think that X = eXternal memory card
  8. One thing I've learning reading through this and other forums is not to assume that your GPS can survive submersion - even though its supposed to be able to. I put mine in an Aquapac just to be safe. Even a Ziploc freezer bag would be better than nothing at all. The floating part isn't too important since it should be attached to "something" by a lanyard anyway.
  9. kenk

    60 csx vs Vista hcx

    +1 as a one-handed 60CSx user ... though I tend to hold it with my right hand - not that it makes any difference. I do my button-pushing with my thumb. Actually I don't think I've ever used it two-handed. Not sure why. I just can't remember doing it that way. I find it very comfortable to use one-handed. Maybe I'm forgetfull, but except for the most often used buttons (Find, Enter, Page ...), I still find myself looking at the button labels to figure out which ones I need to use. Their placement on the front is also real nice for use in the truck - which I do a LOT. Great GPS!!! It has never let me down - though the 24K National Park Topo did create a road route straight through a fairly large lake in Montana. The City Navigator never did that. Can't go wrong with a 60CSx. Does the eTrex HCX have an external antenna port? Not that I use mine a lot - I certainly don't need it for reception in the truck. I do sometimes use it on the outside of a backpack when I keep the GPS on while walking. That way I can keep the GPS safe in a pocket but still get good signal strength. Whatever you buy, make sure it has the high sensitivity receiver. THAT is amazing compared to the older non-H units (I have a GPS+ III and two Gekos).
  10. I'd recommend the simple nylon case that Garmin sells - I have the neoprene one that has the see-through window, but it is a pain to put the GPS in/out with the connector-button on. The simple case has been the easiest to use. I have an InvisibleShield screen protector on the display. I've purchases gear from Amazon.com, GPSCity.com, ebay, and several other sites. So far so good.
  11. kenk

    GPS For Kids

    I would recommend you consider the Geko 301 with the electronic compass. That's what I bought for my son. I've found the electronic compass to really help younger kids find what they're looking for since the arrow always points to the distination even when stopped. I found the 301 pretty low cost on ebay. I REALLY wish Garmin would make the eTrex HS - an "H" with an electronic compass, but at this point they don't. If you feel you don't need the e-compass, then my recommendation would be the eTrex H or the 60. Don't underestimate the advantage of the high sensitivity receiver when in the woods.
  12. I have a 60CSx which has the EXACT same software. Its actually pretty simple - all you have to do is create a route - though you'll only get the distance in feet if it is under a fairly small distance - maybe less than 0.1 miles - above that its miles. First, make sure your GPS is set to true north. Press Menu twice to get to and select the Routes icon. Select New. Select <Select Next Point> then the Waypoints icon in order to find and select the first waypoint you want to use, and then select Use. Repeat this process for the second waypoint. Now instead of pressing Navigate, scroll up to highlight waypoint #2. The fields at the bottom of the screen will show leg information. Mine showed leg distance and the direction arrow, but they both can be modified by Pressing the Menu button and then Change Data Fields. I made them so that one shows the Leg Distance (in feet or miles depending on distance) and the other shows the Leg Course (in degrees).
  13. My advice would be to get the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx or Cx, get either Garmin's Topo maps OR City Navigator NT (depending on what you need), and then use the National Geographic map software for pre-trip research, creating waypoints/routes/tracks, preloading the GPS, printing very high quality paper maps, and then for saving field-created waypoints/routes/tracks. If you're geocaching having the electronic compass on the 60CSx is VERY handy. Also take a look at Geobuddy.com . For just $35 that software can do just about everything the NG map software does and more. The only thing it just doesn't do as well is when it comes to printing the maps. For that the NG software can't be beat. But heck, for $35... its also great for geocaching, thus the name.
  14. The GPSMAP 60 & 76 series units have the same thing. Its kinda cute.
  15. kenk

    Garmin maps

    Its best to take a look at them yourself and see which contain the information you want. Go to http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ and select a map product in the MapSource Map Viewer drop-down field. Its a wonderful ability for you to view the maps before you buy them. Personally I use the City Navigator pre-loaded on a chip most of the time, and then bought the National Park 24K topo maps for my visit to Glacier National Park.
  16. kenk

    Im so confused

    I'll recommend the 60CSx. First, I much prefer the labeled keypad on the 60/76. Maybe I have a memory problems, but I find I read them fairly often even though I've used it for well over a year. It is important to me. Second, the 60's size/shape is sooo much more compact than the 76 series. When I saw my brother's 76CSx I was shocked by how big it was compared to my 60CSx. See this link for an excellent visual comparison: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=144&pID=8705# Third, from tests people have done with the 60, it is not that far from being bouyant. If you're worried about dropping it into water, all you need to do is tie a small keychain float to the lanyard. It really won't take much to keep it afloat. Here is a link to the float test video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2361118443564888241 Fourth, using pricing from gpscity.com, the Vista HCx is $80 more than the 60CSx. With that cost savings you could almost pay for the Garmin 100K Topo USA software ($85)!!!
  17. I've had several garmins, including the Geko 201, the Geko 301 (actually my son's), the GPS III+, and the 60CSx. The benefit of the high sensitivity receiver is not to be taken lightly. The one on my 60CSx can get a lock while held inside a car (not near a window), while I'm sitting in an airplane (not near a window), and, more importantly, while in some pretty heavily covered woods. The Gekos simply will not get a lock in those conditions. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a 3D lock. I would also suspect that you'll like the eTrex's interface better than the Gekos, but I could be wrong. Unless size & weight are an issue I'd heartily recommend the eTrex H over the Gekos. If you do get a Geko, by all means get the 201 or 301 so that you can connect it to a PC.
  18. You can find a factory refurbished Garmin Geko 301 for $79 + shipping on ebay, BUT it only ships to the Americas. Great little basic GPS with electronic compass and altimeter. I got one from this company for my son to use when geocaching. The company sent it and it works just fine! Maybe you can contact them and make special arrangements to ship overseas. Their direct web site is http://www.edgegps.com
  19. (Sigh) Duh (hitting forhead) ... I saw that page and didn't even notice that the GPS inside was a 60. I even compared the dimensions of that one to the specs for the 60 and it looked good, but I didn't notice the picture. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
  20. After reading the post about the flooded Colorado I thought I'd see which Aquapac fits my 60CSx. Aquapac's site suggests I purchase the PRO Sports model, but that model has a funky armband. I don't want that. Does anyone know which of the simpler Aquapac models fit the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx? Also, I read someone suggesting that a GPS shouldn't be placed inside an Aquapac because the solar heat will potentially damage it. Is that true???
  21. kenk

    Garmin 60csx ?

    Of course the 60Cx is just like the 60CSx EXCEPT without the S ... S=sensors - the electronic compass and altimeter. I find the electronic compass VERY handy when geocaching or when movement is limited (like on a boat). It only adds about $30 to the price. Some say it draws too much power, but it is easy enough to turn off with one button push. I got the 60CSx. You won't be sorry if you get it. Living in the Illinois flat lands I don't get a whole lot of use from the altimeter, though it was fun to watch when we took the train to Glacier National Park. If you get it make sure (1) you get a screen protector from invisibleshield.com - nice product! and (2) get a 12V power connector for your car. I use mine for routing in my car ALLLL the time.
  22. You want to look at this fantastic thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=comparison I have the 60CSx and REALLY like it. My brother just bought the 76CSx and it was the first time I'd seen one in person. I was shocked by how big it looked/felt compared to my 60CSx. I went back and hunted down the comparison thread and yeah, it is much bigger.
  23. For my Garmin 60CSx I have City Navigator pre-loaded on the card (I travel all over the US and don't want to take the time to upload maps) plus I have a card that contains the western National Park 24K topos. So it does happen. I usually put the extra card in with my camera since my Garmin nylon case doesn't have a pocket (a shame - would have been easy to put a little slip pocket in). I bought an "ultimate GPS case" - the bigger one - but it is kind of big for the 60CSx. Wish there was a mid-size one.
  24. The Garmin eTrex "H" is a first rate GPS with a high sensitivity receiver (thats a huge plus) for about as low a price as you can go for a new unit. I'd highly recommend it. Don't forget to spend an extra $15 on a screen protector from http://www.invisibleshield.com/ - great product that has saved my display at least once. Unfortunately you'd need to purchase a separate PC cable. The Garmin GPSMAP 60 is priced low ($145), has buttons below the screen, and comes with a USB PC cable, but it doesn't have the high sensitivity chipset.
  25. The 76CSx is a great unit. Very similar to the 60CSx. You might need to purchase MapSource City Navigator NT to get the latest roads and have the routing capability. Though most folks don't favor it, I purchased the on-memory card version and found it very convenient. All the maps are right there on the card. Do take a look at GeoBuddy.com too. Nice software with a $45 holiday special price.
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