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  1. quote:I´m an avid hiker, climber, mountainbiker and kayaker, so I fall into your "other outdoor activities", yet I wouldn´t even dream of buying camo-stuff (as do all the people I know in this demographic). In my opinion camo GPS are simply a marketing gag for people who think that, whenever they venture into the outdoors, they ought to "look the part". Just like mindblowingly stupid stuff like Yeah, your opinion. Which convinces me even more as I read posts on this website about what's hip and what's not, it screams elitism all over the place. That's my two cents and I think it's pretty accurate. Something to ponder, if they made a fuc*ing rainbow GPS and I said on a f@g would buy something like that, would that make me any better than you?
  2. quote:I'm a consumer design engineer and I make my living designing consumer friendly products, including selecting product color schemes. Are you familiar with hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities? Camo is very consumer friendly to that demographic. That's why someone would buy a camo ETrex. quote: So, unless you are a member of a Special Ops, or Ranger unit, why would you buy a camo unit? C'mon, you can't be serious.
  3. quote:OK, who buys these and why? What's it to you?
  4. quote:Yes, I served, and I know the caliber (or lack of it) of the people I was stationed with. I think it's fairly evident you had a bad experience in the military, which is certainly not the Marines fault, so why don't you direct your impotent rage somewhere else. You don't know the job they have; because like you said, you were in the Army. I think the problem with you is that you see regular guys out doing there job (yes, it's their job to be hypersensitive of everyone around Bangor) and you personally don't like it. Too bad for you. quote:I got my medals in the Army, honorable discharge and all that. There is a DD214 form with my name on it! Yeah, you, me, and countless thousands of others. I'm not really sure what your point is there. Do you think just because you have medals and a DD214 that gives you the right to make flippant remarks about the military, or more specifically, a branch of the military you didn't even serve in? I guess everyone has that right, but they are going to end up looking pretty dumb, especially if they have never worn that uniform. quote:I busted my *** to serve my country, AND I HAVE EARNED MY RIGHTS! Tough ---- for you if I use them, huh? Ok, great, you busted your a$$. What does that have to do with calling Marines a bunch of trigger happy morons? To be perfectly honest, yes, we are a bunch of trigger happy morons. It's because were so fuc$ing trigger happy, that a guy like you can have an opinion. Being in the Army, you of all people should know that! I've stood similar posts like those Marines on Bangor and I would have salivated for the opportunity to cap some nasty piece of trash who thought they were going to come onto my base un-announced. It's their job, and they are very good at it. After all, you were in the Army; this should be common knowledge to you. quote:Tough ---- for you if I use them, huh? No, tough for you if you don't have the basic sense to know when you've made a bad decision. By all means, exercise your rights to the fullest, that's what our country is all about. Don't think for a second you have the right to sacrifice personal accountability by trespassing on a government facility. After all, you were in the Army, you already know this. In a way, I feel sorry for guys like you. You go around pointing the finger at everyone else, blaming them for your problems. It's your problem you can't handle trigger happy morons. It's your problem you traveled down a foggy road. It gets foggy on the penninsula by the way. It's your problem you can't deal with some basic rules. Suck it up! You were in the Army. I know they must have taught you to have some intestinal fortitude. [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 27, 2003 at 04:16 AM.]
  5. quote:Unless you're up here in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula near that stupid Marine base with those trigger-happy nitwits guarding the place! Watch out for wrong turns, they are very content with their shoot-to-kill orders. I'll bet you didn't know they were guarding one of the largest nuclear weapons arsenals on the west coast. Wait, of course you did, smartass. By the way, why don't you wander on to their propery and see just how trigger happy they are. I happen to know for a fact their deadly force criteria are not in your favor. BTW, I'm from WA and know just who I am targeting with this message. There are enough clowns like you who think the rules only apply when you agree with them. You're a spoiled punk. Hey, at least you capitalized Marine. You can't be half that jacked up. And before I forget, it's a Naval Submarine Base with a Marine Security Forces detachment. Now you're a little more informed. [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 25, 2003 at 01:26 PM.] [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 25, 2003 at 01:27 PM.] [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 25, 2003 at 01:29 PM.]
  6. 6 5.56 Magazines 2 Claymore Pouches AN PVS-4 Night Vision ALICE Pack MRE (Omlett with Ham) Poncho w/out the liner (you've gotta be hard) 4 M-67 Frag Grenades Map (1:50,000) Compass (Broken) GPS (No Batteries) PRC-77 (No Batteries or Crypto Gear) And the most important item " a whole lot of motivation"
  7. I'm not familiar with an online utility, but my Delorme Topo USA has that feature. It's good for that but a little lacking for accurate topos, which is why I use the National Geographic USGS topographic software for my maps.
  8. quote:It's not a lot offun to drive 15 miles to get to a cache and find there may be an accessibility problem. I hear you on that! I traveled more than 100 to find out the approach to a virtual cache was right in the middle of private orchards. But you love this, the creator of the cache said it wasn't intended to be found from the side I came in on. LOL, ok, but it was never stated. I'm venting a little, but it pi$$es me off when a cache report is lacking in important details like that.
  9. That's a great link! It's basically the same thing as the C-Thru Ruler, but you can't beat the price if you have transparencies.
  10. You can check out REI in Eugene. They have a good assortment of navigation gear and great Topographic map programs for Oregon. I use a C-Thru Ruler UTM Grid Reader with my National Geographic Topos, which I print in off of my color printer. They work great! You really don't need the big 7.5 Quads unless to plan on covering huge distances. Another tip. If you make a map of an area you like use, I would get the thing laminated. That way you can write on it with alcohol erase pens. They are great for making plots to waypoints and writing down your grids, etc. Hope this is a good start- http://www.rei.com/ http://www.staedtler-usa.com/category1/markers/lumocolor.htm (more specific, reference the permanent pens) http://www.cthruruler.com/catalog/navigation/area_scales.php (site may be down once in a while) [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 16, 2003 at 04:56 AM.] [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 16, 2003 at 05:00 AM.]
  11. Interesting topic. Personally, many of you are right, you do have a choice whether or not to run the cache hunt, but, this raises a question. Why the f&ck would someone put a cache in an active cemetary? Are you that disprespectful? Wait, don't answer that! If you put a cache in an active cemetary, you are about a nasty thing! Let me find a cache placed in a cemetary I am familiar with or has some of my family members buried in it. You will pay, do not doubt that! Use your heads and start thinking! You either have to have some sick fascination with death or really don't have any fu&*ing common sense to know any better. Go ahead and be the idiot who forces the admins to make further restrictions on this sport.
  12. A little of both. I like the GPS for exact coordinate location, but the map is great for terrain analysis. I make a topo of every cache hunt and use the GPS to pinpoint the objective. After that, I like to do a considerable amount of terrain association. I suppose it's like climbing Trad and Bolted at the same time...
  13. I would have it moved. All that is doing is asking for trouble. That's bad judgement if you ask me.
  14. Hey, that Etrex Legend...yeah, it's a good piece of gear!
  15. Wow, this topic is almost as useful as the "hand guns in caches" topic...
  16. Here's an idea along those same lines. You can have the cache hunter go out to a given point on some terrain give them a magnetic azimuth to a known point on the ground; say a hill or rock pile, etc and then plug in a scenario of a 2nd party located near your position. eg, From my current location I see a rock pile at 130* magnetic at approximately 300 meters. From a second position another guy sees the same rock pile at a 150* magnetic at approximately 200 meters. Where is position number 2 located? You would have to have a map and protractor to make this work, but it might be kind of fun. Or you could give two distict terrain features, shoot a resection (a back azimuth from each point) and make that location your cache. I'm just throwing stuff out there. In fact, I may do my new cache this way...we'll see
  17. Not a big fan of them personally; maybe it's because I don't have the patience to spend an hour searching for something I never end up finding half the time. I like the cache to be about medium size and relatively easy to find once the general area is found. My caches tend to be off beaten paths and have pretty good distances involved; meaning I like the hunt to be more of physical challenge.
  18. I really rely on feedback from cache hunters. If there is a problem with a coordinate, I fix it. If a hunter reports actual physical problems with the cache itself, I go out and correct it. I prefer not to spend too much time on the cache site, due in part to the fact that too much tromping around can compromise the cache. But (something to consider) when I go out to check the cache, I use a different approach every time so that I don't establish a pattern for anyone who might be a regular to the area.
  19. Mine's easy. Olympia WA is notorious for its high population of pseudo-hippies and activist wanna-be's. Basically a bunch of college kids from wealthy families pretending to be oppressed and on the pulse of society. It's my little tribute to all they don't do.
  20. Are you left or right handed? Or both? [This message was edited by OlyHippy on April 08, 2003 at 07:25 AM.]
  21. quote:When ammo cans are outlawed, only outlaws will can ammo! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Seriously, ammo cans are pretty good to go, but they are a beeeyatch! to carry around; metal handle or no handle. I prefer the tupperwear just because it's really easy to pack into your location. The one bonus about the ammo can is that you can put tons of handguns in them!
  22. I'm thinking a bouncing betty that is designed to go off only in the presence of individuals that are peaking on acid! You could at least convince them this would happen all the while they would spend the next hour or so debating the validity of it as they run through the woods in an LSD induced panic attack; thinking they are surrounded by secret agents.
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