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  1. Have a good trip KA, and be sure to pack your parachute! No worrys about cliffs then.
  2. Hope you have many years of happiness and caching ahead of you. Thanks for sharing your special time.
  3. And tick paralysis and babesosis and erlichoisis and relapsing fever and STARI and powassan encephalitis and heartwater disease and .... You get the picture. It's all bad stuff and not to be taken lightly. Always use repellents and perform a full body check after spending time in tick country. The latter is more pleasant if you can get both of the Olsen twins to do it. Hey, they're over 18 now. Our dog Molly got a tick bite about 2 yrs ago and was diagnosed with erlichoisis. Because she was older when she got it the prognosis was not good, because it has gone to her lymph system. She is now 14 1/2 and going through her third bout with it now, and recieving large doses of antibiotics, for a huge swelling on her neck that is affecting her breathing. It does not look good, and we will have to make a decision soon I think. Please people, check your animal buddies and yourselves often, there are so many things that can be done if caught early.
  4. My thanks to all the hard working volunteer approvers, moderators, and all that work behind the scenes to make this site work the way it does. You all do a terrific job under sometimes difficult circumstances, but I hope you know how much you all are appreciated.
  5. Removed because even though I think people are trolling for a fight, and this subject has been beat to death, the picture had no place here.
  6. Didn't we talk about that last Febuary? Um...Its February...
  7. I would just use blank Avery bumper stickers (office max) to print on and give it a coat of Modgepodge (you can get it at wallyworld) decopodge gunk...
  8. That is exactly the problem...there has never been any single cache submitted for approval that the submitter thought wasn't supposed to be approved...it's a lose lose situation...when a cache does not get approved....it's the fault of the approver...when it does get approved and there turns out there was a problem with the cache...it's the fault of the approver for not being more thorough... I think a simple solution is instead of getting pissed at the approver, talk to them in a civil manner to see what needs to be done to get it approved...not all caches can get approved...there has to be a line somewhere... Disclaimer: I am not saying anything about the specific cases of caches getting approved or not approved mentioned in this thread! -Six Gee SixTen, You've got a whole 7 finds and you're an expert already. Come back when you reach double digits. Nice try...take the credit for being rude...you said it, why pass it off on me...
  9. Yeah, OK. Gee SixTen, You've got a whole 7 finds and you're an expert already. Come back when you reach double digits. Nice.....
  10. Wallyworld has a neat milk crate with a canvas cover(like a milk crate in a canvas bag), and a rubberized shoulder strap for carrying it. It has a bunch of pockets all around the outside to carry GPS, compass, all sorts of utensils...and the best part..its $19.95 in the sporting section.
  11. After reading many of ju66l3r past posts, I see many thinly vailed insults delivered in a smug way. Always made in broad sweeping statements, so that if someone calls him on it, he can manipulate his own words to suit his own purpose (what that is I have still to figure out), and so take some heat off himself. Yes, another AS regular chiming in. I am 55 yrs. old and I would have figured that by now someone with a degree in medicine would have diagnosed me with ADD, if I in fact had it. You can sugar coat a piece of doot anyway you want, but it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you don't recognize it for what it is.
  12. And thats whats great about the geocaching community...they have the ability to regulate themselves. I wasn't talking about how a moderator has to "control" the thread, just about having it on his plate. No disrespect intended. None taken I assure you. Just thought I could add a little insight on the ongoing AS soap opera. Ya know we loves ya Snoogans...
  13. Its almost comical to see what some of the battles are fought over in other forum threads . Maybe AS diverts some of that, but I think the number of participants is stopped where its at becuase it is hard to join in on an ongoing conversation. Maybe it would be better suited under "geocaching related topics" or having some GC techie create a special chat room like Clay Jar's . You know...there really isn't an ongoing topic of conversation in AS...you can read back maybe one or two pages, or early in the morning when the thread is just coming alive, and what starts the day usually sets the tone for the day. If I leave for a couple hours, even I have to go back to find out what is going on. Not hard to do, but it make for some fun reading.
  14. You know what...the mods very seldom have to moderate in AS...we get along just fine, and everyone is welcome...its a nice respite from some of the venom that sometimes gets spewed in the forums. I think he's referring to how fast the AS thread moves. It would be hard to moderate that thread just because it can cover several pages in such a short time. I don't think he meant you all were starting trouble all the time or anything like that. I didn't think he meant that either...yes it moves fast, but I think after all this time its kinda known that we are behaving so its not necessary for the mods to view every page. If something is said that is not quite right, the report button gets hit..
  15. I wish I could go there. My work computer has fits with it. Maybe when I get one at home............ That's part of my point though. AS has become a chat thread of sorts. I like my conversation to be more topic driven. I still post there, but rarely, and usually only when I see Webfoot or a few others posting there. There were 52 people there Monday night...
  16. You know what...the mods very seldom have to moderate in AS...we get along just fine, and everyone is welcome...its a nice respite from some of the venom that sometimes gets spewed in the forums. Most of us actively cache, place caches, and help out by anwering questions should we be on the spot at the time its requested. So its not like we don't know what is going on in the other forums...we do, and sometimes we choose not to participate.
  17. Could they recruit the person who originated the thread to help moderate such a forum? I believe she even requested being able to delete posts if people violated the rules. Edit: wording ROFLMAO. I don't think Pat Patterson has been here in ages.... Really...what a surprise for Pat... If you think posting in AS is fast paced, then you havent been to Clayjars chatroom...now that is fast...even the AS regulars have a hard time keeping up.
  18. Happy Birthday and 500th find...may your days be sunny and caches have more pizza coupons..
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