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  1. We took out Geomates out today for the first time, and they are a little tricky at times, but are a great complimentary device if you have several people, especially kids in the party. We found that even with the update there were some micros that the Geomates did not have and it had two caches I did not have on my GPS from a pocket querry. Well worth the money we paid for them and very fun. I'd like to see where these go as far as software upgrades in the future.
  2. I did figure that out, thank you so much for the help. Had an amazing day of geocaching with the girls, though the geomate JR does not share all the same caches as what I querried, apparantly it only does traditional caches, which are more fun for my girls anyways. They found 4 with the geomates today and 3 other Micros.
  3. Thank you all, I have figured it out!!! And my two little girls (8 and 6) Say thank you very very much. The got there Geomate Jr.s last week and the weekend was straight crap for weather and now they are on spring break and I can take them out. I feel like a DA.
  4. I see exactly what I did wrong now... So If I want an imediate querry I cannot get that can I? I have to wait intill the designated time to run the querry? Thanks again.
  5. Ah I will read the tutorial, and yes I am clicking add to key as far as the Kuwait stuff, the querry is solid with what I want, but when I add to key and it emails me a GPX file it's only the Kuwait and some Georgia stuff, where I was before I went to kuwait. Thank you for the info.
  6. I searched for any other issues and did not find them. Here is my delima. I am a primium member and would love to get the pocket querry to work right, but it does not like me. Week 1 I set it up, to do a simple querry and added to the key and everything was good to go, then I realized that all My Geocaches were from Kuwait, which I was in last year, so I go back and check my settings, sure enough, there my home location was the coords for Kuwait, I change them to colorado. But I cannot redo my querry for another week. So I go in this time, and to be sure I click the "from zip code" option, put in my zip code. Run the querry this time, pay special attention and sure enough it is Colorado. I check to make sure it is the only Querry in my list, check the box, and then I add to Key I get the email, and.... WTF IT"S KUWAIT AGAIN. I go back, no settings for Kuwait, nothing in my querry list except colorado, and now I have to wait another week to run anything, it is very frustrating that this is supposed to be one of the bennifits of being a premium member, yet I can't seem to get this to work. Now I've been around and I'm no dummy, but I"m already going to "assume" I've missed some key step, that my ADHD missed an important instruction on the "creating your first pocket querry" so I'm going to be patient and wait for one of you people to say hey DA(yeah it's dumbA) did you do this and I"mgoing to go OMFG how did I not see that. But in case I am wrong is there any known "bugs" with this thing? Ilook forward to being educated, untill then I'll just have to hand click all the points I want. Thank you, and please don't use this as an excuse to show your true colors and flame the heck out of me, I've already admited I could be overlooking a simple setting. Thank you.
  7. I have used the search option and I have researched garmins site extensively reading all the little details, I now think I am ready to perform open heart surgery but getting no closer to a unit for my wife. I am about to deploy to Kuwait in December and she wants a unit that mounts well in the car, can tell her verbally when to turn and will re route automatically when she makes a wrong turn, easy enough, also she wants that same unit to be able to be dismounted and used for geocaching so if family comes to visit she can get them hooked. I have looked at the Nuvi's and read some of the comments here and on gpspassion.com. Do Nuvi's work well with geocaching? Should I get her a simple Nuvi 200W and an older Garmin? Or get me a newere model, get her the Nuvi 200W and give her my Legend Cx? Nothing against Magelin at all, I am learning the Garmin very fast, and the army offers many free gimmies for garmin and nothing for Magelin. I'd love to hear your all's advice on what you feel the best unit or combination would work best for our desires. And no I'm in no rush to get a newer unit for myself. The buget on this isn't set but I'd love to go below 300, which a Legend C and a Nuvi 200W go for about that much together used. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  8. Okay I am new to a lot, but I use GPS a lot in the army and have never worked with mapsets, they have always been pre programed on my unit. I have a Garmin Etrex Legend Cx 1G MicroSD, Map source, City navigator, and Topo, plus a few more. I was playing around with topo and lost all my maps from navigator. Am I to understand you can only have one mapset at a time? So If I use map install and choose all the maps I want at the same time, it will build the mapset then install and over write the old mapset?
  9. Today was my first day ever geocaching and I took my wife and 2 daughters of 4 and 6. I was amazed at how quickly my family got into it. I didn't take any items to my first cache, I figured I'd just sign the log books and later get some items and go back and do it again, nope my daughters scolded me and were quite upset so we went and got some army men and toy lizards. I know they are cheap, but I didn't let my girls trade for anything I fealt that was more personal or worth more then what we were leaving, and a few times we left without taking due to a small number of items. It was so much fun I didn't set out to do more then a couple and see if the family liked it. I think i had 12-15 in my GPS and we did 8, we would have done a few more, cept my DA moved two of the points somehow on the GPS and a couple just didn't look like the kids could hang, or were to close to a busy street. But they hung longest trek was an 800 ft hike from the road and the four year old found the cache! When I first heard of this I thought it was kinda silly but as I've deployed Several times and find my self loving land navigation using either map/compass or GPS I Thought it would be worth a try. My kids preteneded to be pirates all day and searched for "booty" thanks for an awesome activity and a site to run it with.
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