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  1. Here you can find my Tradinlist: http://home.arcor.de/schulle4100/geocaching/coins/coins.html
  2. Hello from Germany ! Here is my Trading List (with photos) http://home.arcor.de/schulle4100/geocachin...ins/tausch.html Greetings
  3. Have anyone new infos about Allan & Ellis Coins ? I wrote some Emails and ask about the coins, i got no answer.
  4. This is my order: Order Information Order Number: 5228 Order Date: 6/24/2008 12:38:00 AM Order Status: Pending Pirate Treasure coin Product Total $19.00 Shipping & Handling $3.51 Final Total $22.51 Today i call my money back via paypal
  5. apologies my friend, but i never recieved them. i guess its is no ones fault and that i missed the coins i was after. anyway bad luck to me that this happened YOU HAVE A PM !
  6. My Trading List: Tupperman Lighthouse Gold Elements Great Container Labyrinth Around the World in 80 Caches Proximity Geocoin Queen of Caches Mother Earth I Love Geocaching Licence to Cache Flying V Moab Kokopelli Sextant Geocoin Mirpeds Red Bug Cocoa POW / MIA Geopin Cammo Container Mermaid SWAG Excalibur Abomination Book 2008 Easteregg Lapyear Caching on the Moon Vietnam Memorial 5 Jahre Geoclub Freestyle Caching Digital Hell Crazy Comic #2 FTF Celtic Knot U-Boat - WWII Gold SaturnGeocoin U-Boat - WWII Silver Nude Caching Wonderful Discovery Gladdagh Geocoin Grim Cacher Uncle Cacher Flip Flops Japanese Fan Sailboat Golden Horns I.C.U. Gache Gods Fortune Favors Loved your cache Caching Time Teutonic Knights The DEAD Coin Contact You can see all the coins at my Page: MYPAGE
  7. Hello from Germany ! Does anyone know a cacher with the name "GREYBABE" ? He hold my Coin since 3,5 month. He does not answer any Email an have 4 cachefounds. The coin have make the longest travel of all my coins. LINK OF THE COIN Thanks
  8. Hello, Does anybody know the cacher graybabe from USA ? He hold my coin over 4 month and does not answer at any emails !!! Greetings from germany
  9. Her is my Tradinglist: http://home.arcor.de/schulle4100/geocachin...ins/tausch.html Greetings from Germany
  10. Whats about the Icon ??? It doesnt work , i only have the universal icon !!!!!!
  11. Coin from Germany is on the way ! Do you drop the coin in the event or must i do ? Greetings from Berlin - Germany Schulz & Schulz
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