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  1. Die Möglichkeit gibt es bei der iPhone-Geocaching App: Auf der Hauptsuchseite (im Tab "Suchen" ggf. solange zurückgehen, bis man da ist) gibt es unten (unterterhalb von GC ... Suchen) den Menüpunkt "Pocket Queries". Wenn man diesen wählt, bekommt man eine Liste von Queries, die in den letzten Tage gelaufen sind. Wenn man eine antippt, kommt man auf eine Seite, in der man auswählen kann, ob man Karten mit abspeichern möchte. Auf ihr kann man "Speichern für Offine-Benutzung" antippen. Dann werden die Geocaches heruntergeladen. Wenn die Cacheliste erfolgreich heruntergeladen wurde, kann man die Seite "Schließen" und findet die heruntergeladenen Caches im Tab "Gesp." als eine der Gespeicherten Listen.
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    Broken joystck

    My personal experience with Garmin in-warranty repairs (replacements) is very good, it was fast and unproblematic (called them in the UK). This agrees with the majority of opinions I have heard so far (but not all).
  3. I usually use the map page because I get a better impression of where I walked looking at the recorded track. Sometimes it helps to stand still for a minute, and sometimes its helps to several times walk a few m and then goto the position currently indicated by the GPSr and notice where these positions are in the real world.
  4. I do not carry a laptop, but a palm PDA with me. I have some pocket queries (Groundspeak premium member feature) for caches I have not found in areas which I often am at and import that data into GSAK on my PC. From there I usually do 2 exports, one in HTML for the PDA (with the GC-code appended by a unique short name and 1 letter codes for difficulty, terrain, container and type) which I convert for Palm using Plucker and then copy to the memory card of my PDA. The other export is in GPX with a max-14-letter-name of GC code and unique short name, putting the 4 fields mentioned above in the description. These I upload (together with other points) to my GPSr as PoI (point of interest). (The PoI loader for Garmin can be downloaded from the Garmin website.) This way I can carry several hundred, even more than 1000 cache descriptions and their waypoints with me. So when I am somewhere and have some time left for geocaching, I use the GPSr to find my nearest PoI to locate a cache. Then I look up its description on the PDA. From then on I use the "nearest caches" links in the description most of the time to find further caches nearby.
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