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  1. I have an older Mac with a serial port that is small and round with 6 prongs. Is there any adaptors out there that would allow me to attach this to the big four prong serial port on the back of my Garmin 60C? I DO have an adaptor with two male ends that allows me to go from my little round 6 prong mac serial to a 9 prong PC serial shaped like this: ____ /____\ So if there is an adaptor that goes from this odd shaped PC serial port to the round 4 prong one on the 60C, that would work also. I tried a search here but found nothing on this. Thanks Dave
  2. $150 for shipping 500 coins? Isn't that a little high? These things can't weigh that much!
  3. We just got an ATV and I would like a GPSr holder for the handlebars. We have a Garmin 60C and I would like something that would hold it securely while riding over rough trails. Suzuki wanted $70 for their GPSr holder. I'm guessing that there are cheaper ones that are just as secure. Any suggestions for a solid GPSr holder for the 60c? Thanks
  4. Thanks, 4 X 4 Trail Busters! That is twice as fast as the way I was doing it!
  5. I just bought a 60C. I've been using a Legend for a year. When geocaching with the legend and let's say the cache is about 300 feet off of a road, I hit the find button and use the map page to get as close as possible by road (no autorouting on this model). Then I switch to the compass page and follow the arrow to the cache. With the 60C with City Select installed, I hit find and choose "On Road." Then I follow the GPSr's autorouting directions until I am as close to the cache as possible while still being on the road. Since the arrow on the compass page does not work when using "On Road" searching, I now must hit the find button again, choose the correct waypoint again, and then choose "Off Road" for the arrow on the compass page to come up. This seems to be a slow process. Is there a faster way or short-cut to do this? Is there some way to simply toggle back and forth between "On Road" and "Off-road" so that I can switch back and forth quickly between the compass page (and have my arrow to follow) and the "On Road" directions on the map page? Thanks Dave
  6. So you are saying that by simply connecting the external antenna to the MCX jack on the 60C, it actually is amplified by the batteries within the GPSr itself? So this would cause additional battery drain on the batteries within the 60C? So has anyone experimented with this to find out which is better? The loop and rubberband around the 60C with the re-radiator or just connecting the antenna portion of the PC Mobile device directly to the 60C using the MCX jack? Which gives you a better signal or would it be roughly the same? Also, could we assume that the PC mobile unit is better than the Gilsson unit because it draws 12mA of power compared to the Gilsson's 7mA? Does this mean better sat reception for the PC mobile than the Gilsson based on power consumption?
  7. I guess I am still a little confused about this PC mobile antenna even after reading all of this discussion. I have a Garmin Legend now, so I assume that I would simply attach the loop of the PC mobile antenna to the Legend using the rubberband and I am good to go. I'll probably be buying a Garmin 60C soon. I believe the 60C has an attachment place for an external antenna. It was mentioned in this discussion that if the GPSr has an external antenna connector it can be attached to the PC mobile antenna. How so? Do I need an additional adaptor to attach the loop on the PC mobile antenna to the external antenna connection on the 60C? Or do I simply use the rubber band to attach the loop again? A more secure connection than a rubberband would be nice on the 60C. Thanks Dave
  8. Nevermind. I found the answer. For some reason I could not figure out how to delete this post, so I just replied to it. I've never seen a bulletin board that does not allow you to delete your own post. Maybe I missed the "delete" button.
  9. We found GC79 today. I believe that is the oldest one we have found. It was placed 10/7/00. Just out of curiosity, I started doing searches for older GC numbers like GC2, GC22, GC50, GC60. All I got was error messages and archived caches. I know the 1st cache ever is gone but does anyone know how to find out which active caches are the oldest? Has it always been this same numbering system (GC##) or did it start with a different numbering system? Was there EVER a GC2 or GC15 etc? Thanks Dave
  10. I already checked on this one last summer and I did not see it listed as a benchmark.
  11. I've been thinking that we need a new cache type--The mystery multi-cache. By definition a multicache has more than one waypoint while a mystery cache is one where the real coords are not given. You must solve a puzzle to get the real coords on a mystery cache. But what about caches that involve a puzzle AND multiple waypoints. I've noticed that about half of geocachers that place these caches call these multicaches and half call them mystery caches. Which is it? It's both, right? So shouldn't we have another category called mystery multicaches? I guess that there could always be other combinations as well like a "mystery event cache" but the mystery multi cache seems to be by far the most common type of combination cache so it is more deserving of having it's own category. Fire away.
  12. We have found a couple of USA Geocoins now and we have logged them in at geocaching.com. It's cool how they show up as items found under your profile. Today, for the 1st time, we found a Canada Geocoin. It, like the USA coins, has a unique number stamped on it. But when we went to log it in at the geocaching.com site, it told us that the coin number was not in their system. Instead, we needed to go to www.geocoins.ca to log in the coin. (This was the info found on the plastic bag that the coin was in.) So we logged the coin in at the geocoins.ca website. I'm guessing that this site must not be linked to geocaching.com because the Canada coin still did not show up anywhere on our profile. Too bad. I thought it would be a lot cooler if all the different types of geocoins could be logged in at geocaching.com as long as they each had a unique number. Why can't they do this? What's wrong with the Canada geocoins? Why can't we use them like a travel bug at geocaching.com? After all, the coin itself says www.geocaching.com on it and has a unique number!
  13. I read the history of geocaching and it mentions that the 1st cache ever was outside of Portland. We will be traveling to Portland soon and we would like to look for it. Is it still there? Does anyone know the name of it? I can't believe that if the 1st cache ever was plundered that it would not be replaced just to "honor" our game! If it isn't there, someone should replace it now. Dave
  14. Okay, I would like to do more of the locationless caches, but having to search through more than 500 logs to make sure I am not duplicating a previous find is rather tedious and time consuming. For example, lets say I am looking for a pink elephant statue for a pink elephant statue locationless cache. (not real just example) Nearly all the locationless caches stipulate that each location can only be logged once--in other words only one log per pink elephant statue. Is there a faster way to do a search through the existing logs to find if your pink elephant statue has been logged already? Coordinates are never exactly the same when logging these locationless caches. Even if you are trying to log a pink elephant statue that has been logged before, chances are the previous finder logged slightly different coordinates than you. Any quick way of searching here or does everyone just spend tons of time searching through all of the old logs? Thanks Dave
  15. I have a Legend and a friend just bought a Vista. When my friend and I were walking side by side towards a geocache my navigation page on my Legend showed the pointer pointing in the same direction with very little fluctuation. With my friends new Vista, with the compass turned on, the arrow on the Nav page was jumping all over the place. It would sometimes swing all the way around while we were walking in a straight line towards the cache. Once he turned off the compass, his Vista's Nav page behaved like my Legend. Is this normal for a Vista? I was considering upgrading to the Vista to get the compass but it seemed like it was more of a hindrance than a help. We considered the possiblility of a metallic source interferring with the compass so we tried holding the Vista far away from our bodies as we moved. It made no difference. Still the arrow jumped all around? Vista owners, is this normal? What good is the compass? We seemed to have the same problem when we stood still and just turned the Vista around in circles. Instead of re-orienting itself using the compass, the arrow seemed to bounce around alot. After several minutes, it still was bouncing around. Very annoying.
  16. Genophylus It's not just the Vista. My Legend shuts down the EXACT same way that you describe with your Vista. The other day I had it shut down three times on me during a very bumpy bike ride with it dangling from my neck AND there was a weak signal. It's never happened in a moving vehicle. Can't explain it but it does not bother me too much because it isn't very common. Dave
  17. I'm in WA state and I have not gotten a WAAS signal either. But when I look at these maps we are well within the POR area. I have tried going to a big, wide open area where I could see the horizon all the way around but still no luck. I have only had the GPS for two months.
  18. Here is what happened: I transferred an 8MB mapset to the Legend without a problem. When I tried to go over 8MB it said that there was no more space but I WAS able to transfer 8.1MB. BUT then when I panned around the downloaded map on the Legend I found a couple of "holes" in the map where counties that were part of the mapset were missing! So I figured that the thing had run out of memory during transfer. I kept lowering the number of counties in the mapset and transferring until I got no more "holes" in the map. I had to go all the way down to 5MB. Strange? Then just out of curiosity, I transferred an 8MB mapset to the Legend and then transferred it back to the computer. The transfer back created different "holes" or missing counties than were on the Legend! In other words, after I transferred the mapset back there were 3 missing counties out of the mapset out of 38 but these were not the same missing counties that were on the Legend! Bizarre enough? Dave
  19. I have the 3.1 firmware and have had no problems, so I'm not going to upgrade the software when Garmin's website says that the new version (3.2) only: "Corrected problem that potentially rounded northing/easting values when entering or editing waypoints in UTM-based grids." I learned long ago with computers that if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Although now it sounds like it is broke, I don't think upgrading the firmware will do anything. I am using a version of Mapsource that is a few years old that I bought used. Perhaps the older version of Mapsource has a difficult time calculating the exact size of the maps that I am downloading.
  20. The manual for my Legend says "The eTrex Legend accepts up to 8 MB of map data from (Garmin CD Roms)" I have tried to download maps from the Roads and Recreation CD but I don't get anywhere near 8 MB. I can't even get 6 MB. Why is this? Are they including the basemap in that 8MB? If they are, they are being dishonest about it accepting 8 MB of data! Dave
  21. I have a Legend and a Mac also. Try using: www.MacSimpleGPS.com I have used this program without any "tweaking" at all to upload waypoints.
  22. My Legend ALWAYS shows me to be slightly off the road to one side or the other when I'm driving down the road. I figured this was normal since these things are not 100% accurate.
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