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  1. Hey Im trying to do some benchmarking and with caches I can use the geocaching eBook and my GPS to find the site. With benchmarking I'm having to have my laptop running in the car to get the site specific data. The only option I can find is to view each offline page seperately, save to a plain html file, and then I Can copy it to my pocket pc for use without the laptop, security, power usage and weight being big issues to me. Please tell me there is a way I Can export the offline data in the way I Can view on my pocket pc. A bulk html export, ebook builder, anything. Cheers Mark
  2. Greetings, Theres a lot of useful info appearing, (well OK, been here a while), on this thread, and most of which I figured out with a good old fashioned play, however there is one thing I can't seem to find out on my own. If there any way to add proximity alerts in bulk? I want to be able to set certain types of caches, speed cameras etc as proximity waypoints, but don't want to have to type them into the GPSr manually when I have them all as waypoints on mapsource etc. Cheers and keep up the good advice Best wishes Mark
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