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  1. If i put on my geocaching legal hat, the rules in question are: and Now, if you want to place a pair of physical caches, the answer is no. However, if you can convince the reviewer that the first stage for both caches is an "answer a question" type, then I believe you would be able to start both there. You COULD start both caches 161m away from the same point and have a common second stage "answer question" waypoint. Perhaps start the cache at an arbitrary point and have it be "head 161m east from this point. Find this ____ and answer the following question"
  2. I have GC1F6DF as my only ALR cache. I just discovered this rule change and am dissapointed in this change. I listed as a mystery because I wanted to add a pirate theme for a bit of fun to the cache, and to ensure that any log entries were a bit more complicated than 2 word "TFTH etc" log entries. The ALR I wanted to enforce isn't hard by any means and is subjective. I will be altering my cache page in the next few days to reflect the rule change. I don't see any reason for this rule change. The ALR cache is not prevalent in my area (I think mine is the only one in the area listed as a mystery due to ALR reasons.
  3. I am having the same issue. I've tried it on two seperate systems with both IE and firefox. Sometimes when I grab the map, i find that it is moving further than I am dragging it (ie, move the cursor 1", the map moves 2"s). One system is Vista Home Premium. The other is XP. I typically use firefox (currently 3.0.3) but i've had issues in IE as well.
  4. I have a similar cache (GC148JW). As far as I'm concerned, its a traditional cache with a high difficulty. However, I've intentionally been a bit vague on the wording to make people think (although i had to make more hints for some people). If you tell the cachers what to bring and what to do with it, then the only real difficulty is reading. I think we're supposed to read the cache pages before attempting (ie, 'don't enter the fence' or other instructions).
  5. If it is interesting content ye seek, then ye must ask properly: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...11-e6fe13764176. This be the power of the AL(Arrrrr)
  6. I thought he was looking for admission to the mental facility...
  7. If you wanted a bigger warning, put the following at the top of the cache as its own paragraph: <b> *** Important: This cache is a terrain 5 with the hgih potential for any vehicle to get stuck. Read all instructions below before attempting this cache ***</b>
  8. I've had 2 trackables moved recently. In both instances, it appears that I got the 'picked up' notification, but did not get the 'dropped' notification.
  9. How about an event? Host the 'my 1000th cache' event in your area. I believe its normal to 'attend' your own event.
  10. Nope, they are not there. I re-created 3 of them to get me going. I need to make the 3 duplicate alternate e-mail address ones as well still.
  11. I got the newsletter today and saw that there were about 25 new caches in the area, but I only received 1 new cache notification. I had notifications set up to cover activity across the entire valley. I went to check my profile and found that all of my traditional notifications were gone. My mystery and multi notifications were still there, but the rest were gone. Where did they go? I haven't been in that interface for a long time.
  12. I sometimes refer to YAK caches (yet another kiosk). I may have to use it in a log sometime.
  13. ... and now it looks ok. weird.
  14. Actually, i just looked at my profile and a lot of its links are messed up. All of the cacher stats stuff pointing to milestone caches show up as text
  15. Perhaps if my cache was reviewed and put online, it would fix the problem (nudge nudge, wink wink). (just kidding, i know I just submitted to the queue about 10 minute ago).
  16. I'm trying to add the geochecker embedded code to my puzzle cache and it doesn't want to keep the href. It keeps html encoding the entire string. I think it could be related to this issue (GC1DM8P, not published yet)
  17. Kelowna BC 1 mile: 3 5 mile: 49 10 mile: 111 25 mile: 224 50 mile: 464 About 275 found in the 50 mile range (including some that have been archived)
  18. In this urban-micro boom, I post the logs for my micros: GC148JW, GC1526E Unfortunately, my scanner broke when I was going to scan the second log for fishes... then i couldn't find it . I really wanted to post it. Edit: See the galleries for the log books.
  19. If the nature of the cache is changing, it usually means you should archive and make it as a new cache. This will allow those who have found it before to find the new cache. Otherwise, I think reviewers can change the type of the cache (but they might say something similar to the above)
  20. Congrats on the record. I don't want to take anything away from it, but really how saturated was the area you found all of these caches in? If I were to look for 300+ caches in one day I'd be driving hundreds of km's. In my city there are only 60ish caches.
  21. Just guessing randomly, but how may geocaches are you placing in a single file? My magellan 210 has a limitation of 200 geocaches per file. If that is the case, make multiple files (break down by region perhaps?)
  22. Have you checked your other pair of pants? Perhaps they are in there? Ok, seriously instead. Do you have physical possession of these trackables? If so, why not take a look at their log entries and see if somebody grabbed them, or if the owner marked them as 'unknown location'. Perhaps post an example (using the TB number).
  23. I would say the cache already does count for your stats There are 2 stats on the image, after all: found and hidden. Hidden x is a stat. If you hide enough in an area, then local cachers may start calling it your territory (I cache in G&S' territory, with about 16% of my finds from them).
  24. Semi-related (reviewer workload and such), but how does a reviewer's territory get defined? Do you get taken to the cache at the top of the mountain and get to claim all that you see, or just reasonably local areas, or just sign up and say "i want to review ____ general area"?
  25. 1. Contact the owner and either ask for the TB tracking number, or tell them where it has been dropped so they can drop it with a note. 2. Post a note on the cache and ask somebody to get the TB and log it as there. 3. Go back to the cache and get the tracking number.
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