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  1. There a several threads that are not too old over in general discussions about cache containers, and hiding them. One has pictures of the ingenious say some cachers have come up with to keep the caches from being found too easily. You might like to browse them, or do a keyword seach. I have learned more just reading threads on here, then just using the guidelines. :ph34r:

  2. Are you:

    A solo cacher?

    A family cacher?

    Part of a "caching couple?"

    A social/group cacher?


    Why did you start caching?:


    Needed the exercise

    Love the outdoors

    Wanted to do something with my husband/boyfriend/partner/family


    Are you as into the "numbers" as some of the guys?


    Women, care to share?

    I am 1/2 of a "Caching Couple".

    We need the exercise, and love the outdoor.

    The scenery in New Mexico is spectacular, and there is much we have not seen.

    I always feel better after going out, and the numbers don't matter to me.

    I am starting to really like the hiding aspect of this game, but the distance to hid in a worthwhile location can really be time consumming. Two of our caches are 65 miles from home (one way), one is 35, and a new one coming up is about 40, but I keep an eye on them through the logs, and about once every 4-6 weeks go out to check them. The virtual are self maintaining...all I have to do is answer the emails! :unsure:

  3. I would stay away from the subject of caves and sites considered fragile for caching. These open too many cans of worms, and could be adverse to the intention of the meeting, even tho these are not urban considerations, they are too passionate a subject.


    Keeping it simple, as in the joy and challenge of caching, and the good feeling CITO brings.


    Good Luck :)

  4. The main thing is not to get discouraged, cachers are very ingenious when it comes to hiding caches. If you hang around the forums long enough..or for that matter look back at some of the older threads, you will see how different people hide and camoflage caches, some of the containers used, and lots of really neat ideas and even hints on what too look for.


    All GPS's register different, and can be off coords. The excepted rate is 30 feet radius.


    You do not say what kind of caches they are, wether they are micros, which can be harder to find because they are smaller and easier to miss, or traditional size.


    And I agree....let her handle the GPS...once you get your first find you are usually hooked...and then the realization that there are so many more hidden out there sets in. :)

  5. The total amount of stuff attached to the Indian warrior in my avatar ... roughly $5 bucks.

    An eagle feather's got to be worth a few bucks! And I bet that if you took a genuine Native American shield on the Antiques Roadshow you could pull in a few $$$.

    Owning or carrying an eagle feather would cost you.... I believe its not legal to hold or carry unless you are a registered member of an Indian tribe..this would contribute to a minus value!!! :smile::mad:

  6. Here in New Mexico, its plain mustard, and Chinary Oak that was planted here to stop soil erosion. :smile:

    Now we have thousands of acres of 1 ft. high oak trees that produce tiny acorns, and the mustard is so bad its choking out the chile plants that are a big money crop here. When I raised ducks, they would not even eat the stuff!


    Sometimes its not nice to fool with mother nature. :mad:

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