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  1. I think people are getting way too anal about this stuff. As far as I'm concerned, unless the group is doing some sort of illegal activity, just about any event should be allowed to be an event cache. I mean, why does it matter? Is someone worried about cachers "running up their numbers" on event caches because there are so many event caches out there? Who cares? This is certainly an area where the approvers could relax a little bit.
  2. Scam? If I go to the "Ma and Pa" store on the street corner and notice that the prices are higher than the prices at Wal-Mart, does that make everything in the "Ma and Pa" store a scam? Not at all, but if that ma and pa store sold gas at 4.00 a gallon recently the State Attorney General would be looking at charging them with price gouging. True, but I don't agree with that either. "Price Gouging" (the popular word with politicians) is simply nothing more than the market at work. When the government tries to fix prices, other problems can develop. Just because the government has a problem with someone's price doesn't mean the government is right to do something about it. This isn't the only issue where the government has "good intentions" and still managed to create other problems with their actions.
  3. Scam? If I go to the "Ma and Pa" store on the street corner and notice that the prices are higher than the prices at Wal-Mart, does that make everything in the "Ma and Pa" store a scam?
  4. We use RAM mounts to mount our GPS's to our ATV's. Just do a google search for RAM mounts and you will find lots of companies that sell them. They aren't cheap. I think they are $30-40 each but they are rock solid on your quad. You can hit whoops, bumps, and jumps and these mounts don't move.
  5. I've been using my Garmin 60C while riding my ATV for over a year now. No problems except when I rolled the quad and it smashed the 60C into several pieces. The RAM mount didn't survive the rollover either. Other than that, it has been great! I have had no shutdowns due to vibration since I started using di-electric grease on the terminals. My wife uses a Legend while riding her quad. No problems there either. She doesn't roll the quad like I do.
  6. Garmin 60C + City Select North America = $450 Stays within your budget. Perfect for auto or outdoors.
  7. I'm a boring guy so I go with single color. Yeah, this is a mindless post but at least this controversy shouldn't start too many flame wars!
  8. Garmin 60C is about $350. Great unit. Don't forget that mapping software is another $100.
  9. This is a good reason to only buy every third or fourth version of the mapping software. I didn't notice much difference between version 5 and version 6, so I'm going to just skip version 7 and wait for version 8 or 9. Not worth the $100 IMHO. Makes me also wonder how much more memory version 7 takes up than version 6? Version 6 uses up about 50% more memory than version 5! This also makes me want to put off upgrading. I'll put up with slightly older maps in order to get more maps on my unit.
  10. I always find it interesting how people justify being just "a little" dishonest. What if this was a little kid working his lemonade stand and he accidently gave you back too much change? Would you keep it and take off with a grin on your face knowing that you had gotten a really good deal on lemonade? What's the difference? Why does it matter what the "markup" is? Why is it okay to take money from the store because of their mistake and not from the little kid with the lemonade stand?
  11. I have noticed that the rubber gasket on my bison capsule caches goes bad after about 6 months. I went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of them for replacements. They were really cheap. I don't recall exactly--maybe $.10 each? I noticed that sunlight seems to be tougher on these gaskets than rain. If the cache was exposed to the sun, the rubber seems to go bad faster.
  12. When do you expect this coin to be back from the mint?
  13. I think you read my mind. I recently thought of this same exact idea while looking for some poorly rated caches. Hopefully, someday it will happen.
  14. Got the invoice now. Payment sent. Thank you!
  15. I put in a request for 5 of the bronze coins 24 hours before you announced that they were sold out but I still have not received my PayPal invoice by email. Do you still have invoices to send out?
  16. The simple solution to this is to put out MORE travel bugs. If you have a bunch of them traveling around out there, you won't fuss so much when one or two disappear. People are people, so bugs are going to get lost or stolen by other cachers. There is not a thing we can do about it but release even more TB's!
  17. This is a topic that has been well covered here many times and is well documented with many different GPS units. Apparently on a bumpy road the batteries jiggle off of the contacts for only a microsecond and that is long enough to cause a shutdown. I have had the same problem with my motorcycle and quad and dirt roads with two different Garmin GPS models. Getting a new GPS will not solve your problem. I found Garmin to be of little help with the problem. I came up with a simple solution: Get a tube of di-electric grease/compound from any auto parts store. It's about $2-3 a tube. Place a large dab of the grease on each of the four electric contacts in the Vista. Your problem will be solved. The grease allows the batteries to maintain an electrical connection with the contacts even if you are riding on a bumpy road. We started using the grease about a year ago when motorcycle/quad riding and we haven't had a shutdown since.
  18. No way I'd buy a GPSr from any of the local stores in our area. I found the internet stores to be as much as $100 cheaper on a Garmin 60C than any of the local sporting goods stores. And the sales tax vs shipping was a wash. Bottom line: Check internet prices before buying.
  19. I'll take 5 when they are available.
  20. This cache will be emptied by the 1st three or four cachers.
  21. Are you sure they were hornets and not horse flies? Horse flies swarmed our car recently at a cache stop. Horse flies are attracted to heat. It is thought that this is one way they locate a blood meal. They kept running into our car again and again. Luckily, this kept them uninterested in us since we were a much smaller heat source than our car. It doesn't sound like hornets to keep attacking you at several cache sites. It DOES sound like horse flies which are large and about the size of hornets. --Dave the entomologist
  22. Color provides better CONTRAST in poor lighting conditions--a real plus!
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