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  1. Garmin's website says it doesn't. Garmin's telephone product support says it does. I'm about to order some software for my friend's forthcoming Venture HC (which was ordered today) and I didn't know if I could buy a microSD card for it, too. Thanks in advance! Matt
  2. So far I've only been caching in my 2001 Lincoln Town Car, but I plan to cache occasionally in my 1969 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Classic Duplex. Lincoln: Cadillac:
  3. Is there a way to manually enter coordinates into my Garmin 60CSX as geocaches and then tell the unit "Go there" from "here" using roads, and not as the crow flies. I can't fly, and until I do I'm going to need roads. I guess what I'm asking is, (since I cannot yet figure out GSAK) how can I tell my 60CSx what coordinates to find using available roads? Which menu is it located under? I haven't run across a How-To on the subject yet. I'll just write down the name/location/info on the cache on paper until I get the downloading/GPX/GSAK thing down. If I don't geocache soon I'm not going to. I have a million questions about the technology side of geocaching, but my current frustrations would only be sated by chunking my GPSr into Lake Mohawk, whose coordinates, BTW, are N 34º 39.423; W088º 43.491. If my frustrations don't cease pretty soon I'm going to be gifting this Garmin and saying to heck with the lot of it.
  4. Wow thanks guys! I certainly didn't expect an answer this quickly!
  5. I'm about to buy my first GPS unit, and I'm looking at a Garmin 60CSx. I was wondering if the lake my home is located on shows up on either the Mapsource US TOPO software, US Inland Lakes or other Garmin software. The location of one of the roads around the lake is County Road 633, Booneville, MS 38829. The lake is man made and about 50ish years old. Whether or not the lake shows up will determine what software I buy/don't buy. Your help is phenomenally appreciated! http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...c=addr&om=1
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