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  1. Great job on the update! I know many people are saying you guys don't listen to us, but you guys really do! You have improved three things that really made a difference to me! I feel like the app is just getting better and better. It really showed on this update. The best bug fix was the timestamp issues on the Android app, it works as intended, thanks!!! I love the new way to log now (even though it take a whole 1.1 second longer to load, lol). It is so much easier and cleaner on my phone now. Also using it on the computer it works just fine. I agree with several other people on this thread, anything that makes it harder for someone to mass dip trackables is a good update. I know this happened in another update but thanks for changing the cache icon to be seen better in green areas of the map. They look great! Keep up the good work. I don't want the website or apps to remain the same because people don't like change.
  2. Thanks for that information however that now makes less sense. I live on the east coast (EST) and Geocaching HQ in PST, so that is three hours behind us. So that means it should have given me more time to log it and not less. Meaning a 2:59am log would still be before midnight in PST. Maybe the time is in GMT? That is 5 hours ahead of us meaning a log past 7pm would result in a past midnight log but I would think I would have ran into this issue more often... Hmm...
  3. EDIT: I guess the web page was cached but my streak is now fixed! I guess I overreacted! Regardless I would love to understand why the Geocaching app logged my find for the next day even though I logged the cache well before midnight. ------Original Post-------- Ok, I am currently working on a streak. I should be up to 261 days in a row but something screwed up and reset my streak to 1 day! Here is what happened: I grabbed my cache of the day late yesterday (as I always do on Sunday, since I am in the process of driving down to DC for the week). I waited until I got to DC to make the log. Regardless I did make the log on the app and I thought nothing of it. I was logging and checking my profile for today's activities and sure enough my streak is at one day. I quickly checked my profile and noticed for some reason that my log last night was logged for today! What!?! Not worrying too much I just changed the date of my log but that fixed nothing. I then deleted the log and created a new log with yesterday's date, still no good! So right now I am a little worried. No matter what I do I am still at a one day streak. Anyone know how to fix this? Also does anyone have any clue as to why the Geocaching app logged a find one day in advance? I know for a fact I made that log well before midnight!
  4. For what it is worth, I am another user who would love to have the watch function worked to restore it. I would be willing to pay! Although I am an Android user.
  5. Sweet!!! Congratulations! It has been a pleasure beta testing this with you. Thanks so much for bringing us WP users a great Wherigo app! Will you be putting out a paid app in the future?
  6. Fantastic! We will be waiting for the added features for existing beta testers and I will be one of the first to pay for the final release of the public app! Thanks for what you have done for us WP users, bringing us a great app we can use for Wherigo caches!
  7. Isostorespy is a file explorer app for the phone. It has nothing to do with the actual downloading of the cartridges. All the file manager app does is allow you to MOVE the cartridge. So this will allow you to download the cartridges right on your phone and then you can use Isostorespy or another file manager to move that newly downloaded cartridge from your download folder to your One Drive so the Wherigo app can see the cartridge. I personally don't use Isostorespy. I use Pocket File Manager. It works perfect! Again, you only need a file manager app if you want to download Wherigo cartridges right directly using your phone then you must use the file manager app to move the file to the correct folder so this app can find it. Your other option is to download the cartridges on your PC and then move them to your One Drive. Make sense?
  8. I wanted to update you on my latest Geowigo adventure. I completed this cache: http://coord.info/GC5QPMJ with the following cartridge: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/download.aspx?CGUID=cd45c7b3-29f0-4a1d-82e1-8e5925b91a34 There had been several people complaining that they had issues with the cartridge but just to inform you it played perfectly. The zones worked, inventory worked, sounds worked, it all was a great experience! I will continue my use of it. Thanks for bringing a Wherigo app to Windows phone!!!
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Events don't raise your find count do they? So they should not mess with your numbers. Do lab caches raise your find count?
  10. Looping is a general term (not just for the D/T grid) of when you obtain a goal or meet a certain requirement twice or more times. So yeah, that guy looped his D/T grid 60+ times like I looped nothing
  11. Ok, I am bothered and need some help. I checked out the help section on favorite points and I searched the forum and came up empty. My favorite points are off by two finds (means my next fp is awarded at 292 instead of 290). This is not a huge deal, I just would like to know why. To my knowledge, I have not logged a double find but I can't be certain. Is there a way I can check for that? Also if I find a lab cache, would that increase my cache count but not counted towards in gaining fav points? Thanks guys!
  12. But would that track the mileage between all the caches, right? Is there a way NOT to track mileage between caches?
  13. I have a hiking stick trackable. I think it would be awesome to track the miles of how long I hike with it but I don't think that is possible, is it? I know I can visit it in the caches I visit but my concern is if I him in one area, drive to another area and hike, all those miles in-between the two caches will count (my driving miles), correct? Any way around it?
  14. I agree, this must have been a momentary glitch. I went back to the same cache using the same computer and browser and it worked!
  15. Odd.... I can't see it either and at the same time I am having issues with issuing favorite points and I use IE11, the same browser as always.... hmmm...
  16. I am also having an issue with my favorite points. I go to the cache page, I click on the down arrow next to the number of favorite votes, I click on the "add to your favorites", it spins, it makes the count go up by one but sure enough if I reload the page or go back to my profile, I still have the same amount of points and the cache goes back down by one. Very odd, I have always done favorite points this way with no issue. I am using IE version 11 and I was trying to give a fav to "Raiders of the Lost Cache" (http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2HN2H_raiders-of-the-lost-cache?guid=9567451e-a1b8-42aa-9fba-90ac20e5b96f) Also... I was able to add a favorite point, with no issues, on the same PC with the same browser on 4/4/2015 using the same method as stated above.
  17. Opps sorry! I am landing in Heathrow. I think I agree with Joe, I don't think I have enough time in 4 hours to do all of this. I am pretty sure I can leave the airport as several of my co-workers on the 14 hour layover was able to leave the airport, do a bus tour, and come back and they have the same passports as I do (US passports). The thing with me is the time needed. Thanks for all the input!
  18. Wow, reading all of this is depressing. I am new to Geocaching so I guess I was not really attached to the old way of searching. Actually I think the old way of searching was VERY limited. I really like this new search as you can do so much more with it. So I think it is better and I am happy with it. Reading the complaints it seems either people spent 5 minutes with it and decided they could not figure it (they might have spent more time writing complaints in this form then learning/using the new search) or react like most people when it comes to change (it sucks because it is different).
  19. I hate this. I am currently in Kuwait and heading but to the states on Sunday the 22nd (yes this coming Sunday). I initially had a 12 hour layover in London which would give me PLENTY of time to drop off two travel bugs heading to London. My flights had changed at the last moment so now I only have less then 4 hours and I am going to be stuck with two travel bugs that is just going to go right back to the United States with me. So my question is simple. Would it be possible to land in London during my layover, leave the airport, get a taxi, find a Geocache and then head back to check through security and make my flight in time? Or who lives near the Airport that would like to take two trackables off my hands? Thanks! Any other advice?
  20. I never got the survey (not sure why not, I even checked my junk box) but anyway I just wanted to say that I LOVE the advanced search. When I first starting using it some of the features or functions did not work for me or was missing but now everything seems to be working! Again, I love it! Great job guys!!! I would like to echo everyone else that in addition to "Map these results" I would like to PQ these results so I can load them to my GPS It comes in handy if I want to load a whole set of series (like for GeoTrails) or just loading up a bunch of challenges to my GPS. Thanks!
  21. I will be traveling to Kuwait here in the near future for about a month. Please let me know if anyone in the area would like to do some Geocaching! Thanks,
  22. Thanks! We just got up and we have a whole day planned to Geocaching, we even packed a lunch. Today is going to be awesome! Have a happy New Year everyone.
  23. Easy fix, kind of... If Taco Bell does not block VPN, then just connect to a VPN and your issue is solved. Getting a VPN is different story (google it) but I have a VPN in my home (I bought a router that has a built in VPN server) so when I go to Kuwait I can watch Netflix and other sites that they block over there.
  24. I am also new to all of this and since your question was answered... What is GeoArt?
  25. Yeah, it's too bad none of the posts before yours answered the original question... .... If you read post #2 by TriciaG you should see it was answered before that post. So yes it was answered pretty early on
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